Netflix’s “The Glory” Part 1 Ending Explained- Episode 8 Recap

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Netflix’s “The Glory” has finally aired today after many months of teasing, here is a recap of its finale episode and its ending explained.

Netflix’s “The Glory” episode 8 recap

Dong-Eun is interrupted by Hye-Jeong who gets on her knees and begs for forgiveness. Dong Eun doesn’t buy it and instead, she shows her the phone she’s lost which has even more damming evidence of her issues, insecurities and dirt on her friends’ group. She got on her knees begging but Dong eun says she doesn’t want any of it and asks her to do things for her or else she’ll expose her.

She asks her to report Myeong-O missing first.

At school, Jae-Jun talks to Do Young and even brings up the question that his daughter doesn’t seem to resemble him that much hinting at the fact that she might not be his daughter, he’s not deterred and refuses to engage in much conversation with him.

Jae Jun then waits for Dong Eun and has a tense confrontation with her, he provokes her and acts horrible and brings up her past injuries they caused, she then shows him a drawing Ye sol, he realizes she knows something about it. She warns him not to help Yeon Jin and if he wants Ye Sol he should side with her. She basically reveals she’s been planning this for a while and has more in store.

Hye-Jeong meets up with Do Young and he asks her about how much she knows Dong Eun, she tells him they bullied her so bad, and he should use his imagination. She tells him how it began one day when they just chose to bully and make her an outcast because they felt like it. Yeon Jin started it.

Then, at the park where they play Go, Yeo Jung intentionally approaches Do Young and sizes him up, he also tells him he’s recently moved and will help out a friend take revenge.

Later, he meets up with Dong eun and tells her he wont’t be an easy match.

At home, Do Young asks about Dong eun to Yeon Jin who acts all mighty and arrogant, she asks him not to snoop around and tells him she’ll make sure her secrets won’t get exposed to the world.

Later, Yeon Jin meets up with Jae Jun, he says he wants to marry her and be by his daughter’s side basically admitting he loves her too. Through their conversation, Yeon Jin realizes she also loves her husband and he’s not happy about it. Yeon Jin begins to attempt to erase her traces and asks her detective friend to find information about Dong Eun.

Meanwhile, Dong Eun meets up with Yeo Jung, they talk more about why her mother is on that wall, and she asks him about why his pin is 3724, we find out he’s linked to a crazy man who has been writing him letters from prison. His mother visits him asking him to stop writing letters to her son, but he says he’s merely bored.

The entire friends’ group later find out that Myeong O has been reported missing and who did it and they’re not happy.

At night, Dong Eun meets up with Hyun Nam, she sees she’s sending a lot of money in boxes and she gives her a passport. Dong Eun tells her to send San A overseas, they’re about to begin phase two of their plan and she needs to be away to be safe.

Do Young finally decided to meet with Dong Eun as his wife breaks into her house and finds out she’s been living right next to her. He asks her why she approached him and she confirms his suspicions.

Then the door to Dong Eun apartment opens and as Yeon Jin is about to smile, she sees her husband is one walking in. She’s too stunned to speak.

Does The Glory Part 1 have a happy ending?

It does not have an ending per se, the drama has two parts, and this is the 1st part, more like the 1st part was the backstory and preparation of Dong Eun’s revenge and the 2nd part will be the actual revenge part.

How does “The Glory” part 1 end?

The final scene of “The Glory” Part 1 shows Dong Eun sitting down with a go table set in front of her, she brings out a piece and puts it on signaling the begging of part two of her plan.

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  1. What was that about the scene where Yeo Jung went to the morgue to check out So-Hee’s dead body only to find out she was processed way back in 2014 already at the end of ep 8 part 1? The Go board in Yeo Jung is suppose to be a match between him & Dong-Eun. Is Dong-Eun targetting Yeo Jung as well? Why was the need for Yeo Jung to check out SoHee’s dead body in the morgue? Is YJ connected with SH’s death? The fact of the scene only to reveal that Mo-Yeong was deceived by DE in her revenge plot pitting the group among themselves. Can anybody explain this?

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