“Police University” Episode 16 Recap, Was “Police University” Ending A Happy One?

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“Police University” has sadly come to an end. The popular KBS drama aired its final episode on October 5. Today, I am here to recap “Police University” episode 16 and to explain the drama’s ending.

Let’s go!

Note: the below recap goes over the highlights of the episode, it is not a detailed recap of every single scene in the episode.

“Police University” episode 16 recap

The last episode begins with Professor Yu finding out more than 300 gambling websites have been hacked by an anonymous individual. The hacking began around midnight the day before. The hacker targeted their visual side and plastered the police university tree on it, the websites freeze when you attempt to access them.

Thus, police stated they will carry out another special crackdown on all these websites to round up the offenders.

Sun Ho shows up at the police station to admit to his previous crime in the first episode. His confession alone wouldn’t be enough to indict him but he wants to receive punishment for his crime. Sun Ho doesn’t return to the university.

Another professor applies for professor Yu’s job and he’s interested in Hee Soo. Kwon Hyeok-Pil is immediately not impressed with him.

The four police student girls gather and discuss the paths they want to choose. They also discuss love. Kang Hee wants to go into the violent crime unit.

At night, the three professors are drinking and Professor Yu is excited to go back to the force. Also, Kwon Hyeok-Pil hits on Hee Soo who appears to be taken aback by his advances but is sort of happy with it.

Later, Professor Yu is informed that Sun Ho insists on getting punished even when the case is closed and they only have his confession to rely on. Thus, they’ve decided to use him to get data on how these people run their operations and help make programs to stop such people from thriving. Sun Ho gets a mail letter from his university. He opens it and is pleasantly surprised by it. [to be revealed later]

Jo Joon-Wook is preparing to confess to Eon Ju with the help of No Bum-Tae. However, turns out, Jo Joon-Wook yielded and decided to help him confess to her instead, she accepts him. Jo Joon-Wook cries about it later but he’s sort of okay with it.

2 Years later- 2023

Park Cheol-Jin is released from prison, Professor Yu welcomes him back and while buying him lunch he offers him a lease agreement. He paid for the 20,000$ deposit and Park Cheol-Jin must pay the 1500$ monthly rent to work at his own restaurant to earn money. He’s thankful and apologizes again.

Seung-Beom is done with his military and is working hard to get a judo degree, he managed to get into college. They are now a happy family.

At the national police university, our main squad gathers, they have been appointed as trainers. We also find out Na Rae is now dating Park Min-Kyu.

At the entrance training ceremony, Sun Ho appears, he’s trying out his luck again. Turns out, Professor Yu found a loophole to help him still get into the police university, after consulting with Kwon Hyeok-Pil, they agree to cancel his degree so he can practically re-apply again for the university.

Sun Ho didn’t keep in contact with them over the past two years including with Kang Hee who is surprised but happy to see him at the recruitment location.

On the first day of his restaurant opening, Park Cheol-Jin greets his first customer who turns out to Kang Hee’s mother. She wants to work as a cook for him. She basically inserts herself cleverly into the business.

Min Jae-Kyung visits Seo Sang-Hak in prison, he appears to be repenting and doing his best to give back to society.

Kang Hee has decided to meet up with Sun Ho. After being late due to helping out a person in need, Sun Ho arrives. He confesses he will never leave her side no matter how much she pushes him away, she tells him she’ll break his leg if he runs away again, they hug and kiss.

Professor Yu gets a message from Sun Ho telling him he’s got accepted, he’s happy for him.

Year 2025

At the graduation ceremony of the police officers. Kang Hee’s mother shows up with flowers, Sun Ho also shows up with bigger flowers. Professor Yu also shows up at the ceremony. Sun Ho promises to work by his side, he needs two more years to graduate and then two other years to serve in the military and he’ll catch up to him. The two exchange kind words, Professor Yu tells Sun Ho his heart became full because of him.

The entire cast takes one last photo together. The end.

“Police University” ending turns out to be a completely happy satisfying one.

Have you seen the finale of “Police University”? What did you think of it?

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