Netflix’s “Celebrity” Ending Explained- Episode 12 Recap

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Netflix’s “Celebrity” released all of its episodes today, here is a recap of the finale and its ending explained

Netflix’s “Celebrity” episode 12 recap

The episode begins with following Eun Chae, a woman who seems nice and naïve. She’s at the church and is welcomed by some people who know her. They chat a little over some tea and even bring up Seo A-Ri.

When she goes back home, we realize she’s living in a filthy place and has been recording the people’s conversations she’s been with. Turns out, she’s bbbfamous. She’s working at a massage place and has been recording the group’s conversations all this time. This is how she destroyed them and had inside info.

After the police came and saw Seo A-Ri’s friend had deepfake on and has been exposing the influencers’ world and destroying Jin Tae-Jeon, the police interrogates the brother and the friend who say there is still one last thing left to do.

Gabin society people get arrested one by one and Oh Min-Hye is told by her husband to not pack and just leave, she is then confronted by her best friend who says she’s taking her down with her after she finds out her husband is involved in all of this. She tries to beg her, but she knows its over for her too.

The police interrogate Jin Tae-Jeon who claims he’s helped that man and only delivered him to the hospital. The detective says Mr. Hwang is collaborating with the police.

While Mr. Hwang, the owner of the infamous club, is being interrogated. He’s told its not about drugs but his attempted murder of Han Jun-Kyoung. Lawyer Ahn shows up to tell him not to say a word.

As Jin Tae-Jeon takes a break in the bathroom, he’s confronted by Han Jun-Kyoung. He’s shocked to see him alive, he’s been hiding that he woke up from his coma. He tells him he’s made a deal with Lawyer Ahn and he’s now made sure Mr. Hwang admitted to assisting him in committing various crimes. He does not believe this but deep down inside he knows its over.

Meanwhile, at the spa, bbbfamous is told to take care of a special VVIP guest. When she goes there, she begins massaging her feet and then Seo A-Ri speaks, she caught her. She says she always wanted to see who that person is. She says ‘you need to be exposed for all the world to see who you are.”

She runs away from her and when confronted by Seo A-Ri and Yoon Si-Hyeon at the break room, she smashes the window and then loses her marbles. She talks about how these influencers only do what they want, and why wouldn’t they share their wealth with everyone, she laugh manically and you can tell she’s mentally unstable. She screams at them telling them they have no right to criticize her for what she did.

She then jumps off.

The police is called, luckily, she didn’t die and will serve time in jail after her injuries. As Seo A-Ri regretfully says she only wanted to correct things, Han Jun-Kyoung shows up, he hugs her.

Apparently, bbbfamous has been receiving treatment for depression, the police also got her laptop which had lots of evidence in it.

Seo A-Ri decides to visit bbbfamous’s house and see it for what it is. Yoon Si-Hyeon also sees her there and shows her a profile of all the people who support her, a famous fanpage with over 3 million followers want her to come back.

The cleaning company comes, and that tablet is still there, a man opens it and sees that profile, that man is Lee Junho, he’s playing a cameo.

Seo A-Ri walks down the street feeling free, she talks in voiceover about her humble beginnings and asks the viewers, ‘do you want to come along,’ as she says she plans on sharing her secrets.

Netflix’s “Celebrity” ending explained- FAQ

Did Seo A-Ri commit suicide? Or is she alive?

No, she did not commit suicide but she staged it. She went into hiding to plan her revenge successfully and could bring all these bad people to justice. It was also to catch bbbfamous.

Did Han Jun-Kyoung wake up from his coma or did he pass away?

Yes, he woke up. Luckily, he did not pass away after getting into a car accident because of Jin Tae-Jeon’s order.

What happened to Jin Tae-Jeon?

He was questioned by police and had his company seized. He eventually falls and receives severe punishment for all of his bad deeds.

Who is bbbfamous?

It turned out that bbbfamous is named Lee Seon Yeong, she had been going by an alias name. She’s 32 years old. She had been harassing Gabin society and Seo Ri. She had recordings of everything and was easily implicated. She faced Seo Ri eventually but she tried to commit suicide. Police later found out she’s been taking medication for depression.  

What happened to Gabin society?

They all got arrested, the girls and their husbands and will also face consequences for their actions.

Does Netflix’s “Celebrity” have a happy ending?

Yes, it did. Seo Ri brings down Jin Tae-Jeon and the Gabin society. She also finds out who bbbfamous is and confronts her too. She also ends up with Han Jun-Kyoung.

How does Netflix’s “Celebrity” end?

The last scene of Netflix’s Celebrity features the cleaning team coming to clean bbbfamous’s house. The tablet which Seo Ri was shown to tell her how much people love her and are waiting for her comeback is still there, a man opens it and sees that profile, that man is Lee Junho, he’s playing a cameo.
Seo A-Ri walks down the street feeling free, she talks in voiceover about her humble beginnings and asks the viewers, ‘do you want to come along,’ as she says she plans on sharing her secrets.

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