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The currently airing MBC drama “Kairos” is getting a lot of attention online and with the reveal in its 5th episode, fans can’t stop talking about it.

What happened in “Kairos” episode 5 and how did the screenwriter manage to trick the viewers and catch them off-guard with the shocking truth? Lets find out.

Note: below is a quick recap and explanation of “Kairos” episode 5, its filled with spoilers.


“Kairos” is an interesting drama that tells the story of a man who leads a happy life but suddenly all comes crashing down after his daughter mysteriously disappears and all evidence lead to the possibility of a murder. This is followed by the suicide of his wife who is unable to bear the pain of losing her daughter.

Kim Seo Jin (played by Shin Sung Rok) then connects with Han Ye Ri (played by Lee Se Young) who lives one month earlier and they manage to change their past, present and future. Getting into a lot of trouble and suffering greatly in their attempts to turn back time and fix everything, this is firstly fueled by Kim Seo Jin’s desire to bring back his family but then extends to Han Ye Ri’s desire to find her missing mother who is terminally ill.

The entire foundation of the drama was built around the agony of the father who lost his loving wife and his daughter in a short period of time, but what if that was all an illusion and an act? Well, it turns out to have been so with the reveal in “Kairos” episode 5.

While things did seem off, it wasn’t until the last minutes of “Kairos” 5th episode that fans finally find out that the wife wasn’t actually dead and get this, neither is the daughter.

Previously, Kang Hyun Chae (played by Nam Gyu Ri) jumps off a bridge but her body is never recovered. Due to the currents, viewers assumed her body got carried away so her case was wrapped up as a suicide of a grieving mother.

Turns out she’s a complete psycho who planned this entire scheme alongside Seo Do Kyun (played by Ahn Bo Hyun). The 5th episode starts off by showing the viewers just how far the couple goes back and how they met each other in the late 2000s and how they continue to date even with Kang Hyun Chae’s husband and perfect life in the background. Not only they have no shame but are plotting to get rid of him in the most dramatic way possible. 

So the wife is cheating on her husband with his co-worker who; with her help; orchestrated the entire scheme to get rid of Kim Seo Jin. But why?

This is where things get murky. Thus far, we’re getting more information about Hyun Chae’s past but its still too early to judge fully why. The extreme choice to go this far instead of asking for a divorce must be a big one and viewers are yet to find out why.

The saddest thing about all of this is just how much Kim Seo Jin has been suffering because of her selfishness, he almost committed suicide had it not been the hope from a call from the past.

So what did you think of the twist? are you currently watching “Kairos”?


One of my readers was asking about when will I put out a review of “Kairos,” I had been putting it off because I am so busy but over the past couple of days, I’ve been catching up and OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. I LOVE IT.

Shin Sung Rok is one of my actors and I love most of his choices but this, this drama has to be one of the most fun and nerve-wracking dramas I’ve watched in 2020. 2020 has been a great year for kdramas and it might be because I lowered my expectations for some kdramas, but this year, there are a lot of good content and screenwriters taking things further than what we’re used to.

My review of “Kairos” is coming soon but for this article, I’ll say is I want to beat the living shit out of Seo Do Kyun and Kang Hyun Chae [the characters, not the actors]. God, so despicable and that Kang Hyun Chae is scary, like legit scary because she isn’t going around doing crazy shit but the stuff that comes out of her mouth and how she talks about finishing off her husband who’ll need a lifetime of mental help to get over the shit she made him go through… O.M.G. I hate her guts, god damn it.

Props to Ahn Bo Hyun and Nam Gyu Ri, spectacular actors. Everyone is amazing in this drama.

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