“Our Beloved Summer” Finale: Episode 16 Recap

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SBS beloved drama “Our Beloved Summer” has aired its last episode earlier today, we’re here to talk about the finale and explain its ending.

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Does Yeon Su take on Mr. Jang offer to go Paris or does she leave with Ung?

No, she doesn’t. Ung also offers her to go with him, but she refuses, she tells Ung, ‘I want to keep exploring the like I have now and keep going.’ She tells him to go and they will be ok, she’ll wait for him, they continue to date.

What happens to Kim Ji Ung and his mom?

Kim Ji Ung meets his mother at the hospital, his mother tells him she’s doing this because she can’t just leave that without a trace. He tells her he won’t forgive her after she explains the pain in her heart at the time was so heavy she was afraid of dragging him down with her.

Ji Ung begins filming a documentary about himself and his mother. It’s being filmed by his sunbae.

Two years later, the girl working him confesses she likes him. He appears to have gotten better and is brighter.  

What happens to NJ?

She sent Ung a message via an unedited 30-minute video to Ung, she outraged the public but received much support from her fans.

What happens Choi Ung’s career?

He decides to go alone to study. His father is upset at him but eventually cools down. He left around the winter. He comes back, confesses his love to Yeon Su. He also fixes his insomnia, he can now sleep well.

What happens between Yeon Su and Choi Ung? Do they get married?

Yes. Eventually, when Ung comes back, he confesses his love to her in a surprise visit. They get married two years later, he proposes to her at a charity event his parents are doing.

How Does “Our Beloved Summer” end?

After the couple gets married. Ji Ung comes up to them again and asks them to shoot a documentary because their last documentary went viral again and people want to know how they’re doing as a married couple. They eventually agree to do it.

Many fans feel bittersweet having to say goodbye to the drama, #OurBelovedSummerEp16 was among the top trends on Twitter.

So this was it for “Our Beloved Summer” ending, have you guys seen the finale yet? What did you think of it?

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