Netflix’s “The Glory” Part 2 Ending Explained- Episode 8 Recap And Review

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“The Glory” Part 2 is finally here after months of wait, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained.

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“The Glory” Part 2 recap

The episode starts with Dong Eun confronting Yeo-Jeong who tells her he’s known she was going to approach him to take revenge after he’d spoken to Se Hee’s mother. He was always ok with being used and knew his role.

Dong Eun later approaches Hye-Jeong, and makes an offer, she can make it so that Jae-Jun go blind with a solution she’s given her. She takes it.

She then pretends to go to his house to retrieve her stuff, he’s extra rude to her, she decides to change his eye drops.

At night, Chief Shin figures out his underlings have been trying to break into the safe, he attempts to humiliate them but then one of them smacks him with a hammer killing him.

While Yeon Jin is at her house losing her sh*t after she was stripped from everything and she gets a text message that they found the bottle where Myeong-O died. She goes to see it and police happen to be there to investigate. The detective knows something is up, Dong Eun watches from afar as she gets dragged away.

Jae-Jun begins to lose his vision and comes to the school’s playground thinking his daughter is there but she’s not. He yells before the mothers tell him she’s transferred. He calls Do Yeong to meet him.

The detective sort of questions Dong Eun at the police station again, he knows she’s behind everything and has Yeon Jin’s mother also arrested after finding clues she’s truly wanted that man dead. He then says his investigation is over and he has nothing more to look over, he lets her go.

At prison, Do Yeong hands Yeon Jin the divorce papers which she signs, she asks him where he’s going and he says he’s taking Ye Sol to the UK, when she asks if she can write her, he doesn’t reply.

At night, Jae Jun is driving around but suddenly after he puts on the eyedrops his eyes begin to sting. The white truck of death crashes into him.

At night, Dong Eun and Yeo-Jeong have fun and drive around, he sings for her, then she leaves him and runs away. She wants to kill herself. He looks for her everywhere.

Dong Eun visits Yeon Jin in jail and Yeon Jin still insists she’s done nothing wrong and is only upset she got caught. Dong Eun alludes to something not being her fault, Yeon Jin senses it and tells her to spill it but she doesn’t. Dong Eun tells her she always hopes for her misery.

Turns out Gyeong-Ran saw Myeong-O severely hurt, he asks for her help but she panics and recalls the sexual harassment she experienced under him. She hits him with the bottle killing him.

Dong Eun tells Gyeong-Ran not to worry and its not her fault, it won’t ever be her fault.

At night, Dong Eun goes back to the same place Se Hee died, she wants to commit suicide, as she’s about to, Yeo-Jeong’s mother shows up and asks for her help. She tells her it shouldn’t end with her death and then asks for her permission and her help. She wants to save her son from the hell he’s in.

Summer 2023

Yeo-Jeong still hasn’t reunited with Dong Eun and hasn’t been doing fine.

At prison, Yeon Jin sees her mother come in and the mother pretends she doesn’t know her, she throws a fit. Yeon Jin is being toyed around and the other inmates ask her to say the weather, she’s a broken woman who delivers the weather information while crying.

Dong Eun turns out to have been working somewhere helping Yeo-Jeong start his revenge. She talks to a woman whom she’s been in for a while to help her transfer an inmate to another prison.

Yeo-Jeong goes back home and then as he’s about to prepare something, he sees the game board has a moved stone, then Dong Eun shows up again and tells him this time she’ll be his executioner, she says she’ll help him get revenge. They end up hugging and kissing.

Dong Eun had later sent a letter to the grandma whom she rented the apartment from, turns out they both attempted suicide and Dong Eun helped the grandma out of the water, the grandma tells her the water is too cold, they should die when the spring comes, they both cry holding each other.

Dong Eun went back to university to study again.

At dinner, Yeo-Jeong and dong Eun talk about what happened to Jae Jun. Turns out, people believe Jae Jun ran away but its not true, he’s dead and not because of the truck. After he got into a car crash he goes outside and runs away but is having trouble seeing. A man then pushes him over the edge and he falls into a bed of cement, he dies. Turns out who killed him is Do-Yeong.

Kang Yeong-Cheon gets beaten up at prison and is forced to transfer into a new one.

In another scene we see that Hyeon-Nam is now working at a place and cooks food, she suddenly gets a text from Dong Eun who says she’s looking for an assistant.

Dong Eun ends up joining a prison to work as in a book tutoring job. Yeo-Jeong is also working in the same prison. He’s done some favors for a man who says he’ll do anything to repay him back, he then asks him to repay it with something else.

Kang Yeong-Cheon arrives at his new prison and recalls a time Yeo-Jeong visited him, he told him its not enough he’s on death row and deserves worse. He’ll surely deliver it and he’ll make him question everything he’s ever going to do, he then sees Yeo-Jeong inside the prison when he goes inside and knows he’s now f*cked.

On another day, Dong Eun visits So Hee’s grave and she’s now finally happy they’re both officially 19 years old.

