“Song Of The Bandits” Ending Explained- Finale And Episode 9 Recap

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Netflix has released “Song of the Bandits” earlier today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained!

“Song of the Bandits” episode 9 recap

The final begins with our team being trapped inside a house surrounded by Japanese military, their leader is scared and they fail to advance.

Then, Kim Seon-Bok is asked if she knows a way out, so they send Choraeng-yi to capture a shooting gun imported from Europe that can kill a lot of people at once. He successfully retrieves it and shoots them all. The leader is also then killed and hung up for people to see.

Lee Gwang-Il gets reprimanded for what happened and he sees Katayama who says the governor general Santo requested he be spared, so he is. He is told to return to his city, he’s now on probation. He then sees the documents Katayama had planned to take care of the bandits team with the help of Jang Ki-Ryong, he steals it.

The team is now far ahead and away from the Japanese and the Chinese. They breathe for a bit and discover there are bounties for their heads.

Chung-Soo talks to Lee Yoon who says he will go visit the city to see Hee-Shin even if its briefly. So he goes to see her.

Meanwhile, Jang Ki-Ryong and his lawless team are confronted by Japanese who ask them to state what they’re doing, they end up killing everybody.

At night, Gwang-Il returns a defeated man to Hee-Shin, he talks about how he’s now not what he used to be and marrying him won’t do much, but she lies and says she’s promised to love him and be by his side. He’s relieved.

She spots the document Gwang-Il stole, and after he falls asleep, she reads it. The next day, she alerts her allies of this severe issue.

The plan is to kill Joseon people in Gando, the Japanese army will cross the Duman and a battle will commence. Since relations with China will be impacted if they do this, the Japanese men who were killed by Jang Ki-Ryong will serve as a pretext for their actions. But no Chinese person can be killed.

Using this as an excuse, they will then kill all the independence fighters for Joseon and a blood bath will begin.

As they’re speaking, they notice there might be someone so they step outside, then Hee-Shin sees Lee Yoon had come to see her. Her comrade tells her its not time for emotions and such.

A person was listening onto their conversation, he is working for Gwang-Il. Gwang-Il is told of it and now he finally knows her true identity. He sheds tears and makes the man swear he’ll never tell anyone or else he’d kill all his family and him. he says he’ll decide what to do with her.

The same comrade who was talking to Hee-Shin meets with Lee Yoon and tells him its not time for emotion and says the plan the Japanese have for them. He had purchased flowers to give to Hee-Shin, he ends up leaving them at her doorstep and leaves back to his place. She searches for him on the train but misses him.

When she sees the flowers he left at her doorstep, she cries.

On another day

Gwang-Il decided he wanted to marry Hee-Shin, they hold a wedding and he promises to love her.

Meanwhile, our bandits team was prepared for the Japanese and ambushed them. A battle begins.

The end.

“Song of the Bandits” ending explained- FAQ

Does “Song of the Bandits” have a happy ending?

No, it does not. It has an inconclusive ending. the two main lovers also do not end up together and the ending seems to hint at the possibility of a 2nd season

How does “Song of the Bandits” end?

The ending scene of “Song of the Bandits” shows Gwang-Il  and Hee-Shin getting married while the bandits team prepares to take down the Japanese who are there to kill all of them. It also shows Lee yoon riding the train back to defend his people.

Did Hee Shin marry Gwang-Il?

Yes, she does.

Did Hee Shin and Lee yoon end up together?

No, they don’t.

Does “Song of the Bandits” have a second season?

We don’t know yet. Netflix has not publicly addressed the possibility of a 2nd season, however, considering the open inconclusive ending of the drama, its safe to assume Netflix might have plans for a 2nd season.

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