“Taxi Driver 2” Ending Explained- Episode 16 Recap

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Taxi Driver 2” has ended earlier today, let us talk about its finale and its ending explained

“Taxi Driver 2” episode 16 recap

The episode picks up from where it left off in ep 15, On Ha-jun (played by Shin Jae-ha) aimed his gun at Kim Do-gi (played by Lee Je-hoon) in anger after Kim flipped his plan, and the prison warden stopped him, saying, “There was an order from the bishop (Park Ho-san) to lock him up in a punitive cell right away.”

The prison chief, who gathered the officials of the Society, congratulated the bishop on his release and said to On Ha-jun, “You must have suffered a lot.”

The bishop wants to build at a different place, a place where ignorant people cannot enter recklessly.

On the day of Lee Si-wan’s court appearance, the bishop said to Ha-joon, “It seems like I gave you enough chances, right?” and added, “Let’s pray quietly and wait for an answer” when he asked for one more chance.

Upon hearing this, Ha-joon took off his gold ring and  ended up in a punishment cell next to Do Ki.

At that moment, Jang Sung-chul (Kim Ui-seong) subdued a member of the religious group who was serving food and tried to escape with a picture frame of the religious leader and Ha Joon. He saw a group of men guarding the outside of the religious group’s compound and fooled them and escaped unharmed.

Goeun (played by Pyo Yejin) asks a man who infiltrated the prison to deliver a black bag to Do Ki. 

After receiving the bag along with red bean buns, Do Ki discovered earphones and connected with the Rainbow members. When Goeun mentioned a plan to escape, Do Ki refused and said the prison was the safest place and the hideout of the other side. He wants to block the main sources of funding of the members.

When Do Ki started to trace the sources of funding on the wall of his cell, Goeun said that there were too many to filter out. However, Do Ki suggested that even if they stopped one or two major sources of funding from overseas antique dealerships, it would be a big blow to them. He chose the antique dealership, which has many overseas trading partners despite its small size, and explained that if even one auctioned item was stolen from them, it would be a big deal for the other side.

Then, Team Leader Joo successfully disguised as a security company and managed to steal the auction items. Ahn Go-eun deduced that Black Capital, a loan shark company, had many interactions with them.

Ahn Go-eun decided to handle it herself and visited Black Capital with a big dog in glamorous fashion. She asked for a loan and pretended to be looking for a stamp with a hacking machine in the bag. She then put the bag on the computer and pulled out all the data, saying she wouldn’t borrow any money and disappeared.

Jang Sung-chul meets Ha-jun in prison, he shows him the documents that proves he was not abandoned but kidnapped, and he finds out that the person he’s killed in the past was his father who was looking for him, as instructed by the bishop.  Jang Sung-chul handed over a missing child flyer of Kim Dan-woo to Ha-joon, saying, “your parents stopped everything and searched for you for a very long time.” He then showed a picture of the missing child flyer, which showed an estimate of how the missing child would look like as they age. He told him he’s not an abandoned child. Ha Joon does not take this well.

Do Ki is taken to see the bishop, he’s told he’ll die a miserable death, the bishop reminds him of his mother’s murder and blows a whistle, he turns pale and collapses on the floor.

The team discover Do Ki and Jang Sung-chul were captured by members of Geumsa Society and follow the car but were ambushed.

They’re escorted into a place where they will be all killed, but a knight in shining armor appears, Kim So Yeon makes a cameo appearance as the first ever taxi deluxe driver, she shows up and shoots the people who mean to shoot them. She saves the rainbow team and gets introduced to them.

Ha Joon then calls Do Ki and asks if he accepts clients like him. Both men meet back at the correctional facility and face off. The bishop joins to see Ha Joon beat and kill Do Ki.

Ha-joon and Kim Do-ki get into a physical fight and Ha Joon loses to Do-ki, he said, “You were right. There was something I had to remember to find. If I had met you first, would my life have been different? Whatever it was, it would have been better than now.”

Ha Joon says he’ll be the one who ends this, he charges towards the bishop and gets shot many times, but he manages to kill the leader plunging him to his death, they both die. The prison warden sends a message to the higher-ups that the bishop is dead Dogi, as the society is there in the prison praying in the room, they get locked up and breathe in gas. Do Ki then shows up to the warden and beats him.

Once the society wakes up, they find themselves locked up in prison cells. Do Ki walks out while the team waits for him, he asks to go back to  the place that brought him happiness.

1 year later

News reports an incident with Sergeant Hwang Ye-ri, who suffered from secondary abuse after reporting sexual assault within the military and eventually took extreme measures, Kim Do Ki infiltrates the Military Inspector of the unit in question to investigate the matter.

Leaving the building, Do Ki saw a female soldier (Moon Chae-won) who saluted him, but he didn’t acknowledge her and just walked by.

Kim Do Ki was tasked with investigating the death of Sergeant Hwang Ye-ri and started working as a model taxi driver.

Did Ha Joon die? Who killed him?

Yes, he dies. He commits suicide ultimately, he kills the bishop the same way he killed his father, he pushes him off the building and falls with him to his death.

Did the Bishop character [Park Ho San] die? Who killed him?

Yes. Ha Joon kills him after finding out he was kidnapped and eventually instructed to kill his own father.

Will there be a 3rd season of “Taxi Driver”?

yes, sbs has confirmed the news via an official statement the day after the finale episode was released.

Does “Taxi Driver 2” have a happy ending?

Yes, it does. In the end, both Ha Joon and the bishop died and the rainbow team as able to survive and thrive. They continue to help out other people.

Have you seen “Taxi driver 2” ending? Did you like it or not? Let us know in the comment section below!did the bishop character [park ho san] die? who killed him?

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