“Mouse” Episode 7 And 8 Review- Things Take A Weird Turn, How Many Killers Will There Be In This Drama?

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“Mouse” Episode 7 And 8 are here and again, I am back to discuss the madness and why I am both fascinated but getting scared this might take a terrible turn.

“Mouse” Episode 7 was probably the least shocking among all the episodes that aired this far, but, it also laid the foundation to whats to come as we approach the second half.

Note: this will be a spoiler review of the said episodes in the title. This is a subjective review.

“Mouse” Episode 7 review

I must say, I am both surprised and sad they killed off Sung Yo Han’s character. I found the actor to be amazing for the role and I wanted to see more of him, I understand we’ll continue to get flashbacks as the story gets properly fleshed out but I was still shocked they killed him off so soon.

I saw some people in the comments talking about how Bong Yi killed him, while that became apparent to be yet another misdirection, it was kinda clear she wouldn’t have killed him. She doesn’t have it in her.

I still think Sung Yo Han is a murderer but I am not sure he is THE serial killer we’re looking for. I think he’s also been falsely accused of certain things he didn’t do. I also think he’s been looking for Jung Ba Reum, some people suggested they could’ve been switched at birth or something but the birth dates of the two mothers don’t quite match.

I started to suspect Choi PD in “Mouse” Episode 7. I just remembered, the serial killer headhunter used a little girl to lure in victims, I think that was her. She could also be his daughter from another woman or the daughter of his partner serial killer [I’ll explain this below].

Now, the memory loss trope of Jung Ba Reum annoyed me a bit because I find it annoying when writers use it, but in this case and with the severity of the attack against him, it makes sense. He had three brain surgeries and it’s possibly one of the very few times I agree with a memory loss trope used in a kdrama in a while.

Its nice to piece things together again with him as he figures out whether he’s a psychopath or not.

I found it weird how he killed a bird as soon as he got up, but they just kinda brushed it off but keep bringing up this ‘bad’ feeling around him. I will discuss my theory on his involvement below but like I said in my previous reviews. I think he is a psychopath or has multi-personality disorder. I’ll explain why below.

“Mouse” episode 8 review

This episode was CRAZZZYYY. I keep saying this about almost every episode in this drama, but I had lots of fun watching this episode, although it was ruined in the last 5 minutes.

I wanna say ‘I told you so’ again because I suspected it, there are many serial killers in this drama, and considering the runtime, I think we’re yet to be introduced officially to the ‘IT’ serial killer. They’re investigating more and more and finding out even more clues that not every murder the headhunter has been charged with was his doing. This is a very interesting twist.

Choi PD is very suspicious and in episode 8, it almost feels like she’s trying to ‘cleanse’ herself from her sins. I suspect the headhunter was using her as a little kid to lure in victims [refer to episode 1].

I think in the case of Jung Ba Reum, something happened to him as a child that changed him. If he’s truly a psychopath, there is no way around it. He’s either putting on an act and killing people or he’s genuinely has a nice character [one of them] but has multi-personality disorder, which explains the contrast and he dissociated from his younger self that probably committed crimes and has devoted his other self to help out others.

One of the things I found a bit annoying with this episode has to be Bong Yi again being attacked by a serial killer. Just how many more times will she be attacked by a serial killer ? And there is the other criminal who is also following her and wants her… is it all for plot conveniences or intentional? I’d like to think it is intentional but that doesn’t seem to be the case. She’s just becoming this character that needs a saving. She does try her best but she was able to overpower that guy because he is smaller than the average man.

I am happy tho that Jung Ba Reum remembered Bong Yi, I am curious to see if their relationship evolves now that she is of legal age and its a bit less questionable.

In regards to who killed the detective’s little daughter, I think it’s Choi PD and I think her father is a serial killer, somehow related to these events from the sides. He might’ve known the headhunter too, that’s my guess.

