Netflix’s “Sweet Home” Ending Explained- Episode 10 Recap And Review

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Sweet Home” premiered on Netflix on December 18 worldwide, the series is based on a webtoon with the same name.

It had a total of 10 episodes with the final showdown taking place during it. However, the 10th episode of “Sweet Home” took a lot of people by surprise and some didn’t understand what it meant.

So here I am to discuss what I believe to be the explanation to “Sweet Home” ending.

Table of Contents:

  1. The quick Recap of the highlights
  2. “Sweet Home” ending explained
  3. “Sweet Home” episode 10 review
  4. “Sweet Home” season 2?

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Note: heavy spoilers of episode 10.

The quick Recap of episode 10

Ui Myeong kills the bad guy for Hyun Su who is shocked at first, it turns out Ui Myeong is a similar case to Hyun Su but far worse in the progression.

Turns out he volunteered thinking it was a disease he could help cure, he was experimented on using every possible way to extract that thing from him, but it didn’t work because it wasn’t a part of him, it was him, he was the monster. He escaped and from the older body onto one of the scientists who experimented on him. [this is an important point later on]

Ui Myeong starts getting into Hyun Su’s head recommending they leave together in search of others like them. Meanwhile, the government offers anyone who could hand in someone who resisted monsterization help, one of the group members presses the button without the rest knowing it.

As a token of apology Ui Myeong tells Yi-Kyung and Eun Hyeok that there is an operation called ‘operation golden hour’ by the military who’s taken power. Since they don’t know when it’ll strike or how it’ll strike anyone, they’ll sweep as many as possible before losing power as one final solution. They won’t ‘save’ anyone; they’ll get rid of as many people as they can.

Du Sik finds out he’s turning into a monster and leaves the place to his upstairs apartment, meanwhile, after burying the victims, Gil Seob stumbles upon what he believes to be a tunnel near the graves they buried, he starts digging.

Yu Ri has an asthma attack and Sang Wook wants to leave to get her help, he carries her on his back, however, Ui Myeong begins shooting at them killing Yu Ri, Sang Wook and a bunch of others from the group. Ui Myeong says he should’ve killed Hyun Su when he felt bad about killing the ahjumma, he explains he didn’t actually kill her because that was him disguised as her.

Hyun Su gets so angry that he begins turning into a monster stronger and more lethal, he literally burns Ui Myeong to ashes, he turns into a gooey material [pay attention to this point]. Because he can’t seem to control himself, Du Sik sweeps in to contain him until he calms down whispering to him, ‘it’s not your fault.’ He kills him with his claws.

When he later wakes up, he appears to have issues recalling anything, he’s crying looking at Du Sik but doesn’t know why.

Later, as the kids are trying to wake up the grandpa, they find out he’s dead but he managed to dip deep enough to the hole that he uncovered the tunnel.

The police find out the location and immediately surround the place. As they begin to fire, the gooey material of Ui Myeong moves into the tank and starts the engine. The members begin to escape and see that the tunnel is there, when going down they find out that Hyun Su didn’t come down, Eun Hyuk goes to pick him up promising his sister he’d be back soon.

He goes up by Hyun Su says he doesn’t want to go back, he basically surrenders to the police that begin shooting at him.

Eun Hyuk stays behind in the building; he’s also turning into a monster and doesn’t go back to his sister, a part of the building collapses on him.

30 hours later

The group is stuck down the tunnel, the dog comes back and manages to lead them to the exit, when they exit they’re surrounded by the military; they surrender and are immediately taken by a truck. Yi-Kyung doesn’t go with them because the military personal tells her she still has ‘work to do,’ and her job is not done. She wears military outfit and drives away with a truck.

Hyun Su wakes up inside the tank and is greeted by Sang Wook who is alive and well and without a scar, he greets him with ‘long time no see, Cha Hyun Su.’

“Sweet Home” ending explained

The secret as far as I understood lies in what Ui Myeong said earlier on, he apparently can shape-shift and has become a sort of gooey material that can go inside other humans bodies to survive, he doesn’t have to be in one human’s body. The likely explanation is that he has gone inside Sang Wook’s body which explains why he no longer has the burn scars. He saved Hyun Su because he’s of his kind.

