“One Dollar Lawyer” Ending Explained- Episode 12 Recap And Review

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One Dollar Lawyer” has come to an end, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained!

“One Dollar Lawyer” episode 16 recap

“One Dollar Lawyer” episode 12 begins with Cheon Ji-Hun paying a visit to Cha Min-Chul whom he knows to have been the killer of Lee Joo-Young, he tells him to tell his boss he’s onto him.

Later, Cheon Ji-Hun and Baek Ma-Ri visit Cho Woo-Seok who turns out to have had a solid alibi on the day of the murder. He decides to go to retrial again.

Seo Min-Hyeok then ends up visiting their client Chairman Choi Ki-Seok and finds out he’s a ruthless businessman. He immediately retreats and goes back to the prosecution to work with them refusing to work on his case.

In a conversation our trio has, Cheon Ji-Hun tells Baek Ma-Ri he knew who her grandpa was and was sure he wasn’t involved with this case.

Cheon Ji-Hun then begins cornering Cha Min-Chul paying him visits to places he goes and taking friendly pictures with him that he sends to Chairman Choi Ki-Seok.

Chairman Choi Ki-Seok becomes angry and tells him to kill Cho Woo-Seok who is on a visit to the hospital. He does that and is caught in the act and Cha Min-Chul survives it. They publicize what happened and Chairman Choi Ki-Seok decides to get rid of Cha Min-Chul who believed up until him nearly getting murdered, that the CEO had his back.

Cheon Ji-Hun saves him and strikes a deal with him, he confesses to the prosecution that he was ordered to kill all those people. Chairman Choi Ki-Seok then gets a copy of the confession tape.

Meanwhile, after Cheon Ji-Hun converses with Chairman Choi Ki-Seok following his men attempt to kill Cha Min-Chul, they meet up. The white truck of doom nearly kills Cheon Ji-Hun but he avoids it and shows up at his restaurant.

Cheon Ji-Hun talks about the slush fund list and the files they retrieved from Lee Joo-Young before her untimely death. Since there is nothing that directly links the CEO to the murders, they must find a smoking gun.

Cheon Ji-Hun finds out the CEO was bribing and lobbying officials to lift the regulations on narcotics painkillers.

Baek Ma-Ri ends up retrieving that file that the CEO likely saw.

The team then convinces Cha Min-Chul to pretend to have walked back on his promise to confess, he calls the CEO and he leads on Cheon Ji-Hun to a trap where the CEO awaits him with a gun.

Before he shoots him, Cheon Ji-Hun asks him if he’s killed his lover and he says yes, Cheon Ji-Hun runs away but gets shot in the hands and falls into the water.

It turns out that Cheon Ji-Hun was recording this entire ordeal. When the prosecution holds a hearing for the team allegedly egging on Cha Min-Chul to give false testimony, Prosecutor Na Ye-Jin plays the tape where the CEO admits to his wrongdoings.

The CEO is subsequently arrested and put on trial. He will serve a long time in jail.

The prosecution hires a special prosecutor to investigate the entire slush fund and bring every politician who did it down.

After three months, Cheon Ji-Hun finishes his job and returns to his post.

He refuses to charge any more than 1000 won for his services.

How does “One Dollar Lawyer” end?

“One Dollar Lawyer” ends with a client who was stranded after almost drowning due to suicide, he requested for him, he comes on a boat and introduces himself. He says, ‘you said you were in dire straits, so I came..’

Does “One Dollar Lawyer” have a happy ending?

Yes, it does. The drama ends happily with Cheon Ji-Hun returning to his post and continuing to charge 1000 won per case as he believes helping out his client is the best reward there is. He continues to reach out to people and help those in need of a good lawyer.

“One Dollar Lawyer” review- final thoughts

That was a cute ending. Namgoong Min never disappoints, the dude seriously is one of the very few actors who can do well in both serious and comical roles equally. Thats very had to come by.

I think without him in the drama, it wouldn’t have worked. I think people would have very different opinions in relation to the drama if it wasn’t for how naturally funny and charismatic he is. He truly saved this drama.

I wasn’t really the biggest fan of this drama’s comedy based on the fact that I didn’t personally vibe with its comedy style as I thought it was childish. I realize the majority of people disagree with me especially since its been doing so well both domestically and internationally, but allow me to explain.

People think comedy is easy to write, but its not. The drama uses unexpectedly cartoonish sound effects and background music to hammer in that idea, so it felt forced in my opinion. I would have loved if they took it a bit more seriously in the editing allowing the humor the cast was trying to convey to do its job without the need for those sound effects and background music. I think it would have made for a less cringy watching experience, in my opinion.

I found myself chuckling at times, but its more so at how forced the comedy style felt rather than genuine laughter because I found it funny. At the same time, I say this knowing there is allegedly drama going on during the filming of this drama so I really can’t give a definite answer this time.

“One Dollar Lawyer” has been an intriguing drama within a drama if you haven’t heard already. The drama faced such a weird situation, quite the opposite of what I’d expect a successful kdrama to go through.

“One Dollar Lawyer” concluded its run with 12 episodes instead of 14 and delayed broadcasts on so many occasions I stopped counting. We recently reported that there is allegedly an ongoing conflict between the production company and the screenwriter which led to this. We don’t know the definitive truth but these reports help shed light on what allegedly went down.

I initially had suspected something entirely different which turned out to be completely wrong. I was surprised the conflict for such a stellar kdrama boiled over onto our screens the way it did.

While, generally speaking, most kdramas would be happy to extend the run time or abide by it if the drama is a success, this one did the opposite.

The drama is lighthearted and fun most of the time, its not taking itself too seriously either which is nice. I think if you’re looking for good performances and a ‘lighter’ legal kdrama, this could be it.

Sometimes, people need such humor style and I totally get it. I think its sad this drama never reached its full potential due to the alleged conflicts between the company and the screenwriter.

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  1. I thought that this drama was perfect just the ways it was,I’m sorry to see it end so soon ,after the couple of years that we have had world wide with the pandemic we needed a little humor and happy endings.I wish we had more like this bc sometime you just need a little rest and lighthearted laughter..Just my opinion..

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