Netflix’s “Bloodhounds” Finale And Ending Explained- Episode 8 Recap And Review

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Netflix’s “Bloodhounds” released all of its 8 episodes earlier today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained.

Netflix’s “Bloodhounds” episode 8 recap

Kim Jae Min [cameo by Kim Min Jae] gets the phone from Kim Myeong-Gil and his boss who is Min Gang-Yong tells him he’s got a big catch. He rats him out.

After finding this out, Kim Myeong-Gil sends his men to find the grandpa, he’s onto them.

The duo then meet their informant who tells them even more information that can help them catch him.

The grandpa’s grandchild finds out they kidnapped him and insists on coming with them, she knows how to shoot arrows. They also call in Moon Gwang-Mu to save the grandpa.

They arrive at the place and get into a fight with the thugs and beat them. They end up taking two with them including Kang In-Beom. They integrate one of the men and find out the phone can destroy the evidence hidden in the safe. They set up a trap using signing the contract with Hong Min-Beom as an excuse.

However, when he arrives to sign it, he has two phones. They end up coming with a plan to have Hong Min-Beom tab into the phone to sign into the wifi so they can hack it. They get their hands on the information and destroy the hard drive.

As they try to interrogate Kang In-Beom he bites his tongue and gets transported to the hospital and they lose him.

Having caught onto this after coming home and seeing the hard drive destroyed, Kim Myeong-Gil launches an attack against the prosecutor, the hacker and his righthand man and nearly kills all of them. Min Gang-Yong is poisoned but he throws up and avoid disaster.

They get called again by Kim Myeong-Gil to come get the grandpa, the grand-daughter comes along too. They begin fighting and as they beat up the men real good, Kim Myeong-Gil becomes impatient and points a knife at the grandpa, he then gets hit with an arrow, he runs away.

After that, police arrives, they arrest EVERYONE attached to him, and he is now a grade A wanted man. He flees away.

At the hospital once things settled down, Hong Min-Beom is impatient and knows the video is still with Kim Myeong-Gil, thus, the duo decide to catch him for it. They call his previous right-hand man Lim Jang-Do who demands 1 million dollars to rat him out. He even sends them the location of the ship and they get on it.

Lim Jang-Do helps the men by providing them with the extra money to capture Kim Myeong-Gil. They set to the ship.

There, Kim Gun-Woo faces against Kim Myeong-Gil and after a long fight, wins against him. He beats him up pretty badly and then tells him if he ever sees him again, he’ll kill him.

Hong Woo-Jin takes on Kang In-Beom and also manages to beat him up.

The interpol interferes and arrests Kim Myeong-Gil as he arrives in Vietnam.

Kim Gun-Woo and Hong Woo-Jin meet Hong Min-Beom in his yacht as he takes them back. They see the gold medals that had his slush fund. They ask him to establish a fund in Mr. Choi’s name since this is what he wanted. He then gives them each two gold bars and says he would donate the amount he gave them. They’re thankful.

In the end, Kim Gun-Woo calls his mother and reunites with her at the orphanage. They duo hug the mother.

The end

Netflix’s “Bloodhounds” ending explained- frequently asked questions

Does “Bloodhounds” have a happy ending?

Yes, it has a happy ending. The duo end up capturing Kim Myeong-Gil as he escapes to Vietnam. They also manage to get gold bars for their contributions.

What happened to Mr. Choi?

He died in episode 6. Kim Myeong-Gil killed one of his righthand men and told him he’d spare his wife if he told him of the CEO’s house, he does but Kim Myeong-Gil kills his wife too. Then he comes for CEO Choi and kills him mercilessly.

Will there be a second season of “Bloodhounds”?

No, its highly unlikely that will be the case since the drama wrapped up nicely with no loose ends.

What happened to Kim Hyeon-Ju? Why did she disappear?

After the tragic death of Mr. Choi and near fatal injury of Hong Woo-Jin, Kim Hyeon-Ju decides to disappear and leave, she blames everything on herself and thinks its her fault he passed away. She cannot be reached easily.

What happened to Kim Hyeon-Ju? Why did she disappear?

After the tragic death of Mr. Choi and near fatal injury of Hong Woo-Jin, Kim Hyeon-Ju decides to disappear and leave, she blames everything on herself and thinks its her fault he passed away. She cannot be reached easily.

What did you think of “Bloodhounds” ending? did you like it or not?

Netflix’s “Bloodhounds” ending- initial thoughts

That was wrapped up nicely, super glad it did not stretch to a 2nd season.

As a first impression, I’d say this was super fun, the 6th episode definitely was the highlight for me as I had thought the drama would progress a certain way all the way through and I was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t turn out like that.

The director, who also wrote the script for the drama adaptation, did a great job. He has no prior experience writing for dramas, so for this being his first drama adaptation, I think he did great.

As for our Do Hwan, he’s amazing as per usual and shares amazing chemistry with Sang Yi, they both share a cute special bond and through his Instagram I could tell their friendship is still strong to this day. Generally speaking, Do Hwan tends to get along well with all of his co-stars, many of which remain his friends to this day including kim Min Jae who made a cameo appearance in the finale, I hated his character even though we only saw him for like 5 minutes.

Every performance in this drama was great.

Editing out Hyeon-Ju must have been difficult but they did it in a good way, although, her lack of participation in the finale is a shame, its understandable what they did. I am still glad they didn’t edit her out so much so that it affected the drama heavily, it still flows nicely for the most part. Sae Ron’s actions were wrong and I cannot condone them, but I am glad the team got to release this project.

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