“My Roommate Is A Gumiho” Ending Explained: Episode 16 Recap And Review

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“My Roommate Is A Gumiho” Episode 16 aired last night, many fans are curious about the ending and whether it turned out well for our couples or not.

Today, I am here to quickly recap and highlight “My Roommate Is A Gumiho” Episode 16 most pivotal moments. I’ll also discuss “My Roommate Is A Gumiho” ending and what it means. Lets go!

“My Roommate Is A Gumiho” Episode 16 recap

Does Shin Woo Yeo disappear or die? What happens to him?

Throughout the course of “My Roommate Is A Gumiho” episode 16, Woo Yeo finds out that he’s disappearing not because he’s becoming human. He decides to wait and not tell Lee Dam choosing instead to spend time with her as much as he could clinging onto her.

Woo Yeo is discussing the possibility of his disappearance with Hye Sun one night when she points out that if Lee Dam sees him disappear before her eyes it’ll be quite shocking. Thus, he asks Lee Dam to go back to her house and look after her younger brother. They hug and when he goes back home, he cries knowing that he’s disappearing soon.

Later, Lee Dam’s brother comes and asks whether ‘brother-in-law’ is leaving since he’s told him to look after her. Lee Dam then sees his face disappearing in a photo they took together and she panics. She immediately leaves her home and goes back to their house.

Meanwhile, Woo Yeo decides to be truthful with her and writes a letter because he can’t say it to her face. She calls him and asks about what he meant, as she’s crossing the street in panic, she runs into a truck, Woo Yeo appears and manages to save her and gets hit instead. Woo Yeo disappears before her eyes.

Did Lee Dam’s love for Woo Yeo save him?

Lee Dam is unable to move on from what happened and from seeing him disappear before her eyes. She reads his letter that he wrote in tears, then, she finds out that the same picture where she saw him disappear had his face now. She’s convinced he’s still alive so she rushes to the house.

However, he’s not there.

She decides to wait in his house until he comes back. She’s barely getting by but is trying her best. Hye Sun sees that so she tells her he’s asked her to delete her memories if she’s struggling too much after he disappears. He asked Hye Sun to use her marble on her, the marble that she has to make one wish with.

Hye Sun decides to tell Lee Dam about this, Lee Dam refuses to delete those memories and choose to live heartbroken than to forget him. However, you can see that Woo Yeo who appears to be in deep sleep in an unknown place hears her cry.

The next day, she wakes up and he’s there. With his sacrifice, he not only saved Lee Dam’s life but ultimately his as well. Hearing her cry woke him up. He was supposed to learn how to live, love and sacrifice. There had to be someone who wished and waited for his return and that’s exactly what happened.

What about the rest of the couples?

Hye Sun eventually tells Jae Jin she’s a gumiho, he says he doesn’t mind and will always be there for her. He also tells he’s leaving for the military, she says she’ll wait for him. Later, she decides to use her marble to grant her the wish to keep him by her side.

Sun Woo ends up leaving overseas.

Soo Kyung is still awkward around Jung Seok but as she’s greeting him one day, she stumbles and falls into his arms.

Due to an incident when some people tried to steal Seo Woo’s laptop, Lee Dam’s younger brother saves her. She then begins dating him.

“My Roommate Is A Gumiho” Episode 16 indeed had a happy ending, despite the stresses leading up to the big sacrifice, the drama ended happily.

“My Roommate Is A Gumiho” episode 16 review- final thoughts

“My Roommate Is A Gumiho” has been a fun cute drama, for the most part, there was always this nagging and pressing matter of whether Woo Yeo will become human or not, but for the most part, it was a cute drama that didn’t take itself too seriously.

I have issues with the script and even the finale, in certain areas, it feels like it’s done sloppily without much consideration for basic logic but since the drama didn’t take itself seriously either, I don’t know why I should. If it had taken itself too seriously, my tone would be different.

Did “My Roommate Is A Gumiho” deserve to be 16 episodes? That depends on the person you’re asking, I don’t think it did, but I don’t think most of whats out right now should be 16 episodes either. For those who had fun watching the drama, it was all they could ask for.

