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So much has happened in the 7th episode of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. So lets discuss the recap.

We were left with a cliffhanger last week and today we’re continuing with what was left.

Min Hyuk was being threatened by someone and that someone managed to break into his house “somehow” and put a knife straight to his throat.

Of course, our dear Bong Soon saved the day. She woke up from a lucid dream coupling her with Min Hyuk in a cute dance, before she stepped on his feet and crushed it.

She beat both guys into a pulp, tied them up and wrapped them up in the blanket they were supposed to sleep on to fall in love with one another.

The next morning comes and Min Hyuk finally finds out who was behind this blackmailing shenanigans, its “as we have all expected” that fake gangster.

Min Hyuk then does a very clever thing, he exposes to all the stakeholders the threatening he has been going through, he says he will take care of it, he also does it to scare the 2 brothers he doubted.

Of course all goes well, and the stakeholders agree to meet again to decide whether Min Hyuk is good enough to be the CEO in another time, once he has taken care of everything.

After the threat Min Hyuk made to that fake gangster, the fake gangster decided to pay him a visit, gives him a flash memory card containing evidence of who has been instructing him to do so.

Of course it is what we’ve all expected, it’s the brother who always looks out for Min Hyuk, I mean duh! Of course its gonna be that guy, the writer is trying to spice things up, but its easy to figure out who was behind this, of course it would be the person he expect the least.

We then see our dear Min Hyuk getting flustered, his puppy eyes are so adorable, he looks back on how much that brother took care of him, and cries as a result, he cries because he realizes that he can no longer have the same relationship with his brother.

Bong Soon then appears and sees how sad Min Hyuk is and decides to try and improve his mood, she takes him to this amusement park date, and he’s still frowning the whole time.

I get it thou, he found out who was torturing him this past couple of months, and he learns that he can no longer easily trust others, I think he felt like everyone was against him.

The psycho then is shown, he is cleaning up the church lady he caught, now they are 3 brides, he reveals that he plans on getting 7 brides, “ohhh boy this is going to be a LONG LONG ride”

By the end of the date Min Hyuk mentions that he was once saved by an angel while on his way to visit his mom’s grave, Bong Soon immediately remembers that it was her.

She leaves him with a note asking him to cheer up, it was so cute to see them interact together that way, they’re so adorable together, they have great chemistry.

He then drops her off at her house and while on the way he meets her strong grandma, and of course as always her mother gets ahead of herself and calls him “her son-in-law” of course Min Hyuk gets flustered, but he looks slightly happy nonetheless.

The mother of the missing church lady goes to police and tells them that her daughter has disappeared, the police gets all worked up, they’ve got nowhere so far regarding any clues as to who it might be, and it is clear its becoming a serial murder/kidnapping case.

By the way, I am in love with the bonding those 3 ladies had, it seems like those super powers are always passed down to the daughter, and it seems like Bong Soon is finally getting used to her powers, and doesn’t think its bad to have a daughter anymore.

Then we’re taken to the confrontation scene we’ve all been waiting for, Min Hyuk confronts his elder brother, the brother gives the stupidest reasoning behind what he has done.

Min Hyuk calls the threats a child’s play “I couldn’t agree more”, the brother says he’s always known Min Hyuk as this coward who would always ask for his help…

This doesn’t make any sense…. Just say you wanted the crown, not give that stupid reason.

Then my most favorite scene comes along, the police officer in charge of the case gets the beating he deserves, he is scolded for being so lazy with the case when its turning into a serial one, hope the beating he got helps him snap back to reality.

We’re then taken to the training Min Hyuk is doing with Bong Soon, he is clearly trying to help her control her powers, I just loved those scenes when he is trying his best to instruct her to tone it down.

I like the way he thinks, I like that he gets it, that you cannot fully own the powers you were inherited unless you control them, and we’ve seen how Bong Soon is struggling with that, I am glad he gets it and he’s trying to help her tone it down.

They then have this very cute interaction; it feels like she is also falling for him, I can see her wavering with what he did.

He then walks her through this final test, in which she requires ultimate concentration, he says if she passes the test it means she can master and control her strength.

I do not believe this is how it works, however, she needs way more practice before she can control all of this, but okay….

The fake gangster then shows up to check up on his men who got either beaten up by a grandma or a little girl, it was slightly funny, and slightly cringe worthy.

In the next scene our dear Bong Soon snaps at her mother “and for good reason”, her mother believes everything anyone tells her about her daughter without even trying to defend her, almost like she is embarrassed of her.

Bong Soon looks like she has had enough and snaps and cries, it was really sad watching her do so, I am glad she didn’t turn out crazy because of her mother to begin with. Her mom always favors her little brother and discriminates, this can drive any child to lolo land.

The annoying Gook Do girlfriend then comes to the hospital and tells Bong Gi she likes him, he doesn’t look like he hates the idea, but he does try to explain that its wrong and that Gook Do is his friend “bro code”.

Bong Soon notices them when Bong Ki tries telling Gook Do’s girlfriend that his sister likes Gook Do, I was like” wahhhhhhtttt, why would he tell her that?” It doesn’t make any sense? I don’t even think it’s even proper, you can’t go around saying that, its something private concerning your sister and Gook Do, I don’t think she needed to know that.

Bong Soon then scolds them both, I am so glad she did so, someone should interfere and slap that bitch back to reality.

The detectives continue to search for the culprit, and stumble upon the last suspect they have based on those shoes, turns out the psycho is being inspired by the play the last suspect is playing, about someone kidnapping 7 brides for him.

The detectives interview the last suspect and find out that the shoes was his, but it was stolen from him the other day, seems like the psycho is obsessed with the play and the actor playing his role.

The final scene shows just how stupid and bold the psycho is, again he tries to kidnap Bong Soon’s friend again, but guess what? Bong Soon happened to be there, followed him and tried her best to catch him but failed.

God he has balls, I cannot believe that he again tried to do the same thing; the guy is totally out of his mind.

Of course then Gook Do shows up and starts shouting at Bong Soon again, they have a little altercation and part ways again.

Our dear Min Hyuk then pays Bong Soon father a strange visit, takes some nuts with him and tells her father that he also cares a lot about her, what is he trying to do here? Is this his way of confessing his feelings to Bong Soon? And why is he telling her father? Shouldn’t he be telling her himself?

Meanwhile Bong Soon leaves the hospital and goes back home alone, she then is confronted by the same gangster she hurt the first two episodes; he is back but this time with weapons up his sleeves.

Gook Do catches him and beats him to a pulp, sadly he gets pushed aside by Bong Soon and finally gets a taste of her strength, and we’re left with this cliffhanger.

The way Gook Do looked at her was amazing, I am glad he is finally finding out about this, of course it will take time to sink in.

That was it for the 7th episode of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

It was lots of fun, and a bit confusing as well, we see more development between Min Hyuk and Bong Soon character; I just wish he was more forward with her about his feelings for her.

I am anticipating today’s episode, and I am glad this drama is receiving so much love these days, all the best for everyone.

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See you tomorrow with the new recap.

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