“Penthouse 2” Episode 6 Recap And Review- Death And Rebirth

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As if we thought “Penthouse 2” couldn’t get any crazier, think again, because nothing is off limit in this drama and even your favorite character can turn out to be scummy and horrible while other innocent souls end up dead.

Today, we’re here to discuss the 6th episode recap in bullet points and review what just happened too. Let’s start

“Penthouse 2” episode 6 recap

  • Seok Hoon Ask Bae Ro Na for a date, she kinda turns him down, meanwhile, Ha Eun Byeol is watching from afar in fury.
  • Despite being threatened, Seo Jin reveals Bae Ro Na to be the top winner of the award that night.
  • Ha Eun Byeol runs after Bae Ro Na, smashes the glass of her mother’s trophy and slits her throat with it, Bae Ro Na falls through the stairs.
  • Somebody turns on the fire alarm and people rush outside through the stairs ruining the crime scene. Yoon Hee is in utter shock crying her eyes out.
  • Kang Ma Ri finds Ha Eun Byeol necklace at the crime scene, Seo Jin snatches it in a hurry.
  • Ha Eun Byeol runs away back to her home, before she does, she hides the trophy with Bae Ro Na’s blood in her closet.
  • Yoon Cheol is livid; he stays behind and makes sure no parent leaves before they’re all questioned by the police. The police detective in charge of the investigation is a surprise appearance by actor Lee Si Eon.
  • Bae Ro Na wakes up after surgery for a moment, her mother rushes in to tell her she’s won, in her mind, she says ‘this is Min Seol A’s trophy, give it to her,’ before losing consciousness again.
  • At home, Seok Hoon confronts his father, and says he know he killed both his mother and Min Seol Ah, he threatens him that if he’s the one who killed Bae Ro Na, he won’t let it slide.
  • Seo Jin notices the necklace is missing, turns out Joo Dan Tae took it from her pocket while they were being questioned.
  • At that same night, Ha Eun Byeol sneaks out to dump the dress with her blood, she is caught by her mother and admits to killing Bae Ro Na. They both break down in tears but Seo Jin promises her she’ll do her best so she isn’t held responsible for this. She burns the dress and gets into work.
  • Meanwhile, Yoon Hee and Yoon Cheol are given the news that her brain damage is severe and it’s highly unlikely she’ll ever wake up from it.
  • Seo Jin tries to calm her daughter; she then tells her she’s hidden the trophy with her fingerprints in her closet. She goes thereafter the investigation is over to retrieve it, meanwhile, both Yoon Hee and Kang Ma Ri also go there to search for something incriminating.
  • Despite searching through Ha Eun Byeol’s closet, they don’t find anything, but when they search through Seok Kyung’s closet, they find it, they immediately go to the police.
  • Seo Jin finds out that Yoon Cheol is hiding in the corner; his daughter had alerted him of what she’s done as well. He is devastated. He has a chat with Seo Joon and confirms his suspicions, he cries his eyes out.
  • Seok Kyung gets dragged to the police station screaming on the top of her lungs. She is eventually cleared when her fingerprints aren’t on the trophy and a photo at the time of Bae Ro Na’s death reveals she’s been with multiple people.
  • During the time Seok Kyung is in custody, Seo Joon tells Yoon Cheol they must find somebody to put the blame on.
  • At the police station, Kang Ma Ri tells Yoon Hee that she’s found a necklace at the crime scene, and describes it, Yoon Hee starts suspecting Ha Eun Byeol and Yoon Cheol.
  • Yoon Hee doesn’t confront Yoon Cheol directly but goes to confront Ha Eun Byeol who breaks down and claims she doesn’t know anything. She is interrupted by Seo Jin who tells her to get out. They also faked another dress like the one she wore at the concert to avoid suspicion.
  • Ha Eun Byeol’s parents end up putting the blame on the janitor who turns himself in, he claims he’s been disrespected by Bae Ro Na who called him names and humiliated him, he’s done it out of anger.
  • Meanwhile, both Seo Jin and Yoon Cheol are hardly coping, however, Seo Jin becomes terrified that Bae Ro Na would wake up one day, she tells him that if he can’t kill her, she’ll do it.
  • Someone comes into Bae Ro Na’s hospital room, and removes the breathing tube from her. She dies.
  • Yoon Hee finishes her funeral and at her grave she begins to swallow pills trying to end her life, Logan stops her and tells her Ha Eun Byeol is the killer.
  • THE BIG TWIST: a mysterious woman with short hair walks into character enters into Joo Dan Te’s lavish penthouse apartment alone, she is found by him, she turns around to dramatically reveal her face, he asks, “Shim Soo Ryeon?”

