“Oh My Ladylord” Ending Angers Fans- The Heartbreaking Ending Explained

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“Oh My Ladylord” episode 16 aired earlier today and contrary to fans expectations, the drama ended on a very shocking note.

But why did it happen? Today, I am here to quickly recap “Oh My Ladylord” episode 16, talk about the ending and explain why it had to end like that.

Note: Oh My Ladylord” episode 16 spoilers below!

“Oh My Ladylord” episode 16 recap- a quickie

Bi Soo sees the picture of the man in white who saved his life while looking through stuff, he is starting to truly figure out why this man saved his life.

Bi Soo goes somewhere that has a lake and brings flowers, he talks to his mom. As he’s leaving, he sees the man again and figures out he was his father. The man explains that he saved Bi Soo’s life so he could be with Hae Jin during her final moments. He apologizes to him and thanks him as well. Bi Soo is also thankful he’s saved his life so he could be with his mother during her final moments.

Bi Soo knows he’s buying time with Joo In. He completes the script for his drama.

Gwang Ja tests her boyfriend the Assistant Writer Jung Jae-Hwan, he passes with flying colors as he refuses the advances of a woman who asks him out. Her father approves of him dating his daughter.

Yoo Jin departs South Korea [because of course he would], Joo In says goodbye to him.

Bi Soo tells his CEO that he won’t be able to write for a while, he’ll take time off and travel around. He even gives his assistant writer his formula for writing successful works and asks the CEO to allow him to debut and writer his own work.

Bi Soo also says goodbye to Mr. Kim from Just Record, it appears as if he’s saying goodbye to all the people he loves.

Bi Soo and Joo In spend the next days doing everything and staying close by each other’s sides. They’re making as many memories as they can.

On the last night he has left [THE night], they go to bed and are facing each other. Bi Soo tells Joo In he loves her and he thanks her for always being there for him and teaching him the meaning of love. Joo In closes her eyes and when she opens them, he disappears. She breaks down in tears after she opens her eyes and is unable to find him.

One year later

It appears that everyone has moved on. The assistant writer has debuted, and he married his girlfriend who is pregnant with their first child. Yoo Jin is back and he’s still on good terms with Joo In.

However, it appears that everyone is not aware why he’s not back, they thought he had traveled somewhere. Joo In is lying to them.

Joo In receives a letter from Bi Soo but it turns out he’s written it one year ago and had it delivered to her then.

The end.

“Oh My Ladylord” ending explained

“Oh My Ladylord” ending was most likely going to be just that, a sad heartbreaking ending. And while I didn’t keep up with the drama after the first half because it was disappointing, I could see where it was headed. Logically speaking, it was going to end with Bi Soo’s death.

In “Oh My Ladylord” episode 1, Bi Soo gets hit by a truck and despite what should’ve ended his life, he somehow miraculously survives. When he does, he sees a man wearing white looking at him and telling him he’s saved his life but he has 49 days left, but left to do what?

The man in white is actually Bi Soo’s birth father, through narration by the man himself, we find out that Bi Soo’s biological father had been the man who saved his life. His father also similarly passed away via a car accident on his way to propose to Bi Soo’s mother, he was unable to tell her how much he loved her before his tragic sudden passing.

His biological father saved his life because he wanted Bi Soo to be with the love of his life during her final days, he also wanted for Bi Soo to find love and experience what it felt like, which he was able to do.

When the 49 days were up, Bi Soo had to disappear because he wasn’t technically supposed to have survived that crash. And so, as soon as his purpose of surviving until now was fulfilled, he died.

“Oh My Ladylord” ending- final thoughts

A lot of fans are upset by “Oh My Ladylord” ending because the male lead dies.

And while I get that fans generally don’t like seeing the main character die, it was to be expected this time because it was hinted at from the get-go. I personally don’t mind lead characters dying at the end most of the time as long as it serves a purpose and while I understand the purpose it served this time, I am upset… upset about the execution.

The writing for “Oh My Ladylord” was obviously very flawed and it remained so until the very end. It is still not explained why Bi Soo doesn’t just tell people he’s going to die and why he doesn’t die but magically ‘disappears’. His disappearance like that hints at a ‘supernatural’ unrealistic occurrence and while I understand why it happened, the screenwriter could’ve easily given him a proper send-off, where is his body?

I still dont understand what the drama was trying to be, is it a rom-com or a fantasy drama? Its not that both genres can’t be present in a single project but mostly they’re explained better so that the magical part makes more sense and it always felt like; at least in my eyes; the screenwriter couldn’t commit to either parts, its like he wanted a piece of multiple genres without having to do much work on the fantasy part.

It is sad how it ended because I desperately wanted to like the drama, the cast was amazing and delivered the best performances they could given the script they had to work with.

So these are my thoughts on the drama, what did you think of “Oh My Ladylord” ending? Did you like it or not? Let us discuss below!

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  1. It is like the writer tried to show two endings but the sad ending leaves me with the question why did I watched this drama in the first place?, it is like all the time spent watching this drama goes down the drain…

    1. I personally think after this show ended and how will it be with the male lead dying with a little different than it supposed to be and include scene with more emotion involving others rather than hiding the truth and the letter after a year later she reading it, could be more demanding yet resounding as he had make his mind. If the plot with the same supernatural was on point and put a lot more happy and sad and regret and longing not punishing each other by hurting, it really will be a very touching ending because by thinking it in different way really make my eyes flood. The way it done gave less impact to me.

  2. I desperately wanted them to be in love till the very end of the episode, it turns out that Bisoo was dying, I stopped watching the drama in episode 14. I felt so bad for Joo in, at least she should have known the reason why Bisoo had to disappear. I’m so obsessed with k – dramas, I really don’t like a sad ending. I literally cry everytime I watch a drama, I had high hopes in this drama too but my hopes ended as soon as Bisoo started acting rude towards Joo in. Joo in tried her level best to convince Bisoo not to leave her but I don’t why the writer made Bisoo’s personality weird. I’m very disappointed in this drama. I wish I hadn’t watched this drama at all.

    1. Acabei de ver o episódio 3 e comecei a suspeitar de algo, então busquei informações e cheguei aqui… com certeza vou para de ver o restante … de sofrimento já chega a vida. Estou respondendo aqui pois também gosto de finais felizes, acabei de assistir “Her private life”, na Netflix, top, você vai gostar.

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