Our couple then report to their new work place in the prison, before they both go inside the weather suddenly changes, Yeo-Jeong looks at Dong Eun and tells her he loves her, she also says the same.

The end.

“The Glory” part 2 ending explained

“The Glory” Part 2 review- initial thoughts

Showstopping, amazing, never-seen-before, the best and everything of whatever that famous Lady Gaga gif says. This is how good the show is.

The drama was very intense, so for now I will only talk about my initial thoughts on it because I need to let it sit for a couple of days and think through the script, editing, directing and more to give my final thoughts.

But I don’t think it will change much, I like the series a lot. This is by far the best script screenwriter Kim Eun Sook put out, period. Simply stunning. There are some writing choices I don’t agree with, but oh my GOD, when it hits, it hits. Especially finding out that who killed Myeong O wasn’t Yeon Jin and who kill Jae Jun was Do-Yeong. Beautiful writing and complete subversion of expectations.

I expect part 2 to become twice as a popular, and if we’re lucky enough, I think it can even go global, I mean “Squid Game” level global. And even if I am wrong, its ok, I know many will appreciate this masterpiece.

I don’t know whose performance I should be singing praises about, everybody is just… everyone was SIMPLY AMAZING. Even the child actress was good, perfect performances from start to finish.

The ending was nice, the only thing I didn’t particularly like about it was the forced exit of Dong Eun from Yeo-Jeong’s life but even that could be logically explained. She returned when she knew she could present him a gift, the gift of revenge.

Many are talking about a 3rd part which I do not think is in any way necessary. It won’t have the same impact not unless many other things get dragged to it, as in the stories of the victims the serial killer murdered.

If it happens, I’ll watch but I am just fine seeing how good this ending is. Its truly satisfying and feels earned.

I expected Dong Eun to take her own life and sort of was expecting it, but when it came to it, I was seriously scared and didn’t want her to die.

In short, I liked the ending a lot. This drama is one of the best of 2023 so far.

So what did you guys think of the ending?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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    1. Maybe I am wrong, but I understand Jae Jun raped her, that is why she was pregnant. And he was afraid they would find out. And the kept her in the freezer because the family didn’t agree with the verdict and the cause of death was never investigated or proven. Sometimes like that. But the could have made it clearer I agree. In any case Jae Jun was punished in another way than conventional justice. I would also prefer that he went to prison instead but it would have been difficult to prove his involvement and there was so evidence. So the writers decided to punish him differently- by the hand of Choi Hye Jeong.

  1. It was amazing, stunning series. You are right about the script – this time around all storylines were tied up and resolved at the end, so I guess the writer drawn some conclusions from the King: Eternal Monarch where the story was all over the place and difficult to follow. This time, everything was clear from the beginning until the end. The shorter format also helped I guess.

    The most astonishing performance in my view was delivered by Yeom Hye Ran who plays Kang Hyun Nam, every scene with her had such an impression on me. You just feel her suffering. Lee Do Hyun was born to be an actor, his emotions, his acting was so on just, so on point, to be acting like this at 27 years old is a sign of a natural. Song Hye Kyo in my view was quite a usual self – frozen, but the character suited her so it was okay. Still, I wish she could be a bit unfrozen and a bit more emotional at least when she says I love you. A bit more human. Actually I think her appearance, posture, the way she looks was enough to see her as an executioner even if she wouldn’t talk. I also noticed that her love interests are often younger (the Encounter, Now we are breaking up), I wonder why it is so, when we are going to see her with her peers.

    As far as the revenge is concerned, I expected Dong Eun to die, because she was living for revenge and she fulfilled the purpose of her life. I thought they “saved” her for k-drama sake, it is still a k-drama and should please wider audience. But they found a nice and convincing way to do it – she stayed alive to help Joo Yeo Jung, because in fact her mission was also to save and help people in misery. I was fine with it.

    The revenge was also delivered in a “right” way – they basically punished each other, it was like the writers didn’t want to make Dong Eun a murderer, but wanted it to be a sort of a “God’s work”, the ultimate justice delivered by the destiny. It was the right choice as you can’t become the same as them.

    I also loved the directing, it is the same director who made The Happiness which was also one of my favourites. Unlike Little Women which was also good but too hectic at the end, too packed with things piling on top of one another, the directing of the Glory was spot on, right dosage of everything if I can put it that way.

    Lastly – the script is full of memorable phrases, but the one hit me the most – it is when Joo Yeo Jung tells the murderer of his father “I only save people, I only save humans”.

    I look forward to other similar gripping shows as the Glory. Thanks to everyone who made it an amazing watch.

  2. i do have an unpopular opinion though – i felt that the love story between Dong Eun and Yeo-Jeong was a bit, how do i say it – bland/ rushed/ i didn’t feel the connection much/ not believable ? i mean, revenge is a good enough motivation to keep their relationship the way it is, with Yeo-Jeong agreeing to being her hound. just an unpopular opinion though – don’t get me wrong – i loved all of their performances. it’s just that i felt that their scenes were a bit forced.

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