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“Is Strong woman Do Bong Soon worth watching?” Is probably what you’re asking today, I just finished seeing the first episode of the drama and I am slightly more impressed that I thought I would be.

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I have written an article a couple of days about the upcoming drama and shared some pretty interesting facts about its cast, that JTBC kept spoiling teasers with, it almost felt like it was an SM artist comeback or something, I was bombarded with endless photo and video teasers of the upcoming drama.

They did a pretty huge advertising campaign for it, JTBC is doing quite well, and it secured Park Bo Young which is pretty hard to do for a cable channel with less effect as opposed to tvN for example. “Park Bo Young is expensive”

A couple of hours ago the Nielsen ratings data came out and it was reported that Strong woman Do Bong Soon have broken previous records and scored the highest first episode ratings for a JTBC drama EVER with 3.8% which is pretty impressive for a cable drama.

So let’s discuss the first episode.

It begins with Park Hyung Sik character, Min Hyuk in a bus where an accident occurs and a mysterious tiny woman manages to stop the bus before it crashes into the poor mom and daughter, a quiet heroic act of her.

Then you see Min Hyuk struggling with a threat. Park Hyung Sik character is being threatened by a cyber bully by the phone and he ends up hanging up on him while he is speaking, which implies he is a bit scared but not that much, and implies of his very hot tempered cocky character.

The drama then proceeds to Park Bo Young character Bong Soon, and introduces the reasons as to why she is that strong, it goes back in time and tells the story of how women from her family line got the power and on and on.

I think we all went including me, into the drama wanting to know the reason why Bong Soon is so strong, in the explanation they do their best to insure no one EVER asks again about her super inhumane powers, it provides little background as to why it happened, it merely states that it runs in the family, and is passed from one generation to the other.

It also then places some restriction which puts our main character in trouble most of the time, the misuse of power will lead to severe punishment, so she is always ever so careful about hiding her true self.

This element of the story shall give more meaning and create more trouble to the main character, which is good to drive the drama forward, but it still is not explained logically as to why it might happen, and how on earth it happens “you getting punished for misusing power”.

I was not so happy by how much of a stereotypical character she truly was, I previously spoke of it in my other article, she is another young woman, who comes from your average kdrama family full of trouble and a bad mom/dad, she is nice and sweet but is feisty and can defend herself, she is not rich and had had all sorts of part time jobs and is now struggling to find one.

I would have preferred if they mixed it up a little or at least strayed away from that cliché I always see in kdramas, nevertheless, bong Soon is such a lovely character and Park Bo Young is pretty known for being a sweety pie who makes everyone swoon, I am a girl but I must admit I already fell in love with her character, I just love her aura.

It then proceeds into an altercation where our main characters are indirectly introduced to one another and this sets up the tone into her becoming a bodyguard to protect him from those cyber bullies who are trying to take him down, of course in each kdrama there is someone who is trying to screw over a big company.

They also later introduce our dear Jisoo, which is probably the main reason I am watching this drama, he is a masculine righteous police officer who follows the law so strictly, and so stubborn kinda sexy, which is what our dear Jisoo does best.

Of course its then revealed that Bong Soon has a huge crush on him…. what is with kdrama female main leads and jerks? I like that he is tough on the outside and soft on the inside, but going as far again to employ another cliché where the female lead likes a jerk is annoying and so overused by this stage…

Which leads me into the main point I want to discuss, the main lead, our Park Hyung Sik is portraying a very stereotypical character, which is again so annoying, he is by far my least favourite character in the drama, I am so done with those stereotypical rich spoiled hot chaebols characters.

Of course they have a conversation and she ends up sort of embarrassing him and of course as expected he finds it sexy, that scene got me going “UHGGGGG.”

Then we’re introduced to her family a bit more, and we find out how much her mom sucks, I already hate her character “such a good actress”. She poorly treats her daughter, and her husband, your basic nausea.

There was a scene which made laugh so much, which was Jisoo in disguise as a woman arresting a man who turns out to be someone of high status, it was so nice and I had a pretty good laugh.

The drama then proceeds into setting up the mood, and connecting our two mains leads, again by a contract, he ends up hiring her to protect him.

Then a shocking scene came to be which sort of switched the mood entirely, there was no mention of it in the plot for the drama, but apparently we have a serial killer on the loose who kills a woman by the end of the first episode.

I am a huge fan of crime related dramas, and this drama is trying to slightly aim towards that, I kind of expected it to be more light hearted but was shocked by how it turned bloody so suddenly, not that I mind it.

My final thoughts:

Overall the story is just what I had expected it to be I am not that surprised, however it’s a very light funny drama, which by the way was shot so beautifully, a big shout out to the camera man and however edited this, its shot so beautifully and the camera work was so nice.

I really loved how they played with the camera angles to get the best out of each scene, and I love how the transition plays out.

I was a bit weirded by the sudden switch in the atmosphere of the drama and how it suddenly involved a murder case, which I presume is to get our dear main characters more entangled and add more action to the drama to get audience tuning in.

I must admit here and there I had a couple of good laughs, it was funny in some scenes and overly cartoonish in others which was slightly annoying.

Especially with this scene of the vapour shooting out of the gang member, its annoying and honestly they didn’t need to try so hard to make us laugh here, I honestly just don’t understand the use of making some scenes in the drama appear so cartoonish! to me it seems like they are trying to make us laugh with that editing technique but to me I found it to be so childish.

The OST, another very important thing sounds very nice; I liked how they played around with the music scene to scene.

Overall the drama is very enjoyable, thou the characters are a bit typical and predictable, I think it’ll appeal to the public eyes, and gain more fame, but only time can tell since in a couple of hours from now, the second episode will air.

Only then we’ll truly find out if the Koreans are loving or hating the drama.

I can already tell how the storyline will shape out to be which is sad, I can already tell that the main leads are gonna end up together and Jisoo will probably be single by the end of it.

I suspect they’ll catch the criminal “cyber bully” who will turn out to be someone from within the company, and they will also catch the killer who will probably be attempting more murders as the drama goes on.

Overall its your typical drama, but since its my first ever project in where I will be attempting to recap, I will be recapping each and every episode of this drama “hopefully”!

Should I watch this drama?

I hope you liked this recap/ review, I recommend you watch it if you have spare time and are into romantic comedy dramas, but if you prefer stronger, deeper dramas then its probably not the one for you.

So what do you guys think? Did you like the drama? Did you find it funny? Do you agree or disagree with me?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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