The way of their escape is unknown but the military appears to have failed in retrieving Hyun Su. Yi-Kyung appears to have gone on her way to track him down unaware the monster is inside Sang Wook alive and well.

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The other explanation that I came up with; which is less logical; is that the person greeting Hyun Su at the end isn’t the Sang Wook we know, but a different one [possibly a twin]. Besides Sang Wook at the front of the trunk, there is a man who appears to be either dead/unconscious. Sang Wook also calls Hyun Su by his full name which is highly unlikely to happen considering how the Sang Wook we know talks. Added to that, Ui Myeong knows Hyun Su as his name, he doesn’t know his full name because Hyun Su never told him his full name, how could he have known his full name just like that?

“Sweet Home” episode 10 review

So before I begin talking about it, I must clarify that I haven’t seen the webtoon so my discussion is based on the drama alone.

I AM IN LOVE WITH “Sweet Home,” everything is almost perfect and the idea is INSANE. I love it, how could someone think of such an interesting idea? I saw many kdrama fans rave about this webtoon on my twitter; I might end up reading it.

Apparently, the webtoon original ending differed from this one.

There are many unanswered questions, the first being what the hell is in that suitcase? And why do people carry it around? And why did the military take it? I have a theory; maybe the suitcase has sort of a secret and can be unlocked with Yi-Kyung’s fiancé fingerprints.

Regardless, I really liked the series, however, things started to become very illogical and messy around the 8th episode mark. Introducing the ‘gang’ or whatever was a very weird choice that already heightens the tensions beyond comprehension and makes it all more difficult to deal with its consequences from a plot point of view. What I mean by this is that introducing too many variables when writing a script can end up compromising the plot which it did in this case.

While its primarily about monsters, the script almost forgot the external threats during episode 9 and 10 which really puzzled me. They cracked the protection wall open and these gangsters just barged in unafraid of the monsters which makes no sense, I was thinking about how did they survive the monsters this entire time with such a reckless attitude.

Also, I don’t understand why they kill people and terrorize them, the screenwriters didn’t explain much about how they came to be and why they target groups, I just don’t understand… What was the purpose of introducing them like that? I think it would’ve been better had they introduce Ui Myeong differently, if he had posed as a ‘victim’ running away from the monsters it would’ve been better- plot wise.

Added to that, the amount of fights kicks and bullets the main cast had to endure [not talking about Hyun Su], if we were following logic, most should’ve been dead long ago. It was sad how it became ridiculous.

Regardless of my thoughts on the writing of the latter half of “Sweet Home,” I think its one of the best Netflix series I’ve ever seen and one of the most ambitious and interesting ones.

Thank you to all the staff and actors who have done a great job, this must’ve been very difficult and challenging, the effects were amazing and the effects team has done such a great job.

I like how it was 18+ and they didn’t skim on the horror and gore aspect. I didn’t think it was scary honestly, it was very thrilling and fun, but again, my point of view on horror part isn’t what the majority thinks; I watch a lot of horror and gore movies so my perception of what is scary differs.

I was startled a couple of times but for the most part I was just marveling at the work of the monsters, I liked looking at them, they were so interesting and everyone seemed to have a story, because every human turned into a different kind of monster and some were harmless.

“Sweet Home” season 2?

Judging by the 10th episode, it appears that the production has a second season in mind which brings me to my issue with the way Netflix has been handling this point in South Korea.

The thing is, they make good dramas then you watch them and towards the end come to the conclusion that they’re made with more than one season in mind but the thing is, that wasn’t in the press release. Most of the time, unless the audience demands an answer or updates regarding a second season, it just goes unanswered by Netflix or the production company and this is very annoying.

It appears they’re testing the waters to see how successful the series becomes, they’ve spent a lot of money on it and they seem to be torn between wrapping up and aiming for a second season. I can clearly tell from the way the last two episodes were written. Its like they’re partly wrapping it up and partly keeping room for a second season.

“Sweet Home” season 2 would be a good idea in my opinion but I wished they had been upfront about it so we know what we’re getting ourselves into. I am so sad Lee Do Hyun’s character died, he was the anchor of the group, would love for him to return if there is a second season.