The cast chemistry is cute and I must commend the screenwriters for writing male and female friendships like that. In kdramas, you don’t see it often portrayed so nicely in such areas where men and women could have compassion for each other but it’s not because they’re in love. The overall feel of the drama was cute and the friendships truly shined. I also liked how the first male lead wasn’t toxic or controlling but rather cool and responsible. I’m sick of the trope of the wounded and aggressive male lead who thinks he can bully the female lead until he falls for her.

In the grand scheme of things, “My Roommate Is A Gumiho” is not that special in my opinion. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t stand out to me that much either, the cast does elevate the drama but without them, this might’ve not been a fun watch. When comparing it to the other dramas that came out this year, it doesn’t have anything that sets it apart in terms of production or plot.

The chemistry between Hyeri and Jang Ki Yong truly carried the drama. Hyeri’s acting is still highly debatable but in this case, she suits her character. Jang Ki Yong improved a lot and truly shined here, we’ll be seeing him soon with Song Hye Kyo, can’t wait for that. His face is enough to make anyone stick around, and for those who do because of it, I don’t honestly blame them.

The rest of the cast was good, we have some rising talents that I think we’ll be seeing more of in the future.

So what did you guys think of “My Roommate Is A Gumiho” Ending? Did you like it?

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  1. The drama lost its pace and it’s steam by episode 12, in my view. From 12 to 16, it was something like:” omigosh, how to finish this plot”? I think it could have been more dramatic, more interesting – instead, Jang Ki Young’s disappearance lasted 2 sec and resumed to a sitting in a chair in a middle of a water or smth. Haeri – she is still acting as if it is a school drama, somebody should tell her that this is not. She could have elevated her character, but not, it stayed at the level of a naive silly girl. Overall I think it is either that this genre (fantasy) has its limits or they did not have a big budget to make better. Feels like the missed opportunity, but the chemistry between the leads, very good second leads and beautiful faces saved the day))

  2. There is no “wish box” or similar on this website, so I am sorry to leave this comment here :), but I recently discovered the drama “On the verge of insanity” and I’d like to recommend it to watch and also recommend for your review. In my view it stands out, it’s our real life story…so those who like the fantasy or romcoms will have to took away, but it is so well done, written and directed by some mature people I’d say. Will be waiting for your view ))

  3. My Roomate is a Gumiho distanced me somewhat because of the leads. Yes, there was chemistry, but likely only because of the director and the actors input. The script didn’t help at all. I could never understand why our very mature “Sir” would be atracted to a girl who acted more like she was in high school, was messy, ate ugly and yelled at people. I know “Sir” smiled at her lot, (he was never given that much in-depth dialogue with her) but I never bought into why. Yes, writer made him smile at her while she acted immature, but I didn’t fall for her until we saw her apologize to him and mature a bit; but sadly that happened too late for me. As for Jang Ki Yong, he also wasn’t given a great part to spread his wings with. He’s such a low-key guy anyway that sometimes it was painful to see how passive he was…always in listening mode when she was around. Not until the last episode did we see him lighten up. Yes ok, it’s because he was turning human, but it took so long to get there that I was actually bored by his constant lack of input in their lives or even his empy facial or physical reactions. I know this is the age of the “nice guy” and you said you prefer that to the old arrogant CEO archetype, but somehow, the tension in this drama rested only on the idea that he might not become human in time. If he had been less passive and more headstrong & confident (as I thought most Gumihos would likely be), there would have been more character layers and tension between them that they could unravel together. The writer kept our main lead unchanged right to the end, although she did brighten up “Sir’s” character at least. Could be Hyeri, but I often had to cringe at her antics. But then what DID I like? All the secondary characters and their seperate relationships. The writer has a good handle on how to do plot twists, like learning that her feamle BFF had a crush on their male BFF. My favourite couple was my dream mix for a romantic couple. The gorgeous pampered ex-gumiho falling for the nice ‘easy to tame guy’ who was sloppy but so kind-hearted abd caring, was awesome. For some reason it was the male & female lead who didn’t vibe with me. But all that being said, it’s not a horrible series at all, just not one that will be memorable.

  4. Please who knows the type of PC lee dam was using in the series, would like to get one for myself, is there anyone who can help me with the name?

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