“Remarriage & Desires” Ending Explained: Episode 8 Recap And Review

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Netflix’s newest kdrama “Remarriage & Desires” is here and here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained.

“Remarriage & Desires” episode 8 recap

Lee Hyung-Ju goes to see Seo Hye-Seung after her daughter gets hospitalized due to the truck incident. He wants to help her but she declines but he sees the photos that show the truck driver was paid to kill her daughter.

Later, Seo Hye-Seung meets with Go Ae-Ran who asks her to give up Lee Hyung-Ju in return for helping her. She shows her photos of the truck driver, she agreed to pay his debt in return for this. When Go Ae-Ran tells Seo Hye-Seung she can help her put Jin Yoo-Hui behind bars, she says it isn’t enough and she should kill her.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyung-Ju goes to see Jin Yoo-Hui and makes a scene about the fact that she nearly killed a child. They get into an argument and he assures her she’ll pay for her crimes. In the meantime, Seo Hye-Seung takes her husband’s phone and retrieves all its data.

Go Ae-Ran goes to see the congressman armed with the knowledge Seo Hye-Seung told. He asks her who the bigger threat is and tells her to eliminate it.

At the hospital, Kang Min-Ji finally wakes up with her mother and grandmother by her side crying their eyes out.

Jin Yoo-Hui goes to see her father the congressman and threatens him she’ll expose him if he doesn’t take care of Seo Hye-Seung.

The next day, Lee Hyung-Ju’s company is raided for tax evasion. When Seo Hye-Seung sees this, she calls Choi Yoo-Sun and tells her she’ll marry Cha Seok-Jin as long as she saves Lee Hyung-Ju. Then she goes to see him and ask him to help Cha Seok-Jin, she also asks him to marry her, he agrees but he’s hurt despite the fact that they’ll get married.

Lee Hyung-Ju goes to see the congressman after the tax evasion issue and he tells him he can only get him out of it if he agrees to marry Jin Yoo-Hui, he gives him a week. Meanwhile, the data from Seo Hye-Seung’s husband phone gets retrieved and she finds out the congressman is her father.

Lee Hyung-Ju meets Cha Seok-Jin who tells him he’s getting married to her, he protests but Cha Seok-Jin tells him all he wants for her is to be happy.

The next day, Seo Hye-Seung goes to see the congressman and threatens him with the information she knows. She sees Jin Yoo-Hui outside and they get into an argument and promise to ruin each other. She goes then to see her father and threatens him she’ll end him if he doesn’t kill her. Jin Yoo-Hui also sees Choi Yoo-Sun outside and threatens her because she believes she’s the one who told her about her father.

Seo Hye-Seung meets Choi Yoo-Sun who tells her she needs power to take down those people. At the same time, Lee Hyung-Ju finds out Cha Seok-Jin will serve as the link between his company and Choi Sung-Jae to resolve the management issues. When he goes to see Cha Seok-Jin he finds out that Choi Sung-Jae had already visited him.

Seo Hye-Seung and Lee Hyung-Ju end up meeting and exchanging pleasantries, they’re unable to say much because its too late.

At night, Cha Seok-Jin’s father is mad at Choi Yoo-Sun because his son will marry someone who has a child and she found out all of his shares now belong to his son. After an argument, he collapses as he learns she only put up with him because she knew it will eventually be hers.

Seo Hye-Seung calls a reporter at night about the email she sent him about the congressman. On her way, she gets captured by some men. She gets taken in and Go Ae-Ran has her in handcuffs and eventually destroys the car after she put her in it. She sends video of that to the congressman. Lee Hyung-Ju searches frantically for her before a message from her.

Its hinted some days have passed then

Jin Yoo-Hui arrives at a location where Lee Hyung-Ju wanted to see her. He tells her he prepared a wedding gown and will announce their marriage before the press.

At the press, along with the reporter mentioned previously, she gets exposed as her father’s illegitimate child. She gets humiliated and taken into custody.

Meanwhile, the congressman is panicking and tells Go Ae-Ran to deny everything, she says she’s the one who also orchestrated it and tells him its over. He gets arrested as Seo Hye-Seung appears before him to tell him he’s finished.