So these are my thoughts on “Sweet Home” , so what about you guys? did you like the episodes? let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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    1. in the webtoon , the foetus becomes some strange egg with a special type of monster in it but the plot for the live-action went differently so we’re not sure what happened to it

    1. I just finished watching all of the eposides..
      What has been bothering me, were all of them were totally forget about the girl with guitar who definitely had nosebleed and almost turned to a monster?
      She should’ve been the “suspect zero” isnt she? XDDD

    2. Halo, aku baru saja selesai menonton semua episode, jujur setelah melihat episode 10, terutama di menit terakhir ketika sang wook mengatakan kalimat “lama tidak bertemu” ke Hyun Su, itu sangat membuat aku bengong dan tidak ikhlas kalau endingnya akan seperti ini.
      Apakah dia benar-benar sang wook atau jelmaan Monster ? Dan saya juga masih penasaran dengan isi koper yang mungkin hanya bisa dibuka dengan sidik jari tunangannya damker itu.

      Masih banyak yang membuat aku penasaran .

  1. Hi, i like your recap and review so much but i wanted to point out one detail that are still confusing to me. Sang wook doesn’t seem to die from the gun shot because the girl (Yu ri) were the one who gets the shot, her back was kind of protecting Sang wook from the incident, but i seem to be confused as to why Sang wook looks weak besides her. But your theory was also good cause Ui myeong seem to be driving the car away and if its true that Ui myeong has possessed into Sang wook body what will happen next.

    1. I think he was weak because he was turning into a monster remember the injury yu ri was treating im not aure tho she saved him coz she was kinda of a shield coz he was carrying her but where would he have gone if he wanted help the military??

  2. I just don’t understand why they have to kill Lee Eun hyuk character. He is one of the main interesting, entertaining and misery.
    One more thing is… after some first episodes, where are all the monsters gone? All seem disappear both inside and outside.. except that green monster who tried to save that kid.

    1. They never explained who that green slime was! It protected the little boy and the little boy kept saying it could have been his father which I’m thinking it could be too! We need answers to all these unexplained areas!

      1. Unless they go a different direction, the Slime Monster in the webcomic is a little boy who witnessed his mother getting murdered while playing Hide and Seek. Just like the Long Arm Monster wanted to reach and hold his child, the Slime Monster wanted to hide from the world, hence becoming a Monster that can easily hide.

    2. It’s also died they fire on that monster the kid sister tells them to burn it that’s why the kids are argued after that incident.they shown like it’s turned into ashes clearly

      1. Well, it does appear that he could still be alive, but the building was caving in as he was getting a nose bleed, so it is either possible he turned into a monster and didn’t get hurt from the roof caving in , or he is dead, because the roof came down

  3. Just a bit confusion here. When grandfather was digging to search for the tunnel, I remember that the sun change into an eclipse then grandfather seem to froze and unaware that yuri was having asthma attack. What this scene mean. Can anyone explain?

    1. The grandfather was sick. We don’t know what sickness it was but because of it, he didn’t know that Yu Ri fainted and was taken by Sang-Wook outside. It seems like dementia since he doesn’t remember. But the scene didn’t show him forgetting so the confusion is understandable.

      This sickness is probably the reason why he died since he didn’t drink his medications or the medications were out of reach now(specially due to the monsters around that prevents them from buying or going out).

  4. The only confusion I have is why the grandfather got a nosebleed when he almost got killed by Protein when he was attempting to save Hyun Su…. It’s just that he didn’t become a monster and Hyun Su seemed to forget that part too…
    I hope someone who read the webtoon answers me >.<

    1. I think the grandpa had a nosebleed as a result of whatever medical condition he had. What happened to the grandpa in this show is different from the webtoon (where he died by monster).

    2. He didn’t have a nosebleed. He actually coughed up blood. I believe he’s had lung cancer before. Based on his scar which he showed Sang Wook and Hyun Su, he may have had a transplant.

  5. But, if you look carefully on Sangwook’s chest there was a gunshot wound and bloods flow on his jacket (since he wear a black jacket maybe its color not show) and at the end of this scene, you can clearly see that there’s lots of blood under Sangwook’s.

    1. Yuri dies from the gunshot and Eun Hyuk was becoming a monster so he choses to stay behind. He also dies as bits of the building were falling down.

