“Penthouse 2” Episode 11 Recap And Review- Shim Su Ryeong And Bae Ro Na Are Back?

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“Penthouse 2” Episode 11 has taken a serious turn in what could be described the first time in a long time Joo Dan Tae is being held accountable for the horrible crimes he’s committed and revenge has never looked so sweet.

The below recap is of “Penthouse 2” Episode 11 biggest moments, its not a detailed recap of every scene.

“Penthouse 2” Episode 11 Recap

Oh Yoon Hee talks to Cheon Soo Jin who begs her to uncover the truth, she says her daughter might’ve not been the one who killed Bae Ro Na but Joo Dan Tae, she asks her for help so she could kill himself. Oh Yoon Hee to confess to everything they’ve done to her daughter which she agrees to.

Na Ae Gyo tells on Logan and gets him captured by Joo Dan Tae’s team, but he’s luckily saved by his own team later on after Na Ae Gyo informs them about it.

Na Ae Gyo turns out to be Shim Su Ryeong, when Logan comes back again to confront her about this, she says she has a lot left to do and wants to bring him down without Logan’s help. She asks him to back off.

Meanwhile, Joo Dan Tae sees that Logan has escaped and goes back to Na Ae Gyo’s place as his suspicions grew. She is able to calm him down and tells him they should get 50 million dollars ready to buy the land. He makes a fuzz about it and talks about how he can ever find 50 million dollars so soon. He shatters a cup.

After he leaves angrily, Na Ae Gyo starts cleaning but she discovers there is something underneath, turns out there is a basement of some sort hidden below this place. She opens it with the key she found previously.

Seok Hoon immediately goes to the hospital to meet Bae Ro Na, he cries his eyes out and she tells him his father had done this to her. She also explains that she’s had many brain surgeries and its a miracle she’s even alive.

He is furious, as he’ leaving the place, his mom Shim Su Ryeong appears, he begins to cry again as they reunite.

Later, Joo Dan Tae basically threatens Cheon Soo Jin to give him 50 million dollars, which she agrees to do.

The next day, Na Ae Gyo gives the 50 million dollars to Oh Yoon Hee as they settle the deal. Na Ae Gyo asks Oh Yoon Hee about what Shim Su Ryeong told her the day she died, she had told her, ‘run away, quick.’ During their conversation, Oh Yoon Hee finds out Na Ae Gyo is likely Shim Su Ryeong after she gives her the bloody necklace of her daughter’s crime scene.

Flashback to the day of Shim Su Ryeong’s murder

We finally get to find out what happened that day Shim Su Ryeong died. Turns out she’s met Na Ae Gyo that day and as she was heading to the penthouse to save the kids, she stopped her.

Na Ae Gyo wanted to see her kids one last time before leaving, so she disguises herself as her and heads to the penthouse where she’s murdered by Joo Dan Tae. Before she leaves, Shim Su Ryeong hands Na Ae Gyo a passport and says Logan will be waiting at the airport for her and that she could trust him. We also find out that Shim Su Ryeong is the twin’s mother after all. Na Ae Gyo agree with Shim Su Ryeong on a code, if she says ‘run away’ then she must do so and disappear with the twins.

After Shim Su Ryeong finds out Na Ae Gyo was killed, she is shocked. A man named Joo Doo Man calls her but before she’s able to answer, she gets kidnapped by people, it is unknown if the group is by Joo Dan Tae or someone else.

End of flashback

The broker of the land begins to re-sell what Joo Dan Tae owns back to people around him, since the land is in Na Ae Gyo’s name, she can do so.

Ha Yoon Cheol finds out that Oh Yoon Hee was pregnant with his daughter Bae Ro Na and after their breakup she found out he was dating Cheon Soo Jin, so she met someone else and they married. That husband was fooled into believing the child was his but when he saw she looked nothing like him, he became cold.