The character then walks up to Joo Dan Te and passionately kissed him. He pushes her away in shock and horror, she then smiles and replies with, “Have you been doing well? It’s been a long time, Joo Dan Te.”

“Penthouse 2” episode 6 review

Wow, a lot has happened in the 6th episode of “Penthouse 2” that I had to recap the craziness and talk about it.

We’re now officially half-way through the second season of the series. I am sure the second half will be even crazier.

This episode, I was so furious I couldn’t even enjoy Shim Su Ryeon’s reappearance, I was just livid at how Bae Ro Na just died like that.

I will go on a whim here and say that Yoon Cheol isn’t the one who instructed someone to kill Bae Ro Na. I think its Joo Dan Tae did it, he’s found out the truth and is covering up on the side because it would end his empire if this gets found out. But if by any chance Yoon Cheol did it, I JUST I… I… I’D BE LIVID. I don’t want to believe it. Leave me in my denial.

I really liked Yoon Cheol’s character. Now, I realize that he’s a father who wants to protect his daughter but he gosh darn it, he chooses the most awful times to shield a monster. Regardless, I am glad that Seo Joon thinks her bad deeds are catching up to her, the more they climb, the harder they fall and I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I think it’ll all come crashing down in the second half of the 3rd season. I seriously hope the screenwriter plans the most epic fallout of the main characters.

I guess in the second half of “Penthouse 2,” the focus will be on Shim Su Ryeon and Logan.

It’s very odd to me that Shim Su Ryeon would appear like that in front of Joo Dan Tae for show. I’d love it if it wasn’t really Shim Su Ryeon but either her twin sister or the birth mother of the twins, it’d be pretty ridiculous if it wasn’t.

I know we’re suspending our logic for the premise of the drama, but if somehow dead characters come back alive through ridiculous explanations, it’ll make the subsequent deaths of all characters not feel as impactful as they should.

I called it in my review of the last episode of the first season, I just hope that the screenwriter doesn’t repeat the same scenario again at the end of this season too.

I had a feeling that Ha Eun Byeol wasn’t going to be the one who dies but I wouldn’t have expected for a second that it could be Bae Ro Na. From a writing perspective, Bae Ro Na’s death makes sense as it added more meat to the story and what could be described as filler content, it also makes me wonder if more of the teenage characters shall die later on.

Forgetting the shocking revelations for a moment, I was simply mesmerized by actor Yoon Jong Hoon stunning performance in this episode. It was literally one of his best moments on TV yet in my opinion. The sheer pain in his eyes and the inner fight he’s having in his mind is just.. ASTONISHING.

I’ve talked about him before and how much I like him. I believe he’s such a talented underrated actor, I seriously hope he gets to shine even brighter in the future and that more people realize he’s a great actor.

On the other hand, you can see the cracks in actress Choi Ye Bin’s performance as Ha Eun Byeol. It’s not nearly as good as it should be. It’s not to hate on her since this is her debut project, but you can clearly tell she is not nearly on the same level as the cast around her.

I think this is the best they could do with what they had. They weren’t even planning on doing a second season of this drama. She is good for a couple of minutes of screen time but if asked to do heavy scenes, you can see she is inexperienced.

In this episode, you can see they’re putting a lot of expectations on her to deliver a convincing performance but she often falls short, there was more focus on her in this episode and it shows the cracks. Its not enough for me to just flip, but its there and oftentimes a bit difficult to sit through. As I said, from a writing perspective I get why the screenwriter did this, but it would’ve flowed better had they chosen Han Ji Hyun (who plays Seok Hyun) to carry out this part, she is far better in her acting and a lot more convincing.

Choi Ye Bin has definitely gotten better and taken some of the criticism about her to improve, but I understand she wouldn’t be able to wow us in such a short span of time, there is no one who could just go from 20 to 100 in a month or so. I am sure her sunbaes are giving her guidelines on what do to, this is a great opportunity for her.

So what are your thoughts on “Penthouse 2” episode 6? Lets discuss in the comment section below!

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