“Stealer: The Treasure Keeper” Ending Explained- Episode 12 Recap

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“Stealer: The Treasure Keeper” ended earlier today, here is a recap of the finale!

Hwang Dae-Myeong leaves the monk’s temple looking concerned. The team calls him and lets him know that the area around Cheomseongdae has been shut down and everybody is being inspected.

Jang Tae-In lets the team know if skunk can’t be there, they have to stop Kim Young-Soo. They’re being tracked down too so Lee Chun-Ja changes the van layout and the license plate. They depart to a location closer to the place.

Meanwhile, Dae-Myeong drives by an inspection and Kim Young-Soo is made aware he’s there, thus, Shota intercepts his car and wrecks it. Jo Huin-Dal shows up and starts battling Shota. They get into a huge fight and both sustain injuries, as police arrives, everybody flees the scene, Jo Huin-Dal gives Dae-Myeong a knife allowing him to escape.

Meanwhile, the team decides to split into pairs and get closer to the location. Shota tells Kim Young-Soo he wasn’t able to finish the skunk because police arrived and Jo Huin-Dal interfered. Then, Kim Young-Soo is introduced to the operation by police and wears protective gear. They go to the location and spot the constellation, then they depart.

Choi Min-Woo and Dr. Go had split into a team but they run into trouble by a group and get beaten, Dr. Go takes a knife for her and tells her to run away and leave him behind.

The skunk managed to get into the location and joins one of the pairs.

Jang Tae-In ends up going to Choi Min-Woo and Dr. Go’s location fighting the group with her. Then, he tells her to go away and he’ll get arrested as police comes. Dr. Go is taken to a hospital.

At the van, skunk and Choi Min-Woo reunite, he tells them that if Kim Young-Soo gets his hands on beads of life, not only him but everyone close to him will die. The monk had actually explained to him the story was distorted and this is why everyone who found it died. This was what his father was trying to stop.

Kim Young-Soo and his group go to the location and manage to get inside, they find all the treasures and specifically the beads. He’s very happy and holds the rock with his hands. However, Jo Huin-Dal shows up and begins to murder all his men. He then gets into a fight with Shota and kills him the same way he’s killed his previous victims. When he arrives at Kim Young-Soo, he tells him he can have all the remaining treasures, he says his sister’s death was something he did not intend to do. He shows him the rock and tells him with it, they’ll live forever. He snatches the rock from him and beats him to death with it.

He then moves to shoot himself in the head but the skunk interferes and tells him he should not do it and instead receive punishment for his actions.

Jang Tae-In ends up holding a press conference announcing the arrests they’ve made and the operation they’ve been working on. Jo Huin-Dal turns himself in and admitted to all the crimes he’s committed and gave testimonies and helped police figure out the other crimes Kim Young-Soo committed. The police seized Kim Young-Soo’s place and found the missing documents of his illegal activities.

They arrest various ministers and high ranking officials involved in the scheme. The team also hides the skunk identity and claim he was a thief hired by Kim Young-Soo. The police was unable to catch him.

As the team celebrated, after everyone went away, Jang Tae-In asks Lee Chun-Ja out on a date, they go for a drive.

Choi Min-Woo attempted to visit Dr. Go in the hospital but he got discharged, but he left her a letter to tell her her father died saving his life.

 The team then seals the ‘magic’ rock in the temple and everyone goes their separate ways for now.

3 months later

Jin Ae-Ri joins the Seoul Police Agency Cultural Heritage Team as the new member. The team talks about a bunch of treasures that Kim Young-Soo said he’d give to a certain someone. No one knows who that person is.

Then we see a team of men in black suits and one of them takes order from someone via the phone. He moves inside the warehouse, and he’s confronted by the skunk. They move to help.


Jang Tae-In opens a documentary the reporter has been working on that has been scrapped. He tells him what he needs to see is at a certain point, he checks it out and turns out its Hwang Dae-Myeong warning people not to steal because he’ll find them and hold them accountable.

The end.

Have you seen the finale of “Stealer: The Treasure Keeper” ? what did you think of the ending?  

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  1. Since he came out from his military’s service I have but been able to enjoy any of his dramas, and this one for me was hard to watch like what is going on in South Korea. I only saw the first episodes I couldn’t continue it was hard to watch. I have been watching kdrama over 15 years in also speak the language but this was bad

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