Netflix’s “My Name” Finale: Recap And Ending Explained

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Netflix’s “My Name” has been released earlier today worldwide on Netflix. Today, we’re here to recap “My Name” final episode and explain its ending.

My Name” tells the story of a woman named Yoon Ji Woo’s (Han So Hee) whose father dies suddenly, she wants to avenge his death and find out who’s behind it. She works for a drug crime group Dongcheonpa. Choi Moo Jin (Park Hee Soon) is the boss of the drug gang, he helps her uncover the reason behind her father’s death. Yoon Ji Woo joins the police department to become a mole for the drug group, she gets assigned to work in the drug investigation unit in the police department where she meets her partner Detective Jeon Pil Do (Ahn Bo Hyun).

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Here is what happened plus my thoughts on it.

“My Name” Ending Explained

Does Cha Gi Ho survive?

Cha Gi Ho wakes up at the hospital around the time that Mu Jin gets arrested.

He doesn’t die and lives to explain to Pildo why Ji Woo did what she did.

Does Ji Woo escape police?

Yes, she escapes. After getting visited by Mu Jin’s lawyer, she gets told she won’t go to prison, the lawyer threatens police and demands they offer her treatment or else she’ll leak information about a mole being part of the police.

While getting treated at the hospital, Ji Woo escapes with the help of a nurse who turns out to have been the woman who overdosed in the drama’s early episode, she recalled who saved her life and decides to give Ji Woo her car keys. After fighting with the police, she escapes.

Does Jeon PilDo find out the truth?

Yes, he does. He visits his captain who explains Ji Woo was merely a puppet who got tricked. He goes after Ji Woo and handcuffs himself to her and they both escape the gang members.

They both get into a fight and Ji Woo says she will kill Mu Jin because its her life purpose, without it, she’s done everything for nothing.

Does Jung Tae-Joo die?

Yes, he gets killed at the hand of Ji Woo in episode 7. Mu Jin is utterly heartbroken and is waiting for Ji Woo to come so he could kill her. He buries him in this episode.

Did Ji Woo and Jeon Pildo fall in love?

Yes, they did. Pildo tries his best to convince her not to kill him for revenge and that the best way to get him is to put him behind bars. The two seek refuge in a secluded location Pildo knows and sleep together. The next morning, Pildo drives her to the police station. She agrees to testify against Mu Jin.

Is Jeon Pildo dead?

Yes. At the street across from the police station, Jeon Pildo is assuring Ji Woo that he will be by her side and do whatever he can to help her out. She’s prepared for what will come. Sadly, Mu Jin shows up in a motorbike and shoots him in the head, he dies immediately in Ji Woo’s arms.

Ji Woo escapes and arms herself with her gun and a knife. She makes her way to his hotel to kill him.

Does Mu Jin die?


Mu Jin and Ji Woo have a fight to the death. Mu Jin says it’ll only end with one of them dead, they use knives for most of the fight and they injure each other pretty bad. Ji Woo ends up stabbing him in an area that he was stabbed in previously. He stumbles upon her gun and fires but its almost empty, he misses it and she stabs him one last time and kills him.

Ji Woo escapes the hotel and gets out before the police comes. She’s injured but can walk out of there.

Does Ji Woo die?

No, she didn’t die.

At the end of the episode, it appears that some time has passed, Ji Woo shows up at her father’s and mother’s graves with their names written correctly on it. She also has a photoshopped picture of herself in uniform alongside her father.

She also visits Pildo’s grave. The camera pans out and she’s alive, she’s colored her hair differently but somehow survived.

The end.

What did you think of “My Name” ending? did you like it or not?

“My Name” ending- review

Netflix’s “My Name” was a fun watch, not shocking by any stretch of the imagination but it was well made.

The story is okay, it resembles many stories of police officers infiltrating a gang to bring them down from within. If you watch a lot of dramas or movies about such topics, then this one might’ve felt average.

