“My Lovely Liar” Ending Explained- Episode 16 Recap And Review

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The tvN drama “My Lovely Liar” has wrapped up its run earlier today, let us go through its finale and explain its ending!

“My Lovely Liar” episode 16 recap

The episode begins with Sol-Hee’s mother parging into her daughter’s café, she saw her husband’s video and found out he thought she cheated on him. she’s upset because she didn’t do it.

On the next day, Ethan is invited to Do-Ha’s house, he makes him listen to a song he recorded just for him. he asks him to sing it, he wants to work with him on an album.

Meanwhile, Cho-Rok tells O-Baek she wants them to stay friends, Sol-Hee was there to witness it.

Sol-Hee feels conflicted, she tells her boyfriend Do Ha that she’s confused because she can’t hear lies, he tells her that she should believe what she wants to believe, that’s how he got peace.

On another day, Gang-Min goes to see Sol-Hee in her café, he talks to her briefly saying he cannot be friends with her anymore. He came to say goodbye to her, he’s thankful to her.

Meanwhile, Do Ha works on Ethan’s album along with his friend too and they’re busy bouncing off ideas and arguing about how to make the songs.

Chi-Hoon tells Sol-Hee he wants to quit to work for Syaon.

At night, the couple are folding laundry when Sol-Hee’s mother shows up. She had seen her husband accidentally while with the man she’s supposed to marry. She tells her daughter she wants to talk to her ex-husband. So both go to see him the next morning.

The parents get into a huge argument despite Sol Hee’s efforts to make them get back together, Sol Hee yells telling them to stop arguing and leaves saying she cannot hear people’s lies anymore.

At his home, Do Ha’s mother shows up, she apologizes to him for not being the best mother, she also asks him to introduce his girlfriend to her if they ever get married. She’ll be punished for her crimes as per the law.

Syaon becomes the puppet CEO of Jo Deuk-Chan’s agency for now.

The next day, Sol Hee’s father realizes he was harsh on the mother and comes to his daughter, he wants to get back with the mother. He is officially introduced to Do Ha and he undergoes transformation, he dresses nicely and goes to see the mother who is supposedly meeting with her future husband and his sister.

Sol Hee watches from afar, the mother initially rejects the father’s offer in front of the other man, but now, Sol Hee can hear lies again, she confronts her mother saying she knows she’s lying. They end up getting back together.

She moves in together with him in the wilderness, then, the same reporter who interviewed him comes back to try his noodles, she suggests he opens a restaurant. The wife sees an opening.

Ethan makes his solo debut and it’s a huge success.

In 2024

An award ceremony is being held and Do Ha attends, he ends up receiving the award for best composer. He then celebrates with his neighborhood friends.

The next day, he visits Jo Deuk-Chan who is in prison. Jo Deuk-Chan tells him how his ex-girlfriend wrote a message to him asking him to be well thanking him for their time together, essentially coming to accept they’re over.

Syaon has a somewhat flirtatious relationship with Chi-Hoon, she calls him cute and points out how fans think they suit each other.

Sol Hee’s parents end up opening up a restaurant and it’s a huge success.

On one night, Do Ha goes to see Sol Hee in her café and proposes to her using tarot card that has ‘marry me’ written on it. She accepts. He also purchases tickets so they can watch football together.

At night, Sol Hee writes a group email to all her VIP clients, despite being able to hear lies again she’s decided against it. She wants to live happily and normally and will not be taking cases anymore. She wants to live focusing on things she loves and trusts.

“My Lovely Liar” ending explained- FAQ

Did “My Lovely Liar” have a happy ending?

Yes, it does. The killer was caught and brought to justice. Do Ha and Sol hee ended up getting married.

How does “My Lovely Liar” end?

The ending scene of “My Lovely Liar” shows Sol Hee and Do Ha riding on a bus similar to the first time they met, Sol Hee says people think they’re a rabbit and a fox, they briefly argue over whose who. They’re both happy together riding the bus.

Who was the killer in “My Lovely Liar”?

It was Jo Deuk-Chan the CEO of J Entertainment.

What happens to Lee Gang-Min?

He tells Sol Hee he cannot be friends with her anymore, he wishes her the best and says goodbye.

Did Syaon and Chi-Hoon end up dating?

No, but they’re flirting.

“My Lovely Liar” episode 16 review- final thoughts

It was definitely a cute drama and that was a super cute non-rushed ending. Seriously, the type of ending writing I’ve been wanting to see more of. Kudos to the rookie screenwriter who did a lot of things correctly in terms of writing, in my opinion.

While the drama had some difficult scenes, it still felt super cute and warm. This is the type of the drama that’ll leave you feeling fuzzy and happy to have seen it.

There are several things I liked about it including how there was no forced dumb ‘breakup’ in episode 14 which is usually the norm in every romantic drama these days. There was also not much forced drama with the 2nd male lead either.

The ending was written VERY well and all loose ends were accounted for. It was a treat ending.

I wouldn’t say the writing has been perfect in every aspect and there were some areas that I felt could have used a bit more thinking, but overall, it was a nice, sweet watch. Definitely something you can easily binge watch and enjoy.

The cast seems to be having fun, the atmosphere is chill. I didn’t personally think So Hyun and Minhyun shared the best chemistry, they more so had siblings’ vibes in my opinion, but it was not bad.

This is my 2nd time seeing Minhyun in a drama and I think he can become a huge kdrama star one day. He still needs a bit more practice when it comes to the emotionally charged scenes specifically, but he’s good for an idol-actor who started taking this route seriously recently. I can see him improving with each project. I think he needs to connect more with his feelings and be more expressive when it comes to deep emotional scenes but that’s a personal opinion. I still think he did well and held his weight as the main male lead just fine.

So what did you guys think of “My Lovely Liar” ending?

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