“Red Balloon” Ending Explained- Episode 20 Recap

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TV Chosun’s “Red Balloon” has come to an end earlier today, here is a recap of its final episode.

“Red Balloon” Episode 20 Recap

Eun-San goes to see Nam-Cheol at his place of work. She blames herself for what he’s doing right now but he tells her not to. She tears up knowing she’s leaving after telling him so and says if he tells her not to leave, she won’t. She tells him not to say the last goodbye and not to give up. He then runs after her and narrowly misses her as she takes the bus.

He then gets a call from his brother-in-law to let him know that the company is struggling. He then goes around the place asking his friends for help, he asks one attorney for help with tracking down the culprits.

Geum-A talks to her mother about falling in love with Dae-Geun. Then the family is interrupted finding out that Nam Cheol has been going around trying to find them.

While going through the laptop, Eun San sees her sister has been sued for adultery and stealing a design, then Eun San tells Cha Won that, he’s surprised. Her sister also tells her its better to reach mediation than go to court.

Cha Won then meets with a man Eun Kang used to date, he tells him she’s trouble and he could never know what she’s like. He warns him from her.

Eun Kang contemplates suicide but decides to go see Ba Da, she gets on her knees and begs her for mercy, she cries and talks about how much she’s wronged her and how sorry she felt. She tells her she’s now cornered but has to make ends meet for her parents. Cha Won sees her from afar but he doesn’t interfere.

Nam Cheol buys shoes and a suit to go see the attorney he’s been trying to get help from, and he manages to convince him.

Cha Won decides to invite Ba Da for dinner, she excitedly goes to meet him but turns out he wanted to talk her out of the lawsuit, she is furious and ends up leaving despite his plea with her.

In retaliation, Ba Da takes Cha Won’s parents to Eun Kang’s parents house and they find out all of them are related. Eun Kang is absolutely crushed after this happens. She cries while this entire situation unfolds.

Then, Cha Won ends up visiting her place and introduces himself to her parents who are happy to see him. She drags him outside and tells him its over, she breaks up with him while he tries to hold on to her, she says she feels like an embarrassment and wants to die, she regrets what she’s done. They end things between them.

At night, Nam Cheol confronts the scammers and catches them while police arrive at the scene, Go Mul-Sang sees him but he refuses to stay around and goes back.

The next day, Geum-A talks to  Dae-Geun on the phone, he breaks things off with her and refuses to see her, he watches her from afar as she cries her eyes out. When she returns home she finds out about what her husband did, she then sees the divorce papers signed.

Nam Cheol doesn’t go see Eun San as she leaves overseas.

Out of a fit of anger, Ba Da’s mother hangs a sign that basically exposes Eun Kang as an adulterer. She is surprised and tells her mother this is not the way to take revenge.

After she goes to bed, she recalls their friendship and then goes to tear it down, she fights with her mother who follows after her as she cries, she tells her mom Eun Kang has long dreamed of this, and this is not it. They take it down, Eun Kang happens to see them do it.

Eun Kang goes to school as normal, she teaches kids for a day, then submits her resignation letter, she sees Ba Da on her way out. They have a talk, Eun Kang laments on what she’s done again, Ba Da says she’s withdrawn her lawsuit and finds out she’s resigned. Ba Da attempts to reason with Eun Kang to take it back but she refuses. Eun Kang tells her her twisted desire caused this and she should carry the full weight of her actions, Ba Da cries her eyes out explaining how she felt so bad for her seeing her family circumstances, she says she’s forgiven her and they should go undo the resignation but she refuses, and says she can’t forgive herself.

She ends up leaving away from home to a place where its quieter.

Meanwhile, Geum A decides to take her kids to their father and bring him back home. Her father welcomes him back home with arms wide open and cries while he hugs him.

Dae-Geun runs into Geum A’s child and makes sure he’s ok and not hurt as he almost hit him, he asks for his parents’ phone nr. To make sure he’s ok. After he sees the number he realizes who it is and its strongly implied he’s his son. The two had it 12 years ago.

Ba Da and Cha Won get divorce, and shake hands outside the court. The daughter stays with him while she travels overseas to Italy to study and grow her business.

One year later

Eun Kang works in a remote location as a teacher. Eun San comes to visit her after coming back from Africa. She says she’s more comfortable here where its quiet. They call their parents and Eun Kang says she’s sending them about 100$ this month. She also says she’s dropping by next week.

Eun San tells her sister she has a surprise for her. She goes to the sea side and see Cha Won is there. They smile at each other from afar.

Nam Cheol is back as the CEO of his company, he gets one last video from Eun San telling him this is a goodbye video, ‘a short lived love, a long lasting longing.’ after he sees it, he deletes it.

Ba Da is doing great, she’s grown her business and will take part in Paris’s Fashion week, she maintains a good relationship with Cha Won and says she’ll stay with her daughter these days.

When she goes out of her office, she sees many red balloons with the message, ‘My red balloon Han Ba Da, congratulations on your success.’ She runs outside hoping to catches her but she doesn’t. Eun Kang watches from afar.

Nam Cheol goes back to the house with his wife’s parents and his kids who all greet him, its implied he’s back with his wife too.

The end.

Does the kdrama “Red Balloon” have a happy ending?

It has a happy ending, for the most part. Eun Kang decides to take responsibility for her own actions and moves to the countryside after giving up her lucrative teacher position she worked so hard for. Cha Won and Ba Da get divorced. Ba Da forgives Eun Kang. And generally speaking, the drama ends on a positive note.

How does the kdrama “Red Balloon” end?

The last scene of “Red Balloon” features Nam Cheol returning from his job to the family house. He’s greeted by everyone including his wife, kids and parents in-laws, his father-in-law is preparing dumplings, the whole family goes to the kitchen.

Did Nam Cheol get back to his wife?

Yes, its implied they returned to each other and both ended things with their actual loved ones.

Did Cha Won and Ba Da get a divorce?

Yes, Cha Won and Ba Da end up getting a divorce after Da Bin withdraws the lawsuit she filed against Eun Kang. Da Bin remains friends with Cha Won.

Did Cha Won and Eun Kang get back together?

Its implied that they went back together. After a year has passed and the dust has settled, when Eun Kang’s sister comes visit her, Cha Won shows up too, she comes to the sea side and runs to see him which implies she’s not over him. The two exchange smile looking at each other which might mean there is a chance they get back together.

So what did you guys think of Red Balloon’s ending? did you like it or not? let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. The ending which implies that Chawon and Eng kang will be together is so unfair to Ba da. Eng kang would be a brazen liar for not keeping up with her words to Bada that she will stay out of Chawon’s life. Bada is so good that she deserves to be happy too. Other than that, I like the happy family ending.

  2. I hope that cha won and eun Kang don’t get together. She promised to stop it with him. Ba da at least deserves that ending. Where those two (cha/eun kang) don’t end up together.

  3. Don’t like the ending. Cha Won and Eun Kang should not get together. They both ruined Bada’s life. And Bada has a daughter with Cha Won. Even they divorced, the two adulterers should not toghter. This ending leads to more adulteries and divorces. Writer should know what is right and good for society

  4. I think the scriptwriters want the Cha Won and Eun Kang to get back together in ending. It’s wrong from moral point of view. But I guess the only possible ‘justification’ is that Eun Kang is portrayed as poor and powerless to get Cha Won her first love. If she had been born rich, Bada would not have ‘stolen’ Cha Won her first love.

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