At the same time, in the media, the Rex gets credit for exposing all of this but they also got exposed in the process.

Seo Hye-Seung’s daughter gets discharged.

After some time

Seo Hye-Seung goes to see Jin Yoo-Hui in prison, they talk and Jin Yoo-Hui tells her her goal was to bring her father down so in a way this was achieved. She also says she’s not repenting.

At night, we see that Choi Yoo-Sun goes to see the chairman and tells him his son will marry someone but it won’t be whom he wanted and that the company is now hers. She told him she made a deal with his son. She almost takes away his breathing tube but doesn’t. He’s basically on his death bed and not awake.

How does “Remarriage & Desires” end?

We get a look into the future. On the wedding day, the family is there to attend the wedding. Seo Hye-Seung is dressed beautifully as Cha Seok-Jin sees her on the aisle. They hold hands and as they’re about to take their vows, he tells her he only wanted her to be happy. He brings Lee Hyung-Ju who asks her to marry him, she agrees. His son and mother also show up there.

In the ending scene, Choi Yoo-Sun is closing up Rex when Park Ji Hoon [makes a cameo appearance] shows up before her, he tells her she shouldn’t close it when there still could be some business left. She sits down and hears his offer.

The end.

“Remarriage & Desires” season two, is there a possibility?

“Remarriage & Desires” ending scene hints at the fact that we could be getting a second season. Since this is Netflix and its only been a day since its out, nothing has been stated yet regarding the possibility of “Remarriage & Desires” season two.

If and when it happens, stay tuned to the blog as we’ll update you with information regarding it.

“Remarriage & Desires” episode 8 review

That was…. An ending….

I am surprised they pushed towards a happy ending this much despite what the drama has been all about throughout its run. It slightly cheapens the message they’ve been trying to send and the atmosphere they’ve created with this drama.

I would have loved if she ended up marrying Cha Seok-Jin as promised and if a second season is in order, it would have been great to explore that marriage and how it would fall apart because she’s fulfilling an obligation.

I never really felt that Seo Hye-Seung had feelings for Lee Hyung-Ju, it appeared he was mesmerized with her based on the sheer fact that she subverted his expectations at first, but her character didn’t show much of an interest in him until later on in the series. It caught me slightly off guard because I didn’t understand how and when she fell for him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a catch but she was all about getting revenge and being fixated on that part so it seemed a bit odd she eventually ended up falling for him.

Also, the entire marriage scene was straight out of a cheesy 90s rom-com. It doesn’t fit the overall vibe of the drama. The screenwriter makes it so clear that Lee Hyung-Ju’s mother was against this, on top of that, Seo Hye-Seung made a promise to at least three people she’d do certain things if they saved Lee Hyung-Ju. So these promises and the entire planning and suspense just went out of the window.

Netflix kdramas don’t always strive for happy endings, especially if it feels like it would tamper with the drama’s entire baseline which makes me even more surprised that it ended like this.

I understand the screenwriter might have wanted a happy ending as a happy conclusion but I don’t really like the ending. It makes the entire buildup towards that dissipate.

The drama seems to be hinting at season two, because of course they would… it would have given fans even more incentive to ask for a part two if the drama’s ending wasn’t that happy. When you wrap it up so nicely but then introduce a throw-away scene at the end basically testing the waters to see if you can do a part two…. Its a bit… its a bit much. Not everything needs two seasons.

Overall, I’d say “Remarriage & Desires” ending was ok. I enjoyed the drama overall and my review will be out on the blog soon.

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  1. I just started watching kdrama about two years ago. But personally, I adored this one. Yes, cheesy in classical ways, but the bad ass tone from the FL was so just wonderful!! Being only 8 episodes, it was a fast enough pace to keep me watching. And I got all I wanted, the cheesy wedding and a cute ending. After watching a period drama, where everybody dies, this was love love love.

  2. The open ending is great. This means that there is still a chance for Prof Cha to take back his inheritance because he was not married to Seo. So the arrangement is void. It’s very cute because we never know what will happen to Season2. Hoping that Lee and Seo will find true happiness with each other.

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