“Reborn Rich” Episode 15 Shocks With Its Ending, Who Killed Jin Do Jun Finally Revealed And Its….

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Reborn Rich” has stunned fans and left many speechless after its 15th episode, lets talk about it!

UPDATE: “Reborn Rich” Ending Explained- Episode 16 Recap And Review

Note: major spoilers of “Reborn Rich” 15th episode below!

“Reborn Rich” episode 15 recap- the main highlights

During the 15th episode of “Reborn Rich,” Do Jun makes another trap for his family and they all fall for it one by one, with this trap he set up, he exposes their corruption and puts them front and center amid severe public backlash and calls from the people to punish Soonyang for their crimes of embezzlement and such.

He gets arrested and brought in for interrogation by Min Yeong, who is skeptical of him but as the plan unfolds, she finds out he’s not the culprit. In the interrogation room, he asks for her hand in marriage at the promise that a certain female athlete will win a silver medal, when she sees the moment happen on TV, she calls him and they schedule to meet up.

Jin Young-Ki tries to sacrifice his son but his son retaliates against him and pushes him under the bus. He must now face the consequences of his actions and his son won’t cover for him.

At the end of it, through voiceover, we find out that the biggest shareholder of Soonyang is now Jin Do Jun. He’s soon appointed as the chairman of Soonyang.

Jin Do Jun arrives in his car at a road and a truck ahead is stopped, a young man is on his phone and it appears his car broke down, then the white truck of doom comes and smashes Jin Do Jun in the car, presumably killing him, when he looks up to see who that man is, he finds out it was him, Yoon Hyun Woo. He killed himself, basically.

“Reborn Rich” episode 15 ending explained

there are two possibilities here, either that Yoon Hyun Woo was the witness to a crime and will help Do Jun out of the car and into a hospital or that he was paid to kill him.

The 2nd possibility makes more sense as it would be a complete cycle. Lets go through why that Is.

Back in the early 2000s, Do Jun disappears, his mother doesn’t know what happened to him. Its theorized that Yoon Hyun Woo managed to start his career in the Soonyang family by killing the man who was supposed to lead the Soonyang group, which also explains his unwavering loyalty to the family and how he continuously aids with their crimes.

On the moral side, it would explain a lot. As its a cycle that repeats itself. Do Jun gets killed by Hyun Woo who then dies in the year 2022 because he’s betrayed by the same family that he killed for. He’s reincarnated into Do Jun as a punishment and a 2nd chance and we see the cycle repeat itself.

Lets go back to episode 1 of “Reborn Rich” and see how the dots connect.

In the first episode, they’re preparing for the ceremony where Jin Young-Ki announces his son is now the chairman of Soonyang, however, Seong-Jun has other plans as he storms into his father’s office threatening to renounce his inheritance.

Seong-Jun says, ‘the accident that day, you think I wouldn’t know? Its all over now.” its safe to assume he’s referring to the car crash that killed Do Jun. Through this theory, it means that who killed Do Jun was Jin Young-Ki.

Jin Young-Ki then screams at his son, he tells him pride is something he can only afford if he can leave his lifestyle behind, he says, “I only did my best as your father,” Seong-Jun says, “you told me that I am a man who can’t lead Soonyang, in your own way, you just did that by making a choice THAT DAY.”

Later during that episode, prosecutor Min young shows up again and through her investigation, she looks at Hyun Woo’s desk, she looks in sorrow at something in his desk. Previously, we were shown that his desk has the full family tree of Soonyang, she’s presumably looking at Do Jun who passed away back in the early 2000s.

Also later, when the family gets together, we find out that Do Jun’s parents are divorced. Do Jun’s mom shows up at the meeting, she says she has 3% shares of Soonyang’s corporation and demands this, ‘my son, I want to know what happened during the accident THAT DAY. You all know, bring me the answer.”

Thus, its safe to assume Do Jun’s mother knew he was killed by one of the family members because he brought them down. She showed up in 2022 to find out the truth after collecting enough shares to cast a vote in what would determine the next chairman of Soonyang.

And thus, the cycle is complete.

Everyone is talking about THAT DAY when Do Jun died. We can assume that Jin Young-Ki ordered someone to kill Do Jun and that person is Hyun Woo, he got his ticket out of poverty with it and at the same time, we know he would never betray the family knowing well he’s complicit in their crimes.

What makes it ironic is the fact that Do Jun had many chances to turn his original family’s life around but he chose not to interfere directly. Had he tried to help his father with a job or offer to help them, Hyun Woo might have never resorted to doing this, killing him eventually. Its a self-fulfilling prophecy and a timeslip cycle that supposedly repeats itself.

Of course, these are all my speculations, it could well not be the truth but I see that as a minor possibility at this point.

It makes the most sense too.

My thoughts on reborn rich 15th episode

I had issues with the screenwriter refusing to explain the basics of the times slip on multiple occasions, back in my 1st half review I said that it might well be she didn’t have a proper explanation, I was dead wrong. She had one and it was the biggest plot twist at that too. I’ll give her that, she surprised me in a good way, I never expected this to be the outcome.

It sort of explains a lot, Do Jun forgot he killed himself, or Hyun Woo forgot he killed Do Jun. You can ask why, but to me its easy to explain, the plot wouldn’t happen if Do Jun recalled who he was exactly and how he exactly got to that moment, you can say its ‘selective amnesia’ or it could be severe guilt that prevented him from seeing whats in front of him, Hyun Woo was blinded by revenge throughout this entire period of time.

Again, the explanation if it holds water later today in the 16th episode can be explained, I think she’ll try to explain that to us too, but then, I don’t know just how much would fans accept this explanation.

I like this turn of events, its sort of genius and nonsensical. I really believe she had actually envisioned this as the ending before she even outlined everything in between.

Regardless, the 15th episode had possibly one of my favorite ever kdrama plot twists. That is if the explanation I gave above holds water later on.

So what do you guys think of this and the 15th episode? are you surprised? upset?

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