On the day of the redevelopment announcement, Oh Yoon Hee breaks the terrible news to Joo Dan Tae telling him Na Ae Gyo canceled the contract the very last minute. And now he doesn’t own the amount he thinks she does. He’s furious and promises to kill her.

Joo Dan Tae confronts Na Ae Gyo who tells him she won’t back down or give him the money, he attempts to drag her outside but she’s saved by Logan. He hides her some place else. He is worried about her but she tells him she has a plan.

Later that night things go crazy. Joo Dan Tae goes back furious he couldn’t catch Na Ae Gyo, Cheon Soo Jin serves him drinks to calm him down, it appears she laced the drinks with something. He sends her a threatening message.

Later that night, she goes to a warehouse but is run over by someone, she is then taken in a suitcase and burned at a cremation place.

The next day, Joo Dan Tae wakes up and is immediately arrested by the police for the murder of Na Ae Gyo. It appears that the three girls have come up with the plan.

Since there is no record of him leaving the palace, Cheon Soo Jin ‘fearfully’ shows the police his hide out and they find an urn in his place.

At the police station, he continues to deny everything, Oh Yoon Hee then testifies that he’s said he’d kill Na Ae Gyo.

The police go to search Na Ae Gyo’s place and hear sound coming from the ground, they open it and find Shim Su Ryeong and Bae Ro Na inside, Shim Su Ryeong claims she’s been locked up here by Joo Dan Tae.

“Penthouse 2” Episode 11 Review

I want to celebrate but I can’t help but feel that I shouldn’t, the screenwriter has scarred us before and I am not ready to be heartbroken again.

The drama is a makjang and you might find this weird but I have this question, where do they get the bodies? I mean how did Oh Yoon Hee bury her child? Did she check the corpse or what?

I know this is such a weird question to ask considering how ridiculous the drama is but I can’t help but wonder. I watch too many crime documentaries, I keep thinking of the logistics behind it all.

Aside from that, did you guys pay attention to this man named Joo Doo Man? Did you notice how he has the same last name as Joo Dan Tae?

I have a theory, I think he’s his brother and is somehow the reason why Na Ae Gyo got distant from Joo Dan Tae.

I wonder what Shim Su Ryeong has planned, I get she wants to come back as herself and look after her kids but she just killed herself and then resuscitate herself again… its a very weird approach.

So she staged Na Ae Gyo’s death, and then resurfaced, but… she’s already a reported dead person having been killed by her husband…. How will the screenwriter explain this gap? Are they triplets now? I can’t help but laugh.

I am worried going in to the final episode of this season, I have a hunch that the screenwriter will reverse everything again and re-do. Remember, the 3rd season has 10 episodes. I just wish the screenwriter would reduce the number of episodes for the next installment.

Don’t get more wrong, I like the drama and am enjoying my time, but its becoming too ridiculous in the sense that its obvious that it has no more shocking stories to tell. Its going beyond its intended run and I can already see it.

What more can she do?

Also, the drama is taking a break and will air reportedly in June, so viewers will have time to look back and reassess the drama and the plot. Taking a break is good for the cast and production staff but if we look at the bigger picture, not unless she ends on such a shocking cliffhanger, its going to be difficult to amass the same attention from viewers considering they’ll take a longer break this time.

This is a theory and of course, I am only speculating.

The only she’ll [the screenwriter ] shock me this time, is if she brings down Joo Dan Tae for good, or for a while, but if she somehow weasels his character out of this, I will be disappointed. I can already picture some of the things she’ll do and I believe Joo Doo Man will have a bigger role in the next season. It’ll be shocking if he takes over his place.

The other issue is, Cheon Soo Jin has already switched sides and is willing to admit to her daughter’s involvement in the attempted murder of Bae Ro Na. So, will the screenwriter reverse that too? It looked like she was very regretful and wanted to kill Joo Dan Tae, will she switch sides again?

So these are my thoughts on “Penthouse 2” Episode 11, what do you guys think will happen in the finale today?

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