“Temperature Of Love” Episode 1 and 2 Recap And Review

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A lot of people were excited about the upcoming SBS drama that took over the timeslot previously occupied by the hit drama “Falsify”, “Temperature Of Love” had aired its first 2 episodes yesterday.

As expected the drama was the top drama in its timeslot, the momentum gained by “Falsify” helped kick start the drama on the right track. MBC’s “The King’s Love” lingered in second place with slightly lower ratings.

So the true question is, will “Temperature Of Love” be able to maintain its high ratings for today’s episodes? Find out why it might not be a definite answer.

Episode 1 Recap

The drama starts off with presenting its heroine Hyun Soo contemplating whether she’ll drink this bottle of suju or not, after a brief inner battle she gets up and walks away, meanwhile the brilliant cook Jung Sun working hard on making a dish in front of an audience surrounded by huge cameras.


While speaking about the dish, he gets interrupted and is ordered to speak up his mind and not follow the script written by an ignorant writer who probably doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Meanwhile, Hyun Soo is making her way to the shooting site to confront the director, she yells at him and tells him that he should just stop asking her to write scripts because he doesn’t end up following them anyway, the director points out that no one thinks what she is writing is relevant and asks the 100 staff to correct him if he was wrong, of course no one dares speak up.

With her voice trembling she asks, “Really? No one?” following the failed confrontation, she tells the director she’ll handle the consequences of her actions today. Jung Sun raises his hands. She sees him and immediately feels embarrassed.

She says, “I ran to him again.. I haven’t forgotten about him for a second. I desperately wanted to see him even if it was by chance. My first love, that disappeared at the end of my youth at the age of 29.”

She runs away and he follows her. Then we’re taken to 5 years ago.

Hyun Soo is locked up in a cell in a police station, we later find out that she deliberately went there to experience what its like to go to jail, she gives up quickly and answers a call from her hoobae Hong Ah. She tries to convince her to come to her, she was waiting for the cook to show up, they discuss the writer’s competition, a competition Hyun Soo applied for, the results come out today and she’s afraid she failed.

Hyun Soo refuses to drop by and heads back to her office, while Hong Ah is interrupted by Jung Sun. because Jung Sun doesn’t have a cell phone Jung Ah has to drop by to talk to him whenever something is up, she tries to set him up with Hyun Soo but fails.

Jung Soo heads back to the kitchen and is immediately bullied by his supervisor, he refuses to participate in an argument and while turning around accidently hits a hot pot and his hands gets burned. He tells his supervisor he’ll drop by the hospital, the supervisor teases him and mentions his mother to which Hyun Soo answers, my mom was so strong she was okay with leaving her son just like a dog. *drama alert*

Meanwhile, his mother had arrived to Korea, she hands a private detective a paper with his name on it and asks him to find her son for her, she then stumbles upon a hot French guy who offers to assist her with her luggage.


Hyun Soo returns to her office and her boss compliments her on her loyalty and determination to go further for the script. Once she leaves the 3 other girls start harassing her for being favoured by the writer and not socializing much with them.

Meanwhile, Jung Woo is meeting up with his friend who is working on a drama, Jung Woo explains that he’s going to start a production company. He then recommends him Hyun Soo, at first he refuses to meet her because she seems unrealistic because she quit her good company job to work as an assistant writer.

Meanwhile, Hyun Soo goes back home and is also harassed by her sister who seems to be in a bad mood because she was dumped by her boyfriend, she pesters her for not paying the rent because she quit that good job at that good company

Meanwhile, Hong Ah and her boyfriend (I think!) Won Joon are driving towards a location where they’re set to run with Hyun Soo and Jung Sun. Hyun Soo was stretching at the site when she saw Jung Sun and started staring at his right hand cut/tattoo. Later they’re officially introduced to each other through their mutual friends.

They start running but Hyun Soo is out of shape and struggles when trying to keep up with her friends, Jung Sun tries to encourage her but fails to do so and thus they end up running way ahead of her and she gets lost.

