“Penthouse 3” Episode 13 Recap And Review- Even More Shocking Characters Deaths

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“Penthouse 3” episode 13 has aired last night and as you’d expect, things began with death ended with a huge cliffhanger teasing the death of another character.

I am here to recap “Penthouse 3” episode 13 and discuss my thoughts on the penultimate episode.

Note: the below recap goes over the highlights of the episode, it is not a detailed recap of every single scene in the episode.

Note: This is a subjective review.

“Penthouse 3” episode 13 recap

The episode begins by recapping a good chunk of what led to this final showdown. Joo Dan Tae is shot by Shim Su Ryeon and despite getting shot so many times including a shot to the head, he presses the button and the entire building is about to explode.

Shim Su Ryeon appears to accept her fate but Logan comes to her rescue, he takes her out and they ride the elevator while the entire building is collapsing, they somehow end up alive and unscathed.

Joo Dan Tae’s final thought was Na Ae Gyo. He is dead, for real this time.

Shim Su Ryeon wakes up at the hospital and is interviewed by police and gives her testimony on why she killed Joo Dan Tae. The police say they’ve acquired a laptop from the secretary’s mother’s home and it points into a lot of Joo Dan Tae’s crimes.

Shim Su Ryeon and Logan hold a press conference and vow to use their own funds to compensate the Hera palace residents and will establish a fund for the victims [despite them also stating that everyone managed to escape]. Logan also says he’ll acquire Cheong A’s group to minimize the damage brought by the former couple on the employees and shareholders.

Cheon Seo Jin is watching the press conference, we find out she’s not sick and doesn’t have dementia. She’s been faking it and she never swallowed any of the pills her daughter gave her. Even that wine she drank, she ended up puking it after accidentally finding out her daughter tried to use that drug to make her forget.

She plans on using her daughter to give testimony that confirms she gave her drugs to forget. This will buy her her way out of prison as she will be proven she’s mentally unstable to be held accountable for her actions. Thus, she can escape with her daughter overseas.

Dr. Ha wakes up and Logan assures him Ro Na is okay, he finds out about Cheon Seo Jin’s alleged dementia and he’s certain she’s lying.

Eun Byeol is trying to make money but gets kicked out for not doing her job properly, she meets Teacher Ma who offers her 1000$ daily to sing trot songs as a shadow singer. She accepts and records.

Dr. Ha calls and meets with Eun Byeol and after a tearful reunion, she begins to argue with him about her mother, despite trying his best to convince her her mother is lying, she rejects his argument and admits she’s been feeding her drugs to make her forget.

Later, Dr. Ha meets with a fellow doctor [cameo by 2AM’s Seulong] who tells him the charts don’t lie. He asks him to look up a previous chart of Cheon Seo Jin from when she had surgery and when comparing the two scans, they don’t match up.

Meanwhile, Logan and Shim Su Ryeon search through Cheon Seo Jin’s garbage to see whether she’s lying and find she hasn’t been taking any pills. Now, they’re sure she’s lying.

Later, they meet with Dr. Ha who is informed his other daughter Ro Na will leave tomorrow to study, he asks Logan for a favor, he wants to leave the hospital despite his bad condition to see her one last time.

He meets her and checks up on her, then as he leaves she cries talking about the guilt she would have felt if he died saving her, they both cry and he leaves. He stumbles on a chair and we find out he lost his vision and can barely see, he also doesn’t have much time left to live.

He wanted Ro Na to see him at his best and he lied to her.

The next day, Dr. Ha goes to Cheon Seo Jin’s apartment, he wants to take Eun Byeol with him away from her, he calls Shim Su Ryeon to let her know. He sees Cheon Seo Jin who finds out he’s blind, they get into an altercation and she begins throwing things at him. She refuses to stop, he hugs her one last time and asks her to stop it, she refuses and tries to shake him off, he ends up falling and hitting his head.

As he’s bleeding to death Cheon Seo Jin rushes to him crying her eyes out, she hugs his hands, he says, ‘I have to go now, I have never once forgotten about you, Yoon Hee.’ She lets go and instead of calling for help, she leaves him to die.

Shim Su Ryeon rushes to the scenes and finds him dead, Eun Byeol then sees her father’s dead body at the morgue, she cries her eyes out. Outside, Logan and Shim Su Ryeon try to convince her that her mother did this, she says she won’t ever believe it unless she sees for herself.

At night, Cheon Seo Jin is panicking, her secretary says she should leave with the tickets he’s managed to get her. He tells her to leave before her daughter, however, she gets a call from Shim Su Ryeon who threatens her with Eun Byeol saying she’ll kill her and she must arrive at the place she killed Yoon Hee. She rushes there against her secretary’s advice. There they have an altercation and she admits to killing Yoon Hee, her daughter sees her from afar.

Eun Byeol ends up in tears, she calls the police and tells them who killed Yoon Hee. Cheon Seo Jin sees police cars arriving and gets aggressive, she pushes Shim Su Ryeon off the cliff, she falls into the water.

Cheon Seo Jin is arrested by police as she yells out she didn’t mean to push Shim Su Ryeon off the cliff.

“Penthouse 3” episode 13 review

I could be the only one but why do almost all of the bad characters deaths do not feel rewarding even in the least bit? Aside from Joo Dan Tae’s death which was spectacular, the deaths of the others feel like they were wasted in vain.

It also looks like we’re actually not getting a revival for Yoon Hee after all. I still hold some hope for the final episode but it might be that she actually died that episode.

This is one of my problems with the drama, I said this in my review of last week’s episode, but since everything is so ridiculous you just can’t take anything seriously. This extends to the death of characters in the 3rd season because the screenwriter has been so over-the-top with her ‘plot-twists’ that we, the audience, almost always expect to be tricked. She might have actually pulled the biggest uno reverse card on us and Yoon Hee’s death might have been real after all.

If it is, then what a waste. I want to rant more but I’ll save it for next week until I am sure she’s dead.

I don’t really believe Shim Su Ryeon is dead, I mean she survived a collapsing building while riding the elevator, I highly doubt she’d actually drown and die for real.

Above all else, I just wanted the last episodes endings to feel fulfilling, so many terrible despicable characters but most of the deaths feel so… empty.

I might be the only one feeling that way, I wanted it to end better with a bang, I guess, I expected too much.

I just hope that for the finale of this season, the last episode will be somewhat rewarding. There isn’t really much left aside from Cheon Seo Jin’s trial. Everything else has been taken care of.

This season has been … frustrating and dumb, but I seriously hope that the finale will somewhat save whatever is left of the penthouse legacy. I still have some hope, I pray the screenwriter won’t crush my soul next week.

So these are my thoughts on “Penthouse 3” episode 13, so what about you guys? did you like the episodes? let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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  1. Honestly , Joo Dan Tae’s death to me was perfect , I felt good about that but the police arresting Cheon seo jin wasn’t what I expected , the end of seo jin should at least be more dramatic than that but nonetheless the show has been great for me so far.I can’t wait to watch the finale ..

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