“See You In My 19th Life” Ending Explained- Episode 12 Recap

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“See You In My 19th Life” ended its run earlier today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained.

“See You In My 19th Life” episode 12 recap

The episode begins with a flashback to Ji Eum’s life where she basically cursed herself into remembering what she went through. It was in the Josen era.

She finds out that she had stabbed Seo Ha during that historical period while she was trying to get to Kang Min Gi who was the king in the past life. She injures Seo Ha who tries to stop her telling her not to repay blood with blood but she is persistent.

Eventually, she takes out the knife and tries to kill Kang Min Gi but gets shot with arrows. Holding a object in her hands, she tells the king she will forever remember this rage, over and over again until she gets her revenge.

She dies.

In the present, she finally found out she was the one who cursed herself to always remember what had happened in her past lives. Seo Ha comforts her.

Meanwhile, Cho Won is trying to end things with Ha Do Yun, she sends a message as he finds her. He hands her an umbrella. She sent him another message saying she likes him. But she asks him to give her his phone and deletes the message.

She hands him a bouquet of flowers and says goodbye, thanking him for everything. However, he holds her hands and asks her out, he says he wants to hold onto her but people will run their mouthes, she says she doesn’t care. They hug and decide to date. He tells her, “I like you, a lot.”

After Ji Eum remembered her past, she goes to see Kang Min Gi, he asks for her forgiveness, he says he’s regretted it and he wants to redeem himself. She says she wouldn’t have forgiven him in the past, but now its different. She wants to live with the ones she loves. He says there is a way to stop remembering her past lives but she will also end up forgetting about the people and the experiences she’s had as well.

She’s very conflicted.

Seo Ha goes to see his uncle. He tells him he should have consoled his dad when his mom died and they should have talked it out. None of this would have happened. He tells him he’s not miserable anymore and is confident enough to live happily. The uncle apologizes, he cries a bit but he’s happy for Seo Ha.

Meanwhile, all four of them visit Ae Gyeong who is about to get surgery, she goes with her to the operating room door, Ae Gyeong tells her to not fret about what ever is on her mind and do whats best for her.

Seo Ha sense something is wrong, he goes to ask Kang Min Gi about it and he tells him what will happen. Seo Ha then meets with Ji Eum and comforts her, he presents her rings, and tells her he’ll find his way to her and even if she doesn’t notice him, its ok.

Cho Won has dinner with Ji Eum and her mother. Ji Eum then goes to her old room, her mother comes in and says she didn’t remove it because she believed her daughter would eventually return as ridiculous as it may sound. Ji eum gives her a hug, and the mother feels different about it as if she can tell its her.

Ji Eum then convinced, she does what it takes to lift that curse she caused on herself.

Some time later

Ji Eum is back to her job as an engineer who test drives cars.

Cho Won arranges to run into her and introduce her to Ae Gyeong restaurant again. She engages with her and they hit it off immediately, Ji Eum gives her her businesscard and she says they should meet again.

Ji Eum then goes to that restaurant and runs into Seo Ha, she’s shocked by how handsome he is.

He briefly introduces himself to her, then leaves, leaving an impression on her.

On another day, she arrives at his hotel for an interview he had arranged. He meets her and now takes her spot, he repeats similar words to what she said when she reunited with him. He offers her a job but she declines, he retorts with, ‘if you’re still unsure, why don’t you try dating me?’ she’s surprised by his proposal and asks him why, he says what if they knew each other. He points out the couple ring he’d gifted her when she remembered him.

He tells her he will ask her out 3 times from today, if she rejects him every time, he’ll give up.

She does not say no, and is not apprehensive about it either, she’s intrigued and smiles at him after hearing that.

The end.

“See You In My 19th Life” ending explained- FAQ

did “See You In My 19th Life” have a happy ending?

Yes, it did. It ended well with each of the couple either happily dating or getting re-introduced to each other.

How does “See You In My 19th Life” end?

The drama ends with a meeting between Ji Eum, who now doesn’t remember her past lives, and Seo Ha who is eager to reconnect with her and begin dating. He uses the same method she used the time they reunited as adults and asks her out. She smiles.

Did Ji Eum forget memories of her past lives?

Yes, she ends up deciding to do so. She does what it takes to forget them once and for all, she goes back to her life before meeting Seo Ha again as an adult, but the people who loved her still remember her and want to reconnect with her.

Did Ji Eum end up dating Seo Ha?

While its not explicitly stated, its hinted that despite Ji Eum forgetting about their relationship, Seo Ha will do whatever it takes to reconnect with her. It ends with that positive note that they will find their way back to each other again.

Did Cho Won end up dating Ha Do Yun?

Yes, he admits to her he likes her a lot. They end up dating and even share a sweet kiss scene.

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