“My Perfect Stranger” Ending Explained- Episode 16 Recap

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“My Perfect Stranger” has concluded its run earlier today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained!

“My Perfect Stranger” episode 16 recap

The episode begins with Hae-Joon and Yoon-Young using the car to travel back in time but they have not been successful. The car is still not fixed. They go back home, drink a bit and then talk about how its not too shabby to stay in this timeline.

During their drinking conversation, he brings up a phone call he got from a man who told him he’s the only one who could do it. The call got cut off as he hit Yoon-Young. They also suspect someone planted that car for him to steal.

Principal Yoon Byung-Goo goes to see Yoon-Young’s parents and apologize to them for what his son had done. They’re not that pleased by the father says he’s thankful he reported his son, it must’ve not been easy.

The next day, Yoon-Young watches other Hae-Joon struggling to fix the car. At night, he goes to see his grandpa and talk to him, the grandpa is happy, he tells him he is thankful for what he’s done and that he’s fine.

When he goes back home, Hae-Joon talks to Yoon-Young and then she suggests he goes fishing with him and have fun for the things they couldn’t do in the future. So he does. When he’s there, he asks his grandpa to take him fishing when he’s young so he could bond with him better. He also tells him not to skip any meals and to stop drinking.

At the park, Yoon-Young meets her parents, her father ends up teaching her how to ride a bicycle. They have fun during the picnic together.

As the night draws close and Hae-Joon drops off his grandpa, a mysterious young figure appears. A cameo by [Jung Jinyoung], the man says he’s his son. He hugs him. Hae-Joon is stunned.

The next day, Hae-Joon goes to see his mother who is about to abandon him, he tells her not to feel shame for what she’s about to do and to leave him with grandpa. He says her son won’t hate her in the future and that she should look after herself.

After finishing this, Hae-Joon tells Yoon-Young he met the person who gave him the time machine and fixed it, she’s happy and when she asks for details he does not give her any.

They travel back to the year 2021.

Once they get there, their phones start working. Yoon-Young gets a call from her mother. She goes back to their home and sees they have a huge house and her father can use both his legs normally. They both happily welcome her back.

Turns out, Yoon-Young’s mother became a successful writer and Yoon-Young is her editor. She helps out a lot.

One day, Yoon-Young runs into the older Ko Mi-Sook, she wonders if she’s fine.

With a flashback, we find out that Yoon-Young and Hae-Joon son was the person who gave them the time machine, he’s also the one who fixed it. His dad didn’t die, he almost did. There was a loophole he missed, his son wanted to give him another chance to fix things, and he did. So he helped him fix the machine so he could go back to the present.

Hae-Joon meets Yoon-Young who is very happy to see him. they walk on the beach and she asks if its possible they could go back to the past because tomorrow is May 16, he says yes, so they grab the car the next day and travel back to May 16, 1987. Its the day of the first murder in the village, they presumably go back to stop his dad from committing the first crime.

The end.

“My Perfect Stranger” ending explained- frequently asked questions

Does “My Perfect Stranger” have a happy ending?

Yes it does, the killer was caught and brought to justice. Hae-Joon and Yoon-Young manage to go back to the present too.

How does “My Perfect Stranger” end?

The ending scene of the drama shows Hae-Joon meeting Yoon-Young who is very happy to see him at the beach, he recalls what their son told him. they walk on the beach and she asks if its possible they could go back to the past because tomorrow is May 16, he says yes, so they grab the car the next day and travel back to May 16, 1987.

Do the leads manage to go back to the present in “My Perfect Stranger”?

Yes, they did.

Who is the killer in “My Perfect Stranger”?

The killer is Hae-Joon’s father Yoon Yeon-Woo. He was brought to justice in episode 15.

Have you seen the ending of “My Perfect Stranger”? did you like it or not?

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  1. I think they may 16 is the time that they can go back to the exact date of the same event in 1987, where they can stay there for about month which what happened to them. If you remember the last episode when Haejoon goes back to his grandfather house there is marks to June 16. Which is the exact date that of his come back to the present time.

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