Netflix’s “Queen Maker” Ending Explained [Episode 11 Recap], Is Season 2 Coming Soon?

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Netflix’s “Queen Maker” was released a couple of hours ago, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained!

Netflix’s “Queen Maker” episode 11 recap

The episode starts with Hwang Do-Hee chasing after those who kidnapped Guk Ji-yeon to kill her.

The two opponents Oh Kyung-Sook and Baek Jae-Min prepare for the debate and Oh Kyung-Sook is asked to delay it as much as possible.

Hwang Do-Hee arrives at the location and attempts to wrestle the men but is overpowered, they staged her car as a suicide.

Meanwhile, Baek Jae-Min’s team already uploaded a fake suicide letter that denies she’s his mistress, the suicide letter says Guk Ji-yeon is going to commit suicide because of the pressure by the other team.

While Oh Kyung-Sook attempts to pressure Baek Jae-Min about Eunsung Group’s alleged corruption, it seems someone leaked the information and he counterattacks her. She then makes a promise that she’ll step down if this is proven to be a fabrication but he also must get investigated alongside the group if this is proven true. He then tries to play the victim and cries because of Guk Ji-yeon’s fake suicide letter but the public’s opinion shifts as the suicide letter is blaming her team.

The next day, they find out that her body disappeared but its an apparent suicide. Baek Jae-Min’s team then leaks information and attempts to assassinate Hwang Do-Hee’s character. They say they must win the election and even if the truth is revealed afterwards, they can bury it.

Oh Kyung-Sook is afraid because neither Guk Ji-yeon nor Hwang Do-Hee whereabouts are known but her former teammates and people she worked with show up to protest in her favor and protect her.

She then holds a live broadcast and promises to indeed take responsibility and resign if its true Guk Ji-yeon committed suicide because of them.

Guk Ji-yeon wakes up at the hospital and is convinced to come out with the truth, she shows up at the live broadcast and tells her story. She confirms they had an affair and the child is his. She also accuses him of kidnapping and attempting to murder her. The game is over.

Hwang Do-Hee goes to a place to retrieve I Seul’s phone and calls him from it. They meet at a burial place and discuss. She tells him to apologize, he attempts to do it but then promises to relieve her pain and make her work worthwhile if she gives him the phone which has incriminating evidence on it. Hwang Do-Hee laughs uncontrollably and drops a bombshell. She reveals the man, Carl, who has been helping him with his campaign actually killed his father and he’s doing this to help rinse his sins. He collapses and cries his eyes out, she leaves him the phone but through the live broadcast Oh Kyung-Sook held, she explains to the public about I Seul and plays the recording of when he killed her, turns out, he threw her off the building.

Son Young-Sim is made aware she won’t escape punishment because Baek Jae-Min was the face of her group, she insists he must go down and take it all with him. She arranges for him to be killed.

He’s at a hotel drinking the night away wallowing in his sorrow connecting the dots of his father’s murderer. Someone then comes in, strangles him and stages it as a suicide.

Meanwhile, the election night is held and Oh Kyung-Sook is crowned the winner by a landslide. Everyone celebrates.

A while later at an event celebrating Oh Kyung-Sook becoming a mayor, one journalist asks Oh Kyung-Sook if her aide Hwang Do-Hee received illegal funding from Eunsung Group group. Hwang Do-Hee takes the stage to answer the question and we find out that she actually staged this too. She admits to it in front of the press.

Turns out, she spoke to Seo Jin and told her to wire her the amount herself from a banking account that handles her mother’s slush funds in the Cayman Islands. Thus, the prosecutors can trace back to it and investigate her mother, Son Young-Sim properly.

The prosecutor in charge of the investigating thanks Hwang Do-Hee for sacrificing herself. Hwang Do-Hee then faces Oh Kyung-Sook who cries learning about this fact. They console each other and thank each other.

At a later day

Oh Kyung-Sook meets with Son Young-Sim and her daughter to discuss the duty free tower which was marred by corruption, she then tells her she must build a 3rd party foundation and give 90% of the earnings back to those who were meant to get it. Son Young-Sim is baffled and says ‘you must be joking.’

Son Young-Sim later meets with Oh Kyung-Sook, she attempts to threaten her saying its only two years and she’ll be gone from the mayor’s office but Oh Kyung-Sook tells her Hwang Do-Hee armed her with enough information to investigate all the things she’s done, she’ll make sure she’s held accountable. Son Young-Sim laughs and cries uncontrollably as the reality sets in, she’s done for. She then gets arrested and is on trial.

Seo Jin sees her younger sister after taking over the family’s company, she then offers her a CEO position at a branch, she begins crying and asks if her mom had her husband killed, Seo Jin does not answer.

Its been some time

Hwang Do-Hee is serving jail time and once she goes back to her cell sees the great work Oh Kyung-Sook is doing. She then gets a visitor. Its an unknown important person who asks her for help.

The end.

Is Netflix’s “Queen Maker” season 2 coming soon?

By the ending scene of Netflix’s “Queen Maker,” fans believe the drama is hinting at a possible 2nd season where Hwang Do-Hee helps out another man in power get something done. Netflix has not yet confirmed plans for season two and it will likely depend on the amount of attention the series gets, we’ll keep you updated on the blog if information is shared by Netflix.

Does Netflix’s “Queen Maker” have a happy ending?

Yes, it does. In the end, Son Young-Sim, the woman behind Eunsung Group is arrested and will face jail time for her crimes. The people who suffered are also properly compensated.

Who killed Baek Jae-Min?

Son Young-Sim hired men to stage his suicide, they killed him and faked a letter in which he admitted to everything alleged against him.

Did Hwang Do-Hee get arrested?

Yes, she did. She sacrifices herself to have Son Young-Sim properly investigated. She’s serving jail time as a result.

Did Oh Kyung-Sook become the mayor of Seoul?

Yes, she did. After exposing Baek Jae-Min’s crimes, she wins by a landslide and carries out her duties as Hwang Do-Hee wanted, to get rid of Son Young-Sim.

What did you think of “Queen maker” ending? did you like it or not?

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