“My Dearest” Part 1 Ending Explained- Finale And Episode 10 Recap

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My Dearest” part 1 has concluded its run earlier today, let us discuss the drama’s finale for its first part!

“My Dearest” episode 10 recap

The episode begins with Won-Moo having lunch and he sits down with Gil-Chae, he asks for her hands in marriage, but she rejects him immediately. He says she knows he’s dead, but she counters with, ‘you know we’re not meant together.’ she leaves.

Gil-Chae’s father runs away from home and his daughter goes after him, Won-Moo sees to bring her father back to her. He then assures the father that there are no intruders and they’re safe.

The next day, Won-Moo asks Gil-Chae if she’s ok, but he unexpectedly catches on fire, a part of his attire, she puts down the fire and tends to his wounds, with his bare back, she discovers the wounds he sustained defending them. She asks him why he never admitted it and he reluctantly says its cause he felt shy.

He holds her hands as she leaves asking again for her hands in marriage, but she puts it away. She explains people like when she smiles but don’t like the other aspects of her personality and they shy away from that, she says she’s not going to change at all.

Won-Moo then sees Ryang-Eum and tells him he’s having a wedding soon and he should sing at his wedding, he’s a bit reluctant.

As she’s leaving, she sees Ryang-Eum and follows him, she asks if Jang-Hyun died a painless death or not. He reluctantly says yes.

His royal highness feels change in the atmosphere of the court about his son the crown prince. He finds out he’s coming back to the town and will greet him. he’s sick but powers through, the crown prince shows up and hugs his father, they both cry in each other’s hands.

At night, after the issue with the king and crown prince got resolved, Jang-Hyun and his helper are walking the streets at night and they find out that Gil-Chae is getting married. When she goes outside to greet people, she sees his face, both are utterly shocked.

Later that same night, they meet and discuss whats going on.

He asks her if can’t she live one day without a man, she says yes, he counters with if she needed a man she can use him. she says she can’t be with a man who means nothing he says. She leaves, they’re both fighting tears.

He sees her talking to her future husband and then explains he was the one who saved them that day in the islands, she is not quite happy with this and asks why he lied back then, he explains he felt guilty and shy about how she nearly died because of him so he denied it. She is not happy with this and leaves.

The servants then explain to him how she was convinced he died and how she cried holding his vest. He finds out Ryang-Eum lied about this, he confronts him and Ryang-Eum says he didn’t mean to but then explains she’s ‘bad’ luck to him, he pushes him to the wall and is clearly furious, Ryang-Eum goes down to his knees and begs for forgiveness but says he stands by his choice.

The couple meet again and discuss the situation again. Gil-Chae says she cannot wait for a man who left without permission, she says she was wrong for doing that. She says its too late anyways and tries to leave, he stops her and says whatever she’s thinking of now doesn’t matter to him, he holds her hands and says she needs to be his, he hugs her and tells her she should run away with him, he’ll get a boat and they’ll leave together. Yeon-Joon sees them and is not particularly thrilled to hear this.

The next day, Yeon-Joon and Jang-Hyun meet. They exchanged a heated discussion. He tells him he’s like the wind and if he were to leave again, what will she do? He says if she were to leave everything behind her to run away with him, she’ll never be happy. Jang-Hyun delivers a blow to him, he tells him he secretly still hopes she cares for him even though he married Eun-Ae while knowing well Gil-Chae cared for him, all because he knew he couldn’t handle her.

Yeon-Joon punches him.

Today marks the day before Gil-Chae and Won-Moo are scheduled to get married and as they’re having fun Jang-Hyun shows up.

Jang-Hyun meets with Gil-Chae and says he’ll leave her if she wants another man besides him, he’ll let go but if not, she should leave with him. Won-Moo sees she’s not there so he goes to look for her, Eun-Ae follows behind and prevents him from seeing them discussing.

Gil-Chae cries hearing Jang-Hyun talk and says she’s always been there, she never left, she missed him dearly, he cries too and hugs her surprised and happy to learn she missed him. he then takes her hand and they both run away.

They find a place to stay that has one single room.

Won-Moo catches on that something is wrong and sets with his men to find her. They search everywhere for her.

Eun-Ae and Jong Jong find them and go to see them. Jang-Hyun puts on the wedding shoes next to her feet to measure if they’re right.