When Jung Sun finds out they lost her and that she is really bad with directions, he decides to go look for her.

Episode 2

We spend a solid 4 minutes of both lead character lost and looking for one another, Hyun Soo and Jung Sun get into a little argument because she was lost/didn’t have a phone on her.

They awkwardly and adorably run by each other’s side, before it starts raining, they decide to wait under a roof until the rain stops. There the sweet Jung Sun asks Hyun Soo out for a date.

She is completely shocked, she calls him crazy (we’ll talk about it in the review) for asking her out when he had only met her couple of hours ago and they had only talked for 30 minutes. With his smooth he tries to ease in the idea of dating him to her but she refuses to accept his offer completely, on their way back she stumbles and almost falls but is saved by Jung Sun. (classic)

he asks for her name but she refuses to give him her name, Hong Ah and their other friend come pick her up by car. She tells him she refuses his offer completely.

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Look at this cute poor puppy face, how could she reject him? 🙁

Meanwhile, we’re taken to a scene in a hotel where his mom is getting ready and talking to herself in the mirror, she says, “No one deserves to criticize you,” before she greets the French guy she met in the airport.

The next morning, we see that Jung Sun is working hard in the gym while Hyun Soo seems to be struggling with her boss, the boss suggests a murder case scenario that contradicts the entire drama basic idea. When Hyun Soo points that out she is criticized by her boss, she apologizes and shuts her mouth.

Meanwhile, Jung Woo is back at the same restaurant to have lunch, he orders the special dish. Jung Sun decides to do the dish another way while the chef refuses, Jung Sun puts his foot down and insists on making the dish the way he thinks is best.

That dish gets served to the VVIP Jung Woo, Jung Woo puts on a poker face while tasting the dish, he doesn’t end up eating the entire dish, Jung Sun is scolded by his supervisor again for upsetting the VVIP.

Later we find out that Jung Woo liked the dish and even complimented the chef behind it, while Hyun Soo finds out that she didn’t win the writing competition.

Of course this ruins her mood completely, so Hong Ah decides to cheer her up by bringing her to the prestigious restaurant Jung Sun works at, she goes to the restaurant to tell him that she’ll bring Hyun Soo to his place to cheer her up.

Jung Sun refuses to participate and reminds Hong Ah that he’s merely an employee at the restaurant and that he can’t make spicy food as he wishes.

Meanwhile, Hyun Soo and Jung Woo mutual friend Joon Ha goes to Hyun Soo’s office to check up on her, he tells her he has a nice offer for her. They end up meeting at the office of Jung Woo.

They get into a slight argument, Joon Ha points out that she can’t write melodramas, Jung Woo tries to offer her a job but she abruptly refuses without even hearing the full details, she storms off after refusing the offer.

Hong Ah waits for Hyun Soo in the restaurant but once Hyun Soo arrives and finds out how expensive the restaurant really is, she decides to treat her at a place she can actually afford.

Thus they go to a nearby stall and drink there. Due to unexpected circumstances Hong Ah has to leave for a guy, thus she entrusts Jung Sun with Hyun Soo and asks him to take her back home.

Hyun Soo isn’t too thrilled when she sees Jung Sun, but he assures her he won’t ask her out again. The two disagree on the bus to take back to their place (they live in the same neighborhood), of course Hyun Soo was the wrong one here.

They await the bus, while Hyun Soo starts crying for not being nominated in the contest, she tells him she was always a straight A student but doesn’t know why she keeps failing contests.

She tells him that she was planning on going to a nearby park to dance in celebration in case she made it, he decides to take her there and asks her to practice the dance she was planning on doing anyways. She looks at him lovingly, and starts walking closer to him.


Meanwhile, his mother receives a call from the detective, the detective has found the bank her son uses.

The Review

So far so cute is all I can say.

