“Miss Hammurabi” Episode 1 And 2 Recap And Review

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The newly released JTBC drama “Miss Hammurabi” is already making headlines. The drama premiere was one of JTBC’s best so far, it rated 5% in Seoul city area for its second episode, which is very very good considering that it’s a cable drama.

“Miss Hammurabi” is a story about three different judges and the way they go about solving everyday cases, led by INFINITE’s Myungsoo, Go Ara and one of my favorite actor ahjussis Sung Dong Il.

Its helmed by judge Moon Yoo Seok who wrote the drama and the screenplay, directed by Kwak Jung Hwan whose previous works include “The K2.”

With all that said, I honestly didn’t go in with high expectations, mainly because this drama is led by the most handsome idol Myungsoo. I find him the most adorable idol but his acting is not my favorite so I was skeptic about the drama going in. Aside from that, the rest of the casting seems fine.

However, I was pleasantly surprised and very taken-back by how good the premiere was. I couldn’t believe what I just saw.

The main characters mesh well together, the drama script is written very very well, I like the editing as well. Everything is almost perfect.

The short recap of the first two episodes is that we get introduced into about 8 characters, five of them main and the rest supporting.

Each character is flawed and suffering in a different way, each has a unique way to prove their points of view. They struggle with money, power and some very manipulative cunning human beings who want to take advantage of the system.

Go Ara is the feisty fresh-of-the-boat judge Cha Reum who thinks she can change the world and wants to help out everyone she sees, she ends up burdening and affecting those around her by wanting things to go her way.

Myungsoo is the more experienced judge Ba Reun (what a weird name) who has been around for a while, he is quiet, a perfectionist and someone who views things objectively and doesn’t allow his feelings to get in the way, he follows the book because it causes less trouble.

Sung Dong Il the head judge of their division who leads the two characters, he often loses his temper but has a heart of gold.

The drama also has Lee Elijah who plays the mysterious courtroom stenographer (also known as a court reporter) famous for her computer-like skills and cold personality. Ryu Deok Hwan is another judge who knows everything about everyone, he’s friendly but a bit noisy.

Its like your average workplace co-workers. I relate to Lee Elijah because I mind my own business and don’t like anyone to interfere with me. (PS. I work a day job~)

Each one of them has flaws, which is something I liked.

I like the fact that’s its not your average hot cold chaebol judge, Myungsoo plays a character (Ba Reun) who’s struggling to supporting his family because his father is irresponsible, he chose to become a judge because it pays well.

Cha Reum is a character that has already established a following that loathes her in the kdrama community. I understand why some kdrama fans don’t like her, but here is the thing, you don’t need to!

Not all main characters need to appeal to you or be the perfect nice-daughter who does well. She is a flawed character, who has good intentions deep down but the way she handles things are really wrong.

She puts justice (or what she perceives it to be) first. Meaning, a lot of people who are not related will be hurt by her decisions. She increases the workload on her coworkers, gets into arguments about equality in a society which clearly prefers it when women keep their head down, she is messy.

I like her as a character and understand her passion. She is overdoing her job but her intentions are well, she means no harm and wants to help everybody.

That doesn’t mean I don’t understand where Ba Reun comes from. The way he tries to teach her about law and people. How some take advantage of judge’s sympathy and why judges must follow the law.

He makes sense, but he misses the human element of the story, not that I blame him for that. Because even if he made a mistake, he followed the law, meaning he has less shit to deal with that Cha Reum who puts her heart first and causes issues.

He just wants to live an average life and not worry about his next paycheck. Very reasonable and impressive at the same time, he is also not greedy and doesn’t want to climb any ladder.

I must say I love the fact that the judge who wrote the screenplay wrote the drama script. Every part of it feels so real, the characters are real and so are the cases written.

Its probably the drama’s strength point, the fact that a judge who knows well about what goes on in a court room wrote it, not a clueless writer who will probably get things wrong and make improbable scenarios.

I also like the chemistry between everybody. The sweet average love story between Cha Reum and Ba Reun is enough not to make this drama all too depressing because its so realistic and scary (if you think about it).

There are a couple of cringe-worthy scenes in the drama between Go Ara and Myungsoo, I hope the writer works on making the remaining scenes of them together not too cringe-worthy.

I highly recommend this drama for anyone who’s looking for something realistic.

What about you guys? Did you watch the premiere? what do you think of the drama so far?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I love the way you recognized about l (infinite) acting I’m agreed with you he’s better acting in this drama I already watched The story it’s very good and realistic

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