“Penthouse 3” Ending Explained- Episode 14 Recap And Review

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Penthouse 3” is sadly coming to an end, the hit SBS drama aired its final episode today but the ending has truly shocked and upset fans.

After 47 episodes over the span of 3 seasons, the Penthouse will go down in history as one of the most memorable kdramas in recent memory. Below is the recap of “Penthouse 3” Episode 14, its ending explained as well as my thoughts on it.

Note: the below recap goes over the highlights of the episode, it is not a detailed recap of every single scene in the episode.

Note: this will be a spoiler review of the said episodes in the title. This is a subjective review.

“Penthouse 3” Episode 14 Recap


We pick up right where we left off last week, Shim Su Ryeong is pushed to the cliff while Cheon Seo Jin insists she didn’t do it.

Police say they have been searching for a couple of days and still haven’t found Shim Su Ryeong’s body.

At the trial

Cheon Seo Jin still insists she has dementia, the prosecution shows the video of her pushing Oh Yoon Hee to the cliff killing her, her daughter Eun Byeol shows up at the court and testifies against her. She testifies that her mother is lying and that she has killed three people, she says her mother pushed off Shim Su Ryeong from the cliff and it wasn’t an accident like the defense claimed.

Eun Byeol blames herself and says her mother did that because of her. Cheon Seo Jin broke down in tears and began calling her daughter’s name.

Eun Byeol tells her mother not to sin anymore because of her, she pulls her necklace and stabs herself in the throat so she can’t sing again.

Cheon Seo Jin is sentenced to life in prison.

Three years later

Lee Gyu Jin is working at a bathhouse and saves a person’s life, he’s still trying to scam people with an ice company. He’s eventually arrested for fraud by police.

Seok Kyung is living an honest life, she teaches singing to children and works part-time at a BBQ place. She is hardworking and now down to earth, she no longer lives a lavish lifestyle.

Eun Byeol now conducts the choir at a church, she looks calmer and happier. Cheon Seo Jin turns out to have been diagnosed with cancer and takes a leave of absence from jail for 3 days, she goes to see her daughter and make sure she’s doing well. Her daughter has never visited her for the past three years.

Later, she kills herself by overdosing on prescription pills, she overdoses on the top of a building near her daughter’s workplace. And it turns out that Eun Byeol was practicing extra hard with her choir to perform at her mother’s jail, she doesn’t see her mother and she passes away without seeing her daughter.

Bae Ro Na has become a world-renowned star and she’s still happily dating Seok Hoon. They have a dinner date in Seoul, they reunited in a while and have missed each other due to their hectic schedules.

Kang Ma Ri is working for the chairwoman she knows and she’s doing a great job, she’s on her way to becoming very rich. She buys an apartment in a penthouse and continues to donate to charity.

Bae Ro Na is holding a concert in Seoul, which is attended by everyone she knows including Logan. Min Hyuk is discharged from the military after three years [it took him a long time because he failed to adjust properly to the military]. He also seems to have become nicer and more polite. He is still trying to get with Je Ni who rejects him again.

Kang Ma Ri sees a person resembling Shim Su Ryeong at the concert.

Bae Ro Na says hi to Logan who congratulates her on her successful career.

Bae Ro Na holds a concert on her mother’s anniversary and sings her favorite song, she is accompanied by Seok Hoon. After they’re done, Logan’s eyes meet Shim Su Ryeong in the crowd, he tears up seeing her.

He goes out of the venue and sees Shim Su Ryeong in a car asking him to come with her, they go together.

Flashback to what happened three years ago- before they went to see Cheon Seo Jin at the cliff

Turns out, Shim Su Ryeong was feeling immensely guilty for indirectly causing the death of people around her, Logan assures her its not her fault but she’s very sad. He gives her a suitcase with things that have GPS in them so he could track her whatever happens to her.

Turns out on the day it happened, Shim Su Ryeong deliberately died, she hung onto Cheon Seo Jin and then let go and killed herself.

Logan recalls this seeing the news about how police haven’t been able to recover her body. He goes to her room and finds out she didn’t wear what he gave her. Police calls him saying they found her body. He breaks down.

Turns out, Logan has been dead, he died from bone marrow cancer, he had refused treatment when it relapsed, he didn’t tell anyone and refused treatment. In the scene where Bae Ro Na talked to him before her concert, she was talking to his picture.