I don’t know why but I was under the impression that Ji Woo’s father was a detective the moment I saw the first episode and I knew almost immediately that Mu Jin was his killer so while watching the drama, I was surprised that it played in that direction because it was so expected.

This meant that in my POV, this drama was average in terms of plot. Nothing really surprised me. This doesn’t mean I had a bad time, but it was wayyy more expected than I ever thought it would be.

It was also obvious Gi Ho was merely trying to help her out as well.

Also, the moment I saw how Ji Woo and Pildo hooked up, I knew he was going to die in a bit. I was anticipating that moment. The screenwriter plays into every possible cliché you’d imagine from such type of plots.

The only thing that remotely shocked me was the fact that Ji Woo didn’t kill herself. I expected her to do so because she’s done for, and with the death of a man she fell in love with, I didn’t assume she’d want to stay alive.

I found the ending to be rather puzzling in that regard, I don’t understand what it was supposed to mean when it was obvious that Ji Woo was deeply injured. We didn’t get a proper conclusion to what happened to the investigation. We didn’t see her get punished for killing those men at all.

I sympathize with her struggles but I would’ve loved for her to either serve time in jail or be killed off. That way would be the better ending. I understand killing off Pildo but to leave the main character that saw so many terrible things happen and ignored them for the sake of her father’s revenge, it didn’t sit well with me that they never showed us exactly what happened with her.

But can I talk about Park Hee-Soon? This actor is AMAZING. He doesn’t do dramas often but his portrayal of the typical gang lord was amazing, he gave his character such depth despite not having much interesting things to work with. I was mesmerized by his performance. Han So Hee was also good, her acting in this drama will be enough to disprove those who think she can’t act. I think she did well. Ahn Bo Hyun was also amazing, it was nice seeing him play the nice character after a while, he was so cute and lovable. I felt so bad for his character.

Overall, I think “My Name” was fun and I think the majority will love it.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. Yes although the script is predictable and a little cliche, I think the execution is amazing and will make this drama series very successful. I tend to really go in-depth when it comes to writing, just because it’s ‘just entertaining’ doesn’t really cut it for me. The actors were amazing, the scenes were attention hooking, I’m really mesmerized by how well this series turned out. A typical story could still be made thrilling, cheers to the director.

    The ending might have been made intentionally inconclusive because the entire story is about taking revenge, and a woman at that. A woman taking revenge, whose life was built out of pure conviction to kill the person who took her father’s life away. Or maybe to kill the guilt for being the reason her father had to die on her birthday. Ji woo was portrayed as eerily calm, almost numb to the pain and guilt of her father’s death. So numb that she endured years of hardship and training, only to join hands with her father’s killer, infiltrate her father’s workplace and then get tricked by the one who gave her life meaning. She then becomes the monster her father worked so hard to bring down.
    The drug lord acted by Park Hee-Soon, was brutal but human. Hurt from the friendship, he uses his ex-bestfriend’s daughter and teaches her to become the weapon strong enough to rival him and perhaps kill him, ending his misery of this world of constant betrayal. And yet, the right hand man, Taeju acted by Lee Hak-Ju, fell out of the spotlight both from being unrecognized by Mujin, and also the viewers when he died. Mujin complains everyone betrayed him, but he failed to see the ones who have been loyal to him. Somehow what triggers me the most was how the story puts him in a nicer light. He may sell drugs and give out slaps and scars but throughout the drama, I only felt sympathetic to him and his struggles. A bad man moulded with his own values, sprinkle in some forgotten humanity and friendship, and voila, a human. The writer really makes us love the bad guy.

    Maybe the growing fondness of Jiwoo and the drinking of the chamomile tea thing was what made me wonder if the character himself got lost in his own plans. I do not believe for a second he thought his plans could follow through and Jiwoo would remain clueless and continued working for her father’s killer. I think he had planned it so that she would kill him. There are no subtleties in the foreshadowing of what was to come. Jiwoo was meant to kill mujin, the writer made it clear. We say it predictable, but it was more like the title of the chapter we forgot to read.

