“Strangers Again” Ending- Episode 12 Recap And Review

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ENA’s “Strangers Again” has ended its run today, here is a recap of its finale!

“Strangers Again” episode 12 recap

Eun Beom talks about breaking up with Ha Ra with CEO Seo who tells him there is no happiness on the run, Eun Beom wants to leave the firm because of this. When he goes back to his office, he’s confronted by a suit from his own mother who wants to disown him legally.

Then the CEO talks to Ha Ra who is made aware of Eun Beom’s intentions, she’s shocked he wants to leave. She also tells the CEO she’s not doing that well.

Eun Beom speaks to his mother who tells him she’ll go through with the suit and disown him, she tells him to date this woman, marry her and have two kids even though he tells her he doesn’t want kids and she’ll do whatever he asks of her. She tells him she’ll also ask back for all the money she spent on him. He’s suffering and keeps hearing ringing in his ears.

CEO Seo then goes to Eun Beom’s office and sees the document.

Ha Ra is scheduled to have a date with her mom who surprises her with a blind date. She goes to her mom and yells at her for doing this, she also finds out her mother told Eun Beom to break up with her. She tells her mom she’s very disappointed in her.

Ha Ra speaks with Eun Beom who tells her whats the use of them talking about it, and says things along the line that she’s the one who wanted to break up, she’s flustered and wants to argue about what he meant, she asks him what he means and he says, “after I told you everything about my family, you wanted to end things with me. You started thinking about how to back out after a certain point. How do you think I felt watching this happen?”

Ha Ra is frustrated with him and says, ‘fine, lets call it quits.’ she then meets with CEO Seo and tells him she’s not confident she can handle him, he suggests she leaves the firm instead of him telling her the firm is too small for her.

Eun Beom goes to see the doctor who tells him is a psychological issue because of his stress. Then his mother gets into an accident preventing her granddaughter from getting into one.

Ha Ra is alerted because Eun Beom blocked his mother’s number. She drives him to the hospital where they’re told if she doesn’t wake up by 6 hours, it will likely be a worse-case scenario.

Ha Ra tells Eun Beom to not have regrets and tell his mother everything he wanted to and tell her to wake up, he does so after she leaves. The mother wakes up and tells him its not his fault that his little sister died. They both cry.

Another day, Eun Beom is told Ha Ra will leave instead of him.

Bi-Chwi and Si-Wook finds out they’re having a son and Si-Wook loses it, he’s so happy. Ha Ra is leaving for another firm and a much better offer. Bi-Chwi tells her she’s jealous, Ha Ra says the same. Bi-Chwi says she’s not sure she should go ahead with this entire thing.

Ha Ra speaks to Eun Beom who is surprised she’s leaving, he tells her if its only him she should not, but she says it would be awkward and if they eventually end up dating other people, it will be very awkward. She also says she wants to try swimming in bigger waters.

Eun Beom later searches up what issue he could have mentally, he then attempts to invite Ha Ra out for dinner, which she rejects.

Eun Beom ends up taking courage and seeking help, he visits a counseling center.

Ha Ra invites her mother out and tells her she might never be able to date again and is still in the process of breaking up with Eun Beom.

A while later

Ha Ra leaves the firm, and the CEOs of it hold a party for Bi-Chwi and Si-Wook. Ha Ra attends it and then she leaves due to a broadcasting appointment.

Eun Beom sees her off, he asks how she’s doing and tells her he’s also doing fine and babysitting these days.

How does “Strangers Again” ends?

Then Eun Beom and Ha Ra climb down the stairs and Ha Ra tells him she’ll see him around, he ask, ‘when is that?’ to which she says, ‘I don’t know, at the court?’ he says, ‘can I ask you one thing?’ However, he doesn’t ask vocally but thinks it, in voiceover he says, ‘what I wanted to ask is, can we really become strangers?’ he ends up not saying anything, both walk away.

Did “Strangers Again” have a happy ending?

