Netflix’s “The 8 Show” Ending Explained- Episode 8 Recap And Review

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Netflix has released Its newest Korean drama “The 8 Show,” let us discuss the ending and explain what happened!

“The 8 Show” episode 8 recap

The episode begins with a flashback to 1F. His daughter is sick but was kicked out of the hospital. He tries to kill himself so the family can claim insurance money but the game coordinators lure him in.

4F goes around telling everyone about 1F plan and they all agree, but she has to convince 5F to free the rest while she distracts 8F.

She agrees on one condition.

So, the day comes and while 8F initially doesn’t wanna golf, she ends up golfing and 4F is her caddy. the dog notices something and 8F comes up to see that they’re all in 6F room. As 8F is about to shoot them, 4F strikes her with a bat.

Once they’re all free from 8F, they all begin to cry. The condition 5F wanted to free the people was she gets to castrate 6F for what he did to her, so she does.

So, 1F goes to ask to switch floors but then realizes that the game coordinators would only give him the information on how much everything costs to switch for 1 billion won [around $900,000]. So everything they did was for nothing and now 1F has nothing left.

2F suggest they all chip in and get out but 1F holds the gun and forces the people to tie themselves and locks them in. He begins performing for them and then gets on a rope and tries to balance, he crosses to the other side but then as he’s going back, he begins to bounce on the rope, eventually, he goes so high he latches onto the light in the ceiling and then falls to the rope but the lights fall to the ground and a fire starts. He’s eventually unable to balance himself enough and falls to the ground. the fire engulfs him and he begins burning.

The members all gather their strengths and free themselves to stop the fire. They manage to do so but 1F is dying and needs an ambulance, but the time is now extended to 400 hours and they cannot get out.

4F gets super angry, so he takes the gun and smashes every CCTV. One last CCTV remains, in the elevator, so he shoots that too. Finally, the people controlling the game let them go.

He goes back to the theater and hears applause and a red envelope. He reads that he won and the winning prize will be wired to his account.

Its over.

Two and a half months later

4F is in a terrible state, after what happened to him, he became deeply depressed and tried to kill himself too, but failed. He’s deeply traumatized by what happened to him. He then takes out an ad and alerts the people he competed with that he’s holding 1F funeral.

8F, 7F and 6F don’t show up but 7F brings a flower wreath. 4F managed to track down 1F’s family and found out that 6F had given them a lot of money and lied saying 1F is overseas working very hard.

After the funeral ended, the members find out that 8F was a performance artist, she wrecked an art gallery with an excavator, had to pay the fines for it draining her entire winnings and then also went to jail for it.

The members then part ways wishing each other well.

After credit

7F is talking to his buddy and shows him a script of the 8 show and the man is happy with how good the script is. They have a discussion and the man says there could even be a 2nd season.

“The 8 Show” ending explained- FAQ

“The 8 Show” ending- review

WOW! that was frustrating, annoying and entertaining all at the same time. I need time to soak in the drama to give a better opinion but this was so much fun to watch.

I can see the allegories the director was going for. If there is one thing I like, its how the people behind the show are never revealed. This is meant to simulate real life and how simply unfair it can be, so there is no particular good reason to reveal who’s behind it. also, it’ll likely be some sick individuals who enjoy watching the suffering of others. Very similar to Squid game premise.

I personally don’t feel it needs a 2nd season, but we don’t know what might happen.

I think this drama also has the potential to hit it big with international audiences similar to what happened with Squid Game.

There is a lot to digest with this drama, but I’d say I enjoyed watching it a lot. This is by far among the top 3 best Kdramas released of 2024 on Netflix. It has been quiet so far this year, glad we finally have something that’s substantial.

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