Netflix’s “Hierarchy” Ending Explained- Episode 7 Recap

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Netflix has released all 7 episodes of its newest teen series “Hierarchy” earlier today, here we’ll recap the finale and explain the ending!

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Hierarchy episode 7 recap

Woo-Jin is having trouble concentrating on his arts and he recalls that fateful night In Han passed away. He was kissing his teacher Ms. Han and In Han was running away from bullies, he accidentally stumbled upon them kissing, he panics and says this entire school is crazy. He runs away.

The teacher panics and follows him with her car. She insists he talks to her but he keeps running away. Eventually, as she’s chasing him down, she accidentally runs him over. when she goes out to check on him, she discovers he has a hidden camera pen that she takes with her and runs away. In Han was trying to call his brother Kang Ha.

At school, police is called for questioning regarding bullying, they all lie except for Jae-I who admits to being at fault. The students lash on Kang Ha but Jae-I stands up for him and the students also begin to speak up about how they’ve been bullied.

Jae-I gets hugged by Ri-An who apologizes for what happened and remarks how difficult it had been on her. she then sees the principal’s son Ju Won who had been blackmailing her. She knows he’s trying to protect his mother, he says he hated her and all her friends for how they treated them.

Ri-An finds out and confronts the principal who then explains she couldn’t do anything without his mother’s oversight. When he confronts his mother, she admits to spying on him and the mother says she feared he might get her pregnant. He lashes out and says he quits being the heir, she holds him back and cries saying he’s everything to her.

After school, Jae-I meets Kang Ha and apologizes again to him saying they should pay for their crimes. She says she’s leaving to NY. As they part, he asks if she ever had feelings for him, she denies but he knows she’s lying.

At night, she meets with Ri-An and shows him the sonogram of their baby. He cries finding out and she hugs him. She lets go of the picture in the river. The next day, she takes him to In Han’s grave to apologize.

At the principal’s office, the teacher Ms. Han is reprimanded. She is told to resign and they have booked her a plane ticket. She is shown a video and suspects Woo-Jin told on her. She leaves angry.

At their friends’ meeting, Woo-Jin seems anxious and when He-Ra goes after him, she learns he’s the reason Jae-I is leaving because he told her father. He-Ra is not exactly pleased and says she didn’t hate Jae-I and loves her as a friend. As the teacher leaves, she almost drives over the two and warns Woo-Jin about it.

at night, Woo-Jin meets with Jae-I and admits he didn’t want to rat the teacher out as his father is a politician, he discovered the said pen in her car and kept it from her. He gives it Jae-I who in turn gives it to Kang Ha. He goes to police with it.

Eventually, the teacher is arrested and the bullies are interrogated again. The principal is also fired and is bitter about it but her son says he’s happy now because she no longer can do horrible things for them.

In a confrontation with her dad, Jae-I remarks she’s always been afraid of being kicked out but no more.

At school, Ri-An apologizes to Kang Ha who refuses to accept it. Ri-An’s mother holds a press conference to apologize for her son’s situation and after the videos get leaked and Ri-An ends up admitting to school violence at another hearing.

The next day, Jae-I comes to Ri-An and they skip school. They have a date and she teaches him how to ride a bike. She eventually says she’s always cared for him and loved him but its time they stop being so dependent on each other. Both say they want the other to be happy and part aways after a hug.

Things at school change a bit

The bullies no longer bully and its much calmer at school. Kang Ha still goes there. He-Ra talks to him and offers him a sandwich and he recalls how Jae-I didn’t want to eat it back then. He recalls coming to Jae-I before she left, hugging her and crying apologizing saying he wanted to be with her, she consoles him and says she’s not leaving to NY but will carve her own way. She also admits she lied when she said she never had feelings for him.

Jae-I leaves to somewhere in South Korea, a place with sun and reunites with her mother.

The end.

Netflix’s Hierarchy After Credit Ending

Kang Ha is walking the hallways, then as He-Ra enters a room, she sees the bloodied body of a student, dead on the floor. She screams. Then everyone is startled and comes in checking in on her to discover the body. As Ri-An comes in, he gets a message by someone, ‘you look shaken up, Ri-An.’ Its assumed Kang Ha sent it to him, but why and how is he related to this? fans assume he’s the person who killed that student.

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Netflix’s Hierarchy ending explained- FAQ

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