Not really, Eun Beom and Ha Ra did not end up together, other than that, both individually are trying to get over each other and move on. Eun Beom is seeking help for his mental health issues while Ha Ra transferred firms.

Did Eun Beom and Ha Ra end up together?

No, they break up.

Eun Beom ends things with her abruptly and for no good reason. Ha Ra tries to reason with him but he hurts her with words saying she chased after him and then wanted to break things off after finding out about his family issues which was far from the truth. Eventually, the couple just ends things.

“Strangers Again” episode 12- review

I am glad they didn’t end up together. Good. However, I am not happy with its execution.

Granted, I think it makes sense in the context of how Eun Beom behaves. I just think this entire conversation and break up should have been handled differently.

Eun Beom definitely suffers from mental health issues he needs to be treated for, I get it, its difficult to realize you have issues and seek help. I think his breakup with Ha Ra was the beginning for him to realize he needed help. Some people in our lives come to teach us lessons and then leave.

The two loved each other dearly and probably still do, I didn’t like how indecisive Eun Beom was until the end and how he still tried to weasel his way in after his harsh words. I don’t like the reasoning given behind their breakup, I wished the screenwriter had crafted that part better.

Eun Beom and Ha ra were incompatible, point blank and I think the screenwriter has been very clear when it comes to this. They both want different things from life. To have gotten back together meant the two should have worked on their shortcomings, worked on fixing the issues they had, and have had honest conversations too about what happened and how it can be avoided.

I am not saying communicating is easy, but if you’re getting back for the 5th time, maybe, its time you realize you had issues with your communication.

I expect that level of immaturity from people younger than them and people who have not broken up so many times before too.

Ha Ra wants kids and he does not, at least not a the time of the rekindling of the relationship, the foundation itself was not meant to last. Cracks were going to show and I think deep down inside, Eun Beom knew this. I just think he should have been clearer. But given his personality of being pushed around and pushing others away, it makes sense he’d react that way.

I get it, a lot of people will not be happy with this ending and I have seen some comments about it already, but I think this was the right way to end it. It also carries the right message.

I have a lot to say about the drama aside from this so I am writing a review which should be out in the next two days.

have you guys seen “Strangers Again” finale yet? Thoughts on the episode?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. hated it.

    they went through al l that just to never learn what each was really thinking. The love was there and it was real.

    Stupid ending. Wish I never watched it.

  2. How could it end this way? I mean they are both divorce lawyers…They must have met several couples like themselves.. who broke up due to a lack of communication.

    Even if they didn’t end up together they should have at least cleared things up…

    It would be a lie if I say I wasn’t expecting a happy ending. But still, I would not have been so much disappointed if the drama didn’t end like this.

  3. It’s sad they don’t end up together although there is the love but it won’t work because Eun Bom is an emotional n psychological mess stemming from the way he was brought up by his mother. As a social psychologist I can clearly see how important the socialisation process n support of our children from a young age. Eun Bom never had that luxury n it will forever affect his relationship with others. It’s good that he is seeking help that the first step so hopefully he’ll be better . Unfortunately for him Hara is herself not exactly a strong person but one who is too engrossed in herself so she can’t support him. Sadly they have to part ways. I was hoping for more from Hara but she is a mess too she couldn’t communicate her feelings well n seek a breakthrough to Eun Bom. She wants to protect herself I guess.

  4. For me the fact that he tries to change by trying to babysit his sisters babies so you couldnt do that before ! He really made me angry why because men never appreciate their partner instead they change after what its always after the gurl whom they loved once is hurt why though !!!

  5. I Think the Finale for me is Sad but Somehow Satisfiable; since it really has plot point; through the drama’s title. They really can’t be together&might be strangers again, since Eun Beom still has brain sickness. So My Suggestion For them to might end together is that, yes do be Strangers Again& Eun Beom might do brain psychologic healing anxiety treatment counseling condition first, because the time he will be treated&healed; I’m sure the might End Up together having a child or adopted child.

  6. It was one of the most disappointing endings. I hate these kinds of K Dramas and especially to one of my favorite male actors. It was a total sucking end.

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