Eun-Ae warns Gil-Chae from a certain place and tells her she’ll be there for her.


Meanwhile, Won-Moo finds out she’s been distressed after seeing a man, he talks to Yeon-Joon who tries to smooth the situation but Won-Moo is mad about this and says he’ll find the man and kill him and deal with her too.

During that same night, Gil-Chae’s father panics and sets to look for her, Won-Moo sets him free hoping that maybe she’ll come back looking for him. the next day, she writes a note for Jang-Hyun telling him to wait by the boat, as she needs to check on her father one last time. She sees him looking for her everywhere and then holds him. she assures him she’s fine and will be going away for a bit, and that he shouldn’t skip meals. He tells her she’s worked hard looking after him and he’s thankful, right then, Won-Moo catches up, he sees her and sees she’s hiding her shoes. She feels bad.

Thus, she decides to ditch her plans to escape, she goes back to her house.

Jang-Hyun can tell he’s been stood up, he goes to her place and sees her smiling talking to Won-Moo. He’s given letter from her where she explains she wavered for a bit but does not trust or love him enough to leave with him, she asks him to forget about her if he has any affection left for her. He throws away the letter and the shoes he gave her from the boat as he’s leaving. She watches from afar and Ryang-Eum sees that too.


2 years later in Simyang

People are being slaughtered and killed by armed men, a mysterious woman is also hunting these people she aims at them, Jang-Hyun sees her and aims at her horse’s feet, she falls down and he catches her, he then wants to take off the mask she’s wearing, she stops him, they have a tense moment starring into each other’s eyes as she’s fallen into his lap.

The end.

“My Dearest” ending explained- FAQ

How does “My Dearest” part 1 ends?

No, it did not. Jang-Hyun and Gil-Chae did not end up together after all. He left without her.

Does “My Dearest” part 1 have a happy ending?

The final scenes shows people being killed in Simyang two years after the couple’s relationship fell apart, People are being slaughtered and killed by armed men, a mysterious woman is also hunting these people she aims at them, Jang-Hyun sees her and aims at her horse’s feet, she falls down and he catches her, he then wants to take off the mask she’s wearing, she stops him, they have a tense moment starring into each other’s eyes as she’s fallen into his lap.

Did Jang-Hyun and Gil-Chae end up together?

Not they did not, they separated. While Gil-Chae did run away with him initially, she concluded she couldn’t do this to her family, so she decided to stay behind as he left.

Why did Gil-Chae break up with Jang-Hyun?

Jang-Hyun is given letter from her where she explains she did waver for a bit but does not trust or love him enough to leave with him so she did not, she asks him to forget about her if he has any affection left for her.

Did Gil-Chae marry Won-Moo?

Its presumed they did because the last scenes of the 1st part show them still preparing for their wedding busily after she almost ran away.

“My Dearest” part 2- when will it air?

“My Dearest” part 1 has concluded its run today, according to MBC, “My Dearest” part 2 is slated to air some time this coming October, however, the exact premiere date has not been yet announced. If its announced, we’ll update this section to reflect the change!

What did you think of “My Dearest” part 1 ending?

“My Dearest” Part 1 ending review

I mean, that’s a realistic ending albeit extremely sad.

I get it, people are upset and quite honestly I can see why but I thought that ending was sort of justified.

If Jang Hyun has a terrible track record of keeping promises or being there then it’s a problem, especially back then, it wouldn’t be plausible to run away with him, she did well choosing her family over him. from a sensical POV, it made more sense.

Now, if you love the couple as I am sure most do, this was probably a punch in the guts and I get it, totally makes sense why this ending received so much backlash.

The drama’s 2nd part is airing this October, so the drama’s full episodes count is 20, of course it wouldn’t make sense to make the main couple end up together like that at episode 10 when there is 10 more to go. Where do you go from there?

The great Lee Chung Ah joined the cast, and she always shares such great chemistry with Namgoong Min so it’ll be tense I am sure. I wonder if she’s added as a potential rival to Gil-Chae.

I don’t know how My Dearest will end, and generally speaking, Korean screenwriters don’t mind giving us sad endings for historical kdramas more so that regular ones so it could possibly end unfavorably to those who loved the main couple.

Let us see how this goes.

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