It’s hinted that the two meet up together in heaven.

“Penthouse 3” Ending Explained


How many people died in the “Penthouse”?

Basically everybody. Among the main parents characters, only Kang Ma Ri, Lee Gy Jin and his wife are alive.

What happened to Shim Su Ryeong?

She killed herself, she deliberately caught Cheon Seo Jin in the act in front of her daughter and eventually let go of her hand and pushed her own body to the edge of the cliff.

She killed herself due to the guilt she felt for causing the death of Na Ae Gyo, Yoon Hee and Dr. Ha. She felt shameless and could no longer dream of a happy life after the death of the many people around her.

What was Cheon Seo Jin’s verdict? Does she die?

Cheon Seo Jin was sentenced to life, she eventually was diagnosed with cancer and cut her hair because she was losing it. She eventually kills herself too by overdosing on pills because she doesn’t want to be a burden anymore on her daughter.

Is Joo Dan Tae alive?


No, he is not. Some fans were confused because of a scene where Seok Kyung feeds a homeless man who then looks up to her as she’s serving him meat to ask her, ‘have you eaten?’ The homeless man looks like Joo Dan Tae but it’s not him. The homeless man used to own a hardware store in the neighborhood, after his wife had left him, he lived with his daughter, but she passed away from an illness. He’s been homeless ever since.

What happened to Logan Lee? is he dead or alive?

Logan Lee died from cancer a couple of years after Shim Su Ryeong’s death, the concert was also in his honor, it has the date of his death written on the wall commemorating him.

“Penthouse 3” episode 14 review


What… why… h… how?

I am a bit surprised right now… I didn’t actually expect the screenwriter to kill Shim Su Ryeong’s character.

I do understand her POV, but its so weird… Shim Su Ryeong still has her kids to raise and look after, and she also has Logan. She didn’t demonstrate hesitation during the entire ordeal. It feels a bit out of character that she would choose to die in front of her lover like that too. I get what arguments people are going to use in the comments of this article but I still felt it was a bit surprising.

Screenwriter Kim Sun-Ok does that sometimes in her scripts, but I expected she would end it nicely because its been 47 episodes and she knows people wanted to see a semi-happy ending despite all. The reason many people stuck around was because they wanted to see the bad guys defeated and the good guys come out victorious.

Since this is a makjang, and the most makjang-i kdrama I’ve ever seen, it didn’t make sense she was trying to say or convey anything so to kill off the main character like that at the end feels like a betrayal to the audience who stuck around.

I get why Shim Su Ryeong would kill herself but it feels like this entire plot-twist was pulled on us for the sake of it rather than anything else. The drama has been over the top and ridiculous, so, for the screenwriter to now decide that she wants to look at everything from a psychological POV feels undeserved.

I also can’t believe Yoon Hee was actually dead all along, this is one of my many issues with this drama and with the screenwriter. Since she kept bringing back dead characters, many of us thought she would do the same here.

This is why we couldn’t take anything seriously and with the death of Yoon Hee, I felt like many thought she would eventually be brought back to life. This is what happens when you take your script too far and you stretch it beyond its intended run. The drama should’ve ended with season two, then at least, it would’ve been a respectable ending. The death of Logan should have served as the key to bringing down Joo Dan Tae.

Thank you to all of the cast and crew who worked hard on this drama. I feel so bad for them because they should have gotten a better script. I hope next time, Screenwriter Kim Sun-Ok either prepares an entire plot with several seasons in mind or completely reject making seasons of her next projects. Anything in-between would become a headache.

What did you think of “Penthouse 3” ending? did you like it or not?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. The ending was just ludicrous. All that dead-and-alive-again twists have been for nothing after all. They should have just ended it at Season 2.

  2. If the series were to end at Season 2, then it would’ve been unfair for OYH who, as it is revealed further, didn’t actually kill MSA.

  3. I just watched Penthouse and we are so mad with the stupid and meaningless ending!! The whole story is about mothers being there for their children. Fighting hard. But this silly Sureon just killed herself and left her children and Logan!!!

  4. that review was unnecessary it couldve been nicer. not everything ends well and im just happy bae rona got her recognition in the end. it’s still the be kdrama ever to me even after all those deaths and scandals.

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