I am; again; shocked another serial killer was killed and I like how layered the drama is. Its the fact that not all the affected family members ever attempt to live their lives and some seek revenge. I think the second act will focus on Moo Chi in prison but I think he’ll be eventually cleared, it won’t easily be covered up.

Now onto the elephant in the room and what I personally disliked because it presents a possibility that would ruin the drama for me.

Brain transplant- ludacris

Now this is where I start to get pretty…. Whats the word I can use here? …. partially sad and partially disappointed.

In kdramaland, we suspend our beliefs and to a certain extent, its warranted, especially in the case of fantasy dramas. “Mouse” is set in ‘the normal’ world, the only key difference is that in this hypothetical world, you can tell who will grow up to be a psychopath by their DNA.

Its about nature versus nurture, its a bit far of a stretch but has some truth to it. That not every psychopath becomes a murderer, but many of the infamous serial killers are indeed psychopaths.

HOWEVER, brain transplant surgery is an entirely different realm. I spit my drink and screamed hearing the last words of Ba Reum, I hope to god this is just another misdirection because it would be very sad if it isn’t.

Medically speaking, no one has been able to transplant a brain from one person to the other, not even partially, so already, if “Mouse” is set in the real world, this wouldn’t make an ounce of sense. I just kinda got very sad when I saw that scene, I like the drama so far and have been enjoying it, I would hate it if the screenwriter decides that in the “Mouse” world, brain transplants are a thing. I suspend my beliefs, but to a certain extent if the dramas aren’t fantasy and this is pushing it, a lot.

Theories about “Mouse”

There are two possible outcomes. Either Jung Ba Reum is losing his shit and is possibly the serial killer we’re looking for, or he’s right, he has a part of Sung Yo Han in him.

Theory 1

The first theory is that its true, the headhunter operated on him, but he only saved his life.

My guess for this possible outcome is that the headhunter was grooming PD Choi and knows who Jung Ba Reum is possibly through his accomplice. He’s recognized Jung Ba Reum, who has likely changed his name, from the things his partner told him. He saved his life knowing well he is a psychopath and has tenancies to kill.

Theory 2

The second guess is that it is true, the headhunter operated on him, and transferred a part of his son’s brain to Jung Ba Reum. He killed his son knowing well he’ll rot in jail with him even if he survives, so he chose to kill him and transplant a part of him onto Jung Ba Reum.

Thus, Jung Ba Reum has a collection of some of Sung Yo Han’s memories.

Some people began to dispel the second theory already by revisiting the previous episodes and seeing how Sung Yo Han had no injuries to his head, he wasn’t operated on to extract anything. Others believe he’s not truly dead yet.

Regardless, I just hope to god Jung Ba Reum is losing his shit and that head transplant is not a real thing in this drama. Because otherwise, it would become utterly ridiculous, I still have faith because the screenwriter has toyed with us a couple of times already but I understand the appeal in making brain transplants a thing. It would make Jung Ba Reum’s character a questionable one and the screenwriter can avoid making him the serial killer thus subverting our expectations.

So what are your thoughts on “Mouse” most recent episodes?

By Jass K.

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  1. I was thinking the same about Choi PD being the little girl, cause no way they show the little girl scene twice and don’t have any connection in the timeline. I’m afraid the story gonna be messy but finger cross. Do you watch beyond evil? The story is pretty good too

  2. Thank you for sharing your review as well as your theories. I’ve seen a lot of theories on different internet sites. This drama has really gotten so many people to rack their brains. I personally have run out of theories so I’ve decided to just sit back, relax, and wait until the writer reveals who the real psychopathic serial killer(s) is(are). In the meantime, I’m enjoying reading through people’s countless theories including yours.

    The little girl in Episode 1 is definitely PD Choi Hong-ju. My hunch is that she’s Detective Park Du-seok’s long lost daughter, primarily because of that scene where Detective Park’s wife saw the bracelet she’s wearing and asked why she’s wearing their daughter’s bracelet.

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