Kdrama “Mine” Episode 16 Recap And Review- Was “Mine” Ending A Happy One? + The Killer’s Identity Revealed

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tvN’s drama “Mine” has wrapped up its run a couple of hours ago, it has wrapped up nicely and has given a semi if not fully happy ending for all of its characters.

Let us begin discussing the drama and its ending.

Note: the below recap goes over the highlights of the episode, it is not a detailed recap of every single scene in the episode.

“Mine” Episode 16 Recap


The detective gets the word that a maid admitted to have given him a lethal does of sleeping pills for him. He’s asked to close the case as a suicide. In voice-over, he asks Hi Soo whether she killed him, again, she claims she’s lost her memory and doesn’t recall a thing.

Seo Hyun asks the head maid Ms. Joo why was she trying to leave in night. She tells her something that shocks her.

Han Jin Ho finally wins the lottery while scratching one of the tickets, he gives it to one of their personals who work for them, he asks him to hang out with him every once and a while because he’s lonely.

He sees Seo Hyun who congratulates his win, she’s glad he didn’t kill Han Ji Yong. He admits he wanted to kill him. He wants to know who did it, she tells him its better he doesn’t know, like its always been the case for him.


The rich girls bible study club are discussing whether they should continue or cancel the club, when a new father called Paul comes, they decide to carry on, he’s very hot.

Mother Emma is leaving, she’s greeted by Hi Soo.

Yu Yeon returns to the place. She’s greeted by Seo Hyun who tells her to learn English and take classes in all sorts of things, she wants her to learn those things and once she’s capable of making her own decisions, she can defy her if she wishes.

Hi Soo has decided to send her son away to the U.S for him to learn and grow, his real mother is going with him but as his tutor.

Mother Emma gets the call that the investigation has wrapped up. She cries and asks the lord to forgive their sins.

Hi Soo is walking the stairs and comes across the crime scene. She begins to recall the details of that fateful night.

The night of Han Ji Yong’s death

Seo Hyun gets a present from Soo Hyuk who thanks her for taking care of him and calls her ‘mother.’ She’s reduced to tears and is happy.

Jong Du gets into an accident, Han Jin Ho gets a call from police then rushes to see him. He’s the first to leave the scene.

Seong Tae tells Han Ji Yong his brother wants to see him in the bunker, he also leaves.

Seong Tae rushes to the basement to pour the gas into the pipes, he locks the door of the bunker and Han Ji Yong begins to chock. He calls for the button but no one is replying fast enough.


Hi Soo sends Han Ji Yong the video of the victim and tells him to turn himself in. He calls her but he’s too intoxicated to talk, she begins to panic and rushes back to the house. He’s chocking while he sees the message.

Seong Tae gets cold feet so he closes the pipes. He rushes to open the door but its not working. So he chooses the other method and opens it from the other side. He lets out Han Ji Yong and apologizes.

Han Ji Yong rushes out, Hi Soo sees him and asks if he’s ok. He begins to strangle her, he asks whether she’s done this and she tells him to turn himself in. He refuses saying he’lkl protect whats rightfully his. Meanwhile, Seo Hyun is on a call when she hears the word ‘die.’ She rushes outside.


As Hi Soo is being strangled to death, one person hits him on the head with a fire extinguisher. He falls off with Hi Soo and hits his head on the way down, he bleeds to death.

Who killed Han Ji Yong in the kdrama “Mine”?


The killer turns out to be the head maid Ms. Joo who saw that Hi Soo was dying and tried to defend her but it backfired in her face badly. She’s in utter shock, she drops the fire extinguisher by accident.

Meanwhile, Mother Emma asks Seong Tae where he is, he tells her. When she gets there, she sees blood, she is in deep shock, she rushes outside.


Seo Hyun also rushes outside her room and sees both bodies on the ground, Seo Hyun rushes to Hi Soo’s side, who has woken up and is in tears after seeing his body. She rushes her to a room and calls the doctor. She remembers the fire extinguisher, so she leaves Hi Soo up the stairs and rushes to get it barely avoiding Mother Emma who comes back and cries seeing him, she looks up and sees Hi Soo in tears. She hides from her, then goes outside and sees Seong Tae who is unaware someone has died, he tells her he’ll call for help, she should wait here.


Seo Hyun rushes back to the scene, she sees both the head maid and Seong Tae, she tells them to clean up and to wait until the family doctor is here. Seo Hyun leaves to rush Hi Soo to the hospital.

After a little while from when the doctor got in, the head maid confronts Seong Tae who says he’s opened the door, they eventually settle that she killed him, she tells him to disappear and never return, and to give her the diamond since she’s killed him. She breaks down in tears.

Seo Hyun returns to tell the family Han Ji Yong has passed away.


End of Hi Soo was recalling the past events.

