The Secret Shocking Past Of Du Sik From “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” Finally Revealed + A Heartbreaking Ending For Its 15th Episode

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We finally know the secret life of Du Sik from “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” and why he’s never talked about his past. The reasons will shock you!

“Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” ends this week and today, the hit tvN drama aired its 15th episode and unexpectedly shocked fans from its start to its end.

“Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” episode 15 was not only shocking but extremely heartbreaking. Let us get into what everyone wants to know, why does Du Sik behave the way he does? And is it justified or not?

Note: heavy spoilers of episode 15 of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.

Du Sik’s past revealed

We find out that Du Sik actually used to work as a fund manager. His close friend Jeong U had convinced him to join the company he worked for. The two were very close in college and Jeong U was one of the nicest people Du Sik has ever met. He was basically his older brother and took extra care of him.

When Jeong U told Du Sik that fund managers give poor people the possibility of dreaming to hit it big, he agreed to join the company. Things started off well and this was when he met the security guard Kim Gi Hun who is Kim Do-Ha’s father. Du Sik was always kind to the father, however, things went South when a crisis hit.

Turns out, Du Sik was not really responsible for Kim Do-Ha’s father’s current state. The father wanted to invest in one of his funds and after talking to Du Sik many times, he was convinced, so he introduced him to it. However, the father invested in something called ETFs that had high reward and high risk, not what Du Sik had recommended him.

Shortly after the father’s investment, things came crashing down and the fund lost its value and a company went bankrupt. The father then talked to Du Sik to explain that he had taken out a loan and even got his house security deposit to invest in the fund. He invested in a fund that Du Sik didn’t personally recommend. The father was also explained the concept of funds and how risky they can be by Du Sik many times.

The father was very concerned and Du Sik advised him not to sell and to hold on because they could eventually recover. At work, in the days after the issue began, Du Sik gets a call from the father but he ignores it, later that day, he finds out he’s attempted to take his own life. [he didn’t die]

He rushes outside and wants to drive to see him. Jeong U stops him and says he’ll drive because he’s obviously shaken and shouldn’t drive in that state. On their way, they get into a car crash and their car spins, then the white truck of doom comes and crashes them killing Jeong U instantly.

Du Sik’s state after what happened

To amend for what he assumes to be his wrongdoings, Du Sik sells everything he has to give to the father’s family. The wife blames Du Sik calling him names. She accepts the money. It seems the family is unaware that the father acted mostly alone.

Du Sik contemplates suicide and almost takes his own life on a bridge. However, grandma Gam Ri texts him that instant. She saves him from suicide. In the epilogue, we find out that Hye Jin had actually seen a man [who is Du Sik] near the bridge and called police to check up on him.

This is why Du Sik loves his town, they saved him.

After Du Sik moved to the town, the people brought him food and checked upon him. They slowly managed to get him out of his shell by asking him to help around with various issues they’ve had. Thus, Chief Hong was born.

Du Sik meets Jeong U’s wife and his son on the day he plans to visit his Hyung’s grave. The wife says the PD is her cousin and she’s come to see him. They talk and she says she won’t apologize for what she’s said back then but she doesn’t resent him anymore.

Du Sik then hallucinates and imagines Jeong U there who comforts him and tells him to start living for himself.

Grandma Gam Ri’s shocking death

The drama throws a curveball at the end. While having a sleepover with her friends. Gam Ri doesn’t wake up. She dies in her sleep. Luckily, for her, she was happy and has had a happy life. In her last moments, she was surrounded by people she loved.

My Thoughts [a subjective look at the entire explanation]

So… I am a bit conflicted on how to feel about the revelations…. I mean… it will depend on how immersed you are in this drama, you might either find what I have to say expected or annoying.

I said this before, I expected Du Sik to have been the reason for the passing of his friend somehow, not at a fault of his own, but it happened because of things relating to him. So this was to be expected.

I was shocked that he’s held a job as a fund manager because it’s so unlike his character.

In regards to the death of his friend, I would have been the same. I would have blamed myself for it. I understand the wife who lashed out on Du Sik too. I would’ve also done the same if I were her.

What I don’t quite like is the dragging of a father into this mess when Du Sik obviously told him to be careful and the dude decides to take his life without being upfront that it wasn’t Du Sik’s fault to his family, but I guess, the dude wasn’t educated enough to realize how risky everything was and was overwhelmed.

It is a huge pile of misunderstandings but Du Sik truly went above and beyond. The fact that he didn’t explain to the family that it wasn’t his fault irked me but I guess we need to have some sort of conflict in this drama to extend the run time. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Overall, the revelations were okay. They didn’t surprise me but they also didn’t quite disappoint me. “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” has been average in terms of plot and the way the screenwriter has been handling it drives home my conclusion of it.

I know I am extremely picky, and this isn’t what the majority thinks. This episode was still emotional and made me tear up a couple of times, of course, it’s because of how good the actors are.

I didn’t understand why the screenwriter killed off the grandma and I didn’t like that one bit. The screenwriter just decided to break our hearts in the final episodes, this was supposed to be a slice of life kdrama. Come on!!

So what did you think of this entire thing?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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