Netflix’s “Black Knight” Ending Explained: Episode 6 Recap And Review

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Netflix’s “Black Knight” has aired earlier today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained!

“Black Knight” episode 6 recap

Jung Seol-Ah arrives at where the deliverymen are meeting and finds out that Ryu Seok has been polluting the atmosphere on purpose.

Later, at a place Ryu Seok is visiting, the deliverymen get ready and ambush him, 5-8 is trying to kill him, he misses him narrowly as he escapes to his bulletproof car.

Jung Seol-Ah goes to Ryu Seok’s father with the information and the investigation they conducted. She tells him what his son has done.

In retaliation for his attempted murder, Ryu Seok labels those deliverymen as terrorists and requests they get shot when arrested with the exception for Yoon Sa-Wol.

The deliverymen disperse and hide.

Ryu Seok’s father visits the grandpa, and they discuss what his son had done. The grandpa tries to convince him to leave Aircon and come back out. He agrees with this notion.

Then, the people who were taking vaccines from Cheonmyeong group are dying. The deliverymen find out Ryu Seok was trying to eliminate them on purpose. They get angry.

Meanwhile, Ryu Seok’s father signs a deal with the president to help all the refugees with the relocation plan destroying his son’s dreams.

Ryu Seok then finds out and goes to angrily confront his father, then a minister comes inside to arrest Ryu Seok. Ryu Seok then draws a gun and shoots the two guards down, he then gives the gun to his dad and asks him to shoot him to end it all instead of trying to pin it on someone else. The father says he’s not afraid of doing it, but the minister then shoots him dead.

Turns out the minister is attempting a coup with Ryu Seok.

Ryu Seok then makes the announcement that the president announcement is halted and he’s taking over. The situation gets worse.

5-8 arrives at grandpa’s place and gets the blueprint of the place, he wants to raid it and kill him.

We then find out that part of the dummies went to get vaccines so one of them goes to warn the others while a message is sent out to the rest of the deliverymen after grandpa finds out it’s the vaccine.

While rushing to warn his friends, the situation gets worse and a heated gun shot fight ensues. The delivery team manages to kill those soldiers but ‘useless’ gets killed and Yoon Sa-Wol gets arrested while trying to save his life.

As the situation became dangerous and the vaccination plans were halted after people found out it got them killed, Ryu Seok says they should just eliminate them at once.

The delivery team and Jung Seol-Ah team up and she escorts them to the location where Ryu Seok is.

Ryu Seok is getting blood transfusion from Yoon Sa-Wol when he hears the place has been raided by the deliverymen. He gets up and takes Yoon Sa-Wol hostage with him.

Jung Seol-Ah takes charge and fights her way to the central location where the president was held hostage, she then tells the minister he’s arrested for treason.

Ryu Seok can’t believe it ends like this so he decides to activate a button that kills the city by overloading the generator. Alarms blaring everywhere, 5-8 comes charging in. they get into a gun fight, Ryu Seok then gets shoved a bit by Yoon Sa-Wol who is in his chair and he gets shot, he laughs and then says ‘its all over,’ but 5-8 shoots him and says, ‘you’re not allowed to decide that.’

The entire population of the place gets evacuated.

As they leave the place explodes. We find out that Ryu Seok was still alive despite getting shot in the head but he dies when everything explodes.

After 3 months

The president announces district A construction is complete and all the refugees are now asked to enter. The system that graded people is also now abolished.

Yoon Sa-Wol is still on leave but 5-8 delivers him an oxygen package, they leave together. Yoon Sa-Wol opens the window and sees the sky has gotten clearer and they can even see the sun, the air is clearer too. Yoon Sa-Wol breathes in the air as the truck drives.

The end.

“Black Knight” ending- FAQ

What did you think of the drama’s ending? did you like it?

“Black Knight” review- initial thoughts

That was super cool, intense and nice.

First things first, I am very happy with the close ending, I am really happy Netflix was not pushing for a 2nd or 3rd season with this one. I was afraid this would be the case because the drama is on the shorter side with only six episodes, which is definitely shorter even for Korean Netflix dramas.

Overall, I was very happy with the acting, with the directing, and with the writing for the most part. I think this is a very fun binge-worthy short drama. There are some certain scenes that I felt were a bit unnecessary, but they do help set up the mood for what to come. I think the drama would have also worked well as a movie, but Making it into a drama was also not a terrible idea.

Generally speaking, Netflix produces very good k-dramas for the most part. Even on a bad day, you can rely on a Korean drama produced by Netflix to have a certain level of quality to it in terms of its production, as well as the acting, the directing and the writing.

Actor Kang You Seok definitely stands out in this drama and does a very good job opposite the most established actors we have on the project.

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I have enjoyed Black Knight. What about you guys? Did you like the ending or not? Let’s discuss in the comments section below.

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