Hi Soo comes to see mother Emma who is now working somewhere else gardening.


Seo Hyun had been talking to the head maid saying she should leave, she knows too much. The head maid says she’ll follow her decision.

Seo Hyun tells her if she leaves with the diamond, then she’s killed Han Ji Yong. If she leaves without it, then she’s done so to help Hi Soo.


She decides to leave, before she goes, she gives back the diamond to its owner. She also says goodbye to others.

Hi Soo talks to Hye Jin and says she’s accompanying her son to the airport. Hye Jin asks why she lied about losing her memory, she says she’s done it for Ha Joon. His father’s death is hard enough, if she tells the police he tried to murder her, it will make it to difficult for him. Hye Jin tells her he’s her son and she’ll never forget that.


Hi Soo sees the head maid and thanks her for what she did that night, Ms. Joo breaks down in tears. Ms. Joo tells her Seo Hyun thought it was her and did her best to protect her.

Hi Soo then confronts Seo Hyun and asks about that, she tells her, ‘i wasn’t trying to cover up your crimes but I trusted you. I did what I had to do.’

6 months later

Han Ji Ho nows manages the house and its related tasks, he doesn’t want to return to the company. He still hangs out with his brother-in-law.

Yu Yeon returns home from what appears to be a trip overseas, she now can speak English and has changed many things about herself. She finds the maid they have has eyes for her husband-to-be, so she fires her.


Seo Hyun is now the chairwoman of the company. Hi Soo has restarted her drama career and is coming back with a drama called “Mine.”

Seo Hyun stills visit Mother Emma, Mother Emma apologizes to her for making her stay in the closet.


Hi Soo picks up her son from the airport, she and Hye Jin have agreed to band together to raise Ha Joon and then separate when their job is done.


Seo Hyun also visits Hi Soo on the set of her drama and she finds out she’s invested in it because its a good project. Seo Hyun then calls Suzy and asks her to meet up saying she missed her.

The end.

“Mine” Episode 16 review


The kdrama “Mine” was definitely on the better end of a lot of 2021 kdramas. This year has been okay, I’d say its been a bit disappointing but it could’ve been worse.

I really liked the ending. I think it’s befitting of the drama theme and overall message, its a bit underwhelming but what is needed, and can I say this? The title is so befitting on many levels, it’s truly a great title and works in different ways for different characters.

Hi Soo has probably had the least happy ending, her ending was sad but it was bound to be bad anyway. He was going to pay for his crime and his true nature was bound to hurt and haunt her for the rest of her life.

Finding out the person you loved the most is a psychopath will break you, having a baby from him is also equally heartbreaking.

Till the end, the drama remained somewhat grounded, it didn’t attempt to sugarcoat the truth too much which I also liked. I hate it when kdramas are bleak but then attempt to have the happiest undeserved ending. “Mine” ending was very realistic, happy in some ways for some of its characters, and best of all, realistic.


I must say, kudos to screenwriter Baek Mi-Kyeong, this is easily her best project to date. I’ve seen so many of her dramas and none of them come even close to this one in terms of plot and execution. Her writing usually becomes boring around the second half but I’d say it appears that she truly took the mature route with this one and showed she’s capable in more ways than I’d ever expected from her.

I still don’t think this drama needed 16 episodes, but I’d argue thats the case for almost 80% of the kdramas I’ve seen in the past couple of years. What was nice is how it got better as time went by because we began to see what separates it from others.

“Mine” truly stands out with its message and cast performances, and despite there being many similar kdramas with similar plots, this one does stand out on its own. I think its greatly attributed to its cast. I don’t think people would’ve had the same patience for this drama had it not been the cast we have now.

Its been the case for me personally, why? Because screenwriter Baek Mi-Kyeong has disappointed me previously with her works so I wasn’t that excited but I stuck around because I knew Lee Bo Young and Kim Seo Hyung wouldn’t have picked just anything. It paid in the end.

I think this time she wrote it backwards and constructed the story with mostly the death part in mind, this is why it stayed consistent throughout. This is probably the best decision she’s made writing-wise for this drama, it all fits so well together perfectly and the way the death scene unwraps was one of the highlights of the drama for me. Truly smart.

It goes without saying that everyone has done such a great job in this drama, every.single.one.

I’d like to highlight whom I think many will forget, Lee Hyun Wook did so well, his character is still somewhat repetitive as he’s been playing similar characters in past projects too, but this one I like the most out of all the character he’s played thus far. The child actor playing Ha Joon did so well and Ok Ja Yeon was a beautiful addition, truly remarkable. She will go places if she keeps picking such interesting projects.

Park Sung-Yeon who played Ms. Joo truly shined here especially the last episode, I was in awe of her performance. She deserves a shout out.

Thank you to the “Mine” cast and crew for making such an amazing drama.

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