“Penthouse 3” Episode 3 Review And Recap- More Birth Secrets And Planned Deaths

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“Penthouse 3” Episode 3 has dropped last night, and I am here to discuss my thoughts on the madness and the new ‘secrets’ being unveiled.

Lets begin!

Note: this will be a spoiler review of the said episodes in the title. This is a subjective review.

Can she fill the content?

After last week’s crazy crazy episode, this week is rather calmer on the antics and the ridiculousness, you can sense they’re transitioning to the next act, but how successful will that transition be, Only time can tell!

I don’t have much to share about this week’s episode aside from the fact that its becoming clearer by the episode that the screenwriter is truly digging to find things to use to advance the plot, I expect things to get even messier and more convoluted ahead of the finale and I expect a couple of deaths too.

We’re only 3 episodes in but I just can’t shake this thought in my head that I had while watching this week’s episode… the thought that we still have 9 episodes to go, I wonder how she’ll ever be able to write enough content to fill these episodes.

I expect she plans on making Joo Dan Tae do even more crazy shit before everyone bands together some way or another and they decide to take his empire down and end it with his death.

Justifications and even more stories

The story about how Shim Su Ryeong’s girl was switched at birth was random but I get it, you gotta fill that run time somehow. The only issue is, you can notice how unnecessary it is.

Also, I don’t understand why Yoon Hee has to keep the money a secret from her good friend or the fact that she has a blood line especially since Logan is dead, like if she was keeping a promise to a human who was alive then I get it, but he’s dead. It looks like the screenwriter is building up to a pile of misunderstandings that will halt their cooperation to take down Joo Dan Tae.

I am still most pissed with the way Seok Kyung is written because I know its being done that way to only expand the plot without making much sense. It’s not humanly possible to twist your own mother’s words so far that they end up coming out something entirely different to you, even when you know well your father is a piece of sh*t. It doesn’t make sense to me and I bet many of you too.

Also, I am supposed to take this seriously but it was unintentionally hilarious, just how Joo Dan Tae uses a sword to kill the real Joo Dan Tae parents and then for some very odd reason, spare his life. You could’ve just killed him after he’s given you the password, but you didn’t… you can see a lot of contradictions in Joo Dan Tae’s personality that goes against what we know about humans in general.

If he behaved shaken after killing two people and thus reluctantly spared their son then I’d get it, but then, you show him being haunted by Logan’s soul in his dreams.

I talked about how audiences suspend their disbelief watching TV shows but again, that also has a cap and if you exceed it, people will begin to bail out.

I am noticing a shift in the ratings, its a bit too early to comment on that so I’ll leave it be until then, but what I hope for is this… that the screenwriter doesn’t end up shattering the empire she built with this drama with this unnecessary season. It won’t be easy considering what she’s been doing thus far.

It would’ve made all the difference had this season been 6 episodes long, was the 12 episodes really necessary?

And the fact that she goes on interviews and admit her plot make no sense just adds to the humor and disappointment too. I don’t know just how much of the drama’s legacy can be salvaged before this drama ends considering the direction its been taking thus far.

I also know that so many people will still watch it regardless, but I’ll leave you with this, there is a fine line between ridiculous and stupid, and its beginning to cross that line. Ridiculous is fun to watch, stupid is not.

So these are my thoughts on “Penthouse 3” Episode 3, so what about you guys? did you like the episodes? let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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  1. Yeah I agree with you. I felt a lot unnecessary things were started just to drag the plot for few more episodes. Also Seo Kyung character is becoming ridiculous at this point, that the character is also being used to just drag the plot and nothing else. Also I bet Oh Yun Hee character will cause a misunderstanding and it’s gonna create a choas between Shim Su Ryeon and her which is absolutely unnecessary. So far the writing of this drama was disappointing to me and with the way it’s going I have least expectations.

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