I honestly had a bit higher expectations from the drama but since it’s a plain romantic comedy with a regular plot, deep down inside I also knew it wasn’t going to be special.

They only special thing about this drama so far is that the main lead asks out the main female lead in less than 30 minutes into the first episode runtime.

I like all the characters, again it seems like Seo Hyun Jin is playing another character very similar to her character in her previous hit medical drama “Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim.”

Which was in my opinion is such a waste of talent, I can see Seo Hyun Jin playing more complicated characters and nailing them perfectly, her character is just your basic kdrama struggling female lead.

I saw “Duel” staring Yang Se Jong earlier this year, and I loved him in that drama, seeing him portray this sweet boy-next-door role is cute but also makes me feel a bit sad because I felt like the plot didn’t make use of his full potential.

In short none of the main characters deserve this drama, they all deserve something better, I would’ve loved to see them in an action packed drama or a crime drama, or any other exciting thrilling plot but a stale romantic comedy.

I am not bothered by the drama, but I am not exactly super happy about it either, its fine, its average. There is really nothing special about it.

The most interesting character so far is that of Jung Sun’s mother, seems like we’ll see a classic case of whore mom who abandons her child and comes back when she has lots of money and time on her hands, when she’s older.

Besides, I can’t forget to mention how beautiful Seo Hyun Jin looks in this drama, she looks happy, lively and slightly bubbly when around people she likes.

The reason why Hyun Soo called Jung Sun crazy when he asked her out on a date was because in South Korea, couples mostly meet when set up on a blind date with one another, a Korean man rarely asks a girl out on the streets for a date, especially if he had just met her.

There was a scene that annoyed me badly, when Hyun Soo met with Jung Woo, after a little alteraction with his friend she decides she won’t accept his offer.

This doesn’t really add up because she didn’t even hear him explain anything at all about the job she might bw taking on, I mean if she’s struggling why would she storm off like that without hearing what the person who wants to hire her has to say?

The reasoning really doesn’t add up.

Onto another issue with the plot. In the first episode, they all go for a run, Jung Sun had only just met Hyun Soo, why did that guy friend who knew her better allowed Jung Sun to go look for her?

They just met! Besides, how can they be so sure of who he really is? As far as we audience know, these four people got together to run, I don’t think Jung Sun knew any of the other 3 personally, I don’t think they knew him well enough to trust him… do you think it makes sense?

He goes to look for her without even taking a phone with him, which also doesn’t make much sense. Take her phone so you can call her friends when you find her.

Also! Why did Hong Ah so easily trusts Jung Sun? I don’t mean to call him a creep or anything but for someone she doesn’t know that well, she is pretty friendly and dependant.

She entrusts him with taking Hyun Soo back home safely…. Doesn’t make much sense to me if you ask me, what if he happened to be a bad guy?

Now I know we know he is the good guy because he’s the lead, and he seems nice but from a realistic point of view, I think this drama chooses to ignore some of the basics of reality and how humans interact when it pleases to help set the mood for both main characters so they can better interact.

I really have nothing much left to add, I do think the two have good chemistry together, I am in love with Yang Se Jong, he’s a pro and he has only debuted back in 2016. How his aura and chemistry with Seo Hyun Jin changes in this drama really amazes me, there is hope for this ship ya’ll.

So what did you guys think? Do you like the drama so far? Are happy with it or are you disappoitied?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

By Jass K.

Hi, I am Jass k. the founder of Jazminemedia, in this site, I discuss some of the hottest currently airing kdramas, and if you have any requests for a kdrama review, please let me know in the comment section of any article.

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  1. Honestly this drama has no soul .. more like a poet with no direction .. just words without justification , emptiness.
    Imagine a train that you’re in .. it takes time to speed up , travels straight, either you admiring the scenery outside or you fall asleep, then it takes times for the train to stop . Tired or boring or fun ? Don’t understand .. lazy to think ? .. Because this is Temperature Of Love aka Criminal Minds in love mode .

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