    We tend to search for plot twists in the story, but this story was meant to be about a girl becoming the monster her stepdad wishes her to be. A very impressive girl, who is just as capable of taking revenge as any male lead. My name, should really be named as ‘My conviction’.

    Can’t wait to see the pride flag revenge game next. I wonder how that would look like.

    1. such a beautiful comment. Its a very interesting way to look at it. Whether writer intentions were that or not, your perspective was a lot of fun to read. A part of me does think that he might have wanted to die deep down inside but I wished we could have seen more of what led him to this decision of raising someone like that to ultimately kill him when he could just do it himself.

  2. I am sure that Mujin wanted her to kill him. Even if her father betrayed him, he was still holding it dear, all their memories, laughs, fights, and he kept the lighter (instead of throwing it away as a reminder of a traitor), he kept the lighter as a reminder of his best friend but realizing that he was a traitor he couldn’t help but kill her dad and because he truly loved him, he did train her, so she can kill him one day, so he will be freed from his guilt, he did not want to die from the hands of another person, the only death he was waiting for was from the knife he gave to her. I hate the fact that they shot the movie in a way it made me love Mujin and I got sad that he ended up like that. I knew from the beginning that he killed the dad, I knew that he was a cold killer, narco dealer but somehow I loved him and didn’t want him to die from her hands as if there was some hope that maybe she could forgive him and he’d feel the true love and honesty for the first time. I can’t blame him that much for killing her dad cause let’s not forget who Mujin is and that he figured out that his best friend for 10 years is a traitor who pretends just to put him in prison, that’s a deep pain. Killing detective was very sad, he was the only one who shouldn’t be killed. After his death I thought Jiwoo will go to him and when Mujin will think she’ll kill him, she’d actually kill herself(1stly to hurt Mujin cause he loved her, 2ndly to show him that she won’t become the monster he wanted, so he will completely loose) I’m sure Mujin was going to be completely crushed if she killed herself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m against suicide, it’s just that after detectives death, she didn’t have anyone to live for, so she could have killed herself to win over Mujin’s desire to make her a monster. Anyway, the movie made me wonder how I can truly care for such an evil character. Detectives death wasn’t necessary, at least they could’ve shoot him in a way he’d have a chance to survive. So there’d be a motivation for her to stay alive. Anyway, 8 episodes made me think about the ways we perceive how things should be just because we like someone (even if that someone is a bad character).

  3. My interpretation of the ending is that Ji-woo puts her own fake ashes in the family grave and locks it up. Her mother’s ashes were originally there, and she transferred her father’s ashes midway through the series. What it symbolizes to me is the death of her original identity/name as Ji-woo, whose official death was fabricated earlier when she left Mu-jin’s gang to join the police. Her putting a lock on the gravesite cemented that she truly killed her Ji-woo persona by seeking out revenge and giving into the monster inside, in my opinion. I think Ji-woo also killed off her Hye-jin detective identity (note her changed hair color) because she’s accomplished her goal of revenge – hence, no jail time or consequences for the damage she’s done. Maybe she will move forward with no name or identity and try to live freely.

    1. Initially i was wondering if that signified the death of the life she wanted to leave behind and finally living.

      If the grave mentions its for the 2 alias of his father. Could it be thats the 2 different lives of her father?

  4. Terrible ending! This is the problem with K drama! They always have a sad ending. Was it really necessary to kill of phildo?????????????? Just make him hurt etc NOT replay value

  5. I feel maybe Mujin was gay and in love with the dad? Why else did he follow him and become obsessed with him to the point of keeping the pic and lighter even after knowing of the betrayal? Because he was a mob moss he clearly couldn’t ever reveal his true feelings of being gay. He also had no romantic relationships and even treated the hot lawyer lady indifferently. I think Taeju knew he was gay and also loved him! lol

  6. the story is good but i cant believe her mother was NEVER mentioned in the story. its like she just appeared in this world with her father lol. how could they omit her mother’s character in the story? its unbelievable, its the only thing that makes me not like the story.

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