      1. Yeah yo add to this, they no longer have the luxury to let the infectees choose to isolate. He knows the military was gonna get to them one way or another. That said, if there was a 2nd season, he may have lived. We don’t actually know how far along he is with his symptoms. If he chose to stay behind, that means that wasn’t the first time he exhibited symptoms. He may turn out like Hyunsu and has already survived the golden hour.

  6. I liked your recap and review, but i feel like you’ve missed something. The 9th and 10th episode was somewhat rushed, but when the gang breaks into the building, there are no monsters left in that area because the Huge monster (From 8th episode, not. so sure about its name )ate them. I think. But still Its a really good drama to watch.
    Hoping for Sweet Home Season 2 very soon…

  7. I have a question. In Ep 5 there was one monster which ran really fast, Yu-ri and Ahn-gil-seop shot the monster with an arrow with fire. Then how did the same monster go to the parking slot out of nowhere? or if it was another person then how would 2 monsters be the same when every one based on human desires? or did i miss something? pls clarify

  8. Have just finished this series and absolutely loved it. I have sooo many questions and I’m hoping they create a second season to answer them all 🙂

    1. I think he didn’t come with them because he knows that the military might be waiting on the other side and he knows that he’ll become a monster so he chose to stay and used the golden hour to survive.

  9. Hello i just watched the drama n love it very much. The reason why the gang seems like doesnt fear of monsters is bcs they have ui myeong who is a special infectee (From what i read in the webcomic, they used ui mueong to fight againts the monsters bfr burn them all). And all monsters in green apartment already dead at the battle in the bassement.

    Ik in the last episode the story seems to switched as they didnt fight againts monsters anymore but i still feel it’s make sense as they want to send a messg that “humans can be way scary thn monsters.”

    But i still agree how it was weird when some main character (the one who got surgery) still alive after going through alot of things. Lol.

    Abt the ending, i think the man whose wth hyun su was ui myeong who took over sangwook body. Ooor maybe it is the monsters inside hyun su’s mind who make somewhat a scene (?) like it happened before when hyun su’s dead father became his uncle tht he never hv (idk, just my opinion) And i also really hope that eun hyuk doesnt die but became a special infectee bcs i really like his character.

    1. From what i remember,only eun hyuk calls hyun su by his full name. if you remember clearly from eps 9 or 8. there was this time eun hyuk try to have a talk with hyun su after ui myoung and hyun su come down from the roof top, he call hyun suk by his full name but hyun suk refused to have a talk with him.

  10. Yeah yo add to this, they no longer have the luxury to let the infectees choose to isolate. He knows the military was gonna get to them one way or another. That said, if there was a 2nd season, he may have lived. We don’t actually know how far along he is with his symptoms. If he chose to stay behind, that means that wasn’t the first time he exhibited symptoms. He may turn out like Hyunsu and has already survived the golden hour.

  11. Hey you guys remember the man who I think informed the military about their location.There was a scene when he was complaining about the bathing schedule or something and went to take a bath but during the bath something landed on his face.What was that? I thought he would turned into a monster later but he didn’t.I’ve read webtoon where ‘do I look good’ monster’ appeared.I though he was that one but they literally paid no attention.

  12. even though the part where those pirates came barging in was sudden and messed with the plot. i think it was there to say that maybe humans are more scarier than monsters, or like there is a monster within all of us. something like that.

  13. The gang found their apartment building because they were chasing that guy who Yi-kyung caught. And I think the SOS sign that they put up also caught their attention. Their cruelty reflects how some people react to crisis like these. Like in some of webtoons and series like Omniscient Reader and Walking Dead, there are characters that are in even worse than monsters. They have already adapted to this kind of world. In some comics, these types loot, kill and even rape the weak.

    Plus, they have an infectee with them. Maybe he wards off some of the monsters. Or help them escape without them knowing it.

    But these series could even have more seasons! There are some many possibilities. Maybe that’s why the Webtoon’s author requested that they don’t adapt 100% of the original story. So that the viewers can also see other perspectives of the story.

  14. I’m wondering if Jung Ui-Myeong was actually his bully from school and that’s why he knew his full name? It would explain a few things.

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