“Summer Strike” Episode 12 Recap: Finale And Ending Explained

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ENA’s “Summer Strike” has wrapped up its ending last night, here is a recap of its finale, its 12th episode.

How was Geon Ho involved with Dae beom’s sister murder?

Turns out, Geon Ho witnessed Dae beom’s sister’s death. She was at the library when she was hit and killed. He was trying to tell Dae Beom and Yeo Reum this for quite some time.

Was Kwak Doo-Hee arrested? Did he kill Ms. Jung?

Yes, he killed Ms. Jung. She found out his son was involved in Dae beom’s sister’s death and killed her to hide the crime even more.

Who killed Dae Beom sister?

Kwak Moo-Chul, who is Kwak Doo-Hee’s son, killed her accidentally. They were fighting while she was studying and he had a scuffle with her and hit her, she fell into a shelf and hit her head hard and died. Geon Ho witnessed that. He ends up confirming this to police. With his testimony, they’re both arrested.

did Jo Ji-Young move out of Angok?

Yes, she finally moved back to Seoul.

Did Kim Bom attempt suicide? Why?

Yes, she attempted suicide but was saved by Yeo Reum. Her father began drinking again and gambled more of her stashed money, thus, she attempted suicide but was found by Yeo Reum who saved her life and comforted her.

Did Kim Bom and Jae Hoon start dating?

Yes, they began dating. Jae Hoon left for the U.S. then came back and asked for her hand in marriage, she tells him they should date first.

Did Yeo Reum leave Angok?

No, she decided not to do that. She remained in Angok, working from 4 am, and then taking the whole day for herself. She also rented Kim Bom’s place and now lives with her and her brother. They also entered a competition together.

What happens to Dae Beom?

He continues to happily date Yeo Reum, he also goes back to work with his professor slowly and gets better at communication even more.

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