“Military Prosecutor Doberman” Ending Explained: Episode 16 Recap And Review

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Military Prosecutor Doberman” has wrapped up its run last night, here is a recap of the finale and its ending explained.

“Military Prosecutor Doberman” episode 16 recap

Did Do Bae-Man and No Tae-Nam die as a result of the explosion?

No, they luckily didn’t. Do Bae-Man sustained relatively mild injuries while No Tae-Nam suffered major injuries and had to undergo surgery, he’s left in a coma after his suicide attempt.

Did Cha Woo-In die after getting shot by Aide Yang?

Luckily she didn’t. Turns out that Aide Yang purposefully missed killing her fatally with a gun, she injured her upper left part. Cha Woo-In spent some time in the hospital but was soon discharged.

What happens to Yong Moon-Goo? Does he get caught?

In the first half of “Military Prosecutor Doberman” episode 16, Yong Moon-Goo spends it on the run, he’s hunting down for the x-files and eventually finds out No Tae-Nam is in a coma so the chances of them getting the x-files from him are now nonexistent.

He then attempts to find the doctor who could testify and ruin No Hwa-Young to get his get-out-of-jail card and when he finally gets his hands on him, he’s arrested.

He’s also tried in court for his crimes alongside Lee Jae-Sik. Yong Moon-Goo gets sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Was No Hwa-Young arrested and tried in court?

Yes, she eventually was. Turns out the X-files were actually real and existed. No Tae-Nam had them and ended up giving them to Do Bae-Man prior to his suicide attempt.

No Hwa-Young gets arrested for bodily harm and the murder of Won Ki Choon [the man who faked his leg amputation]. Later, the situation becomes worse for her as people line up and testify against her, with the help of the x-files too, she’s tried in court. One of them is Yong Moon-Goo and the other is Aide Yang.

Initially, Aide Yang turns herself in for the shooting but refuses to rat her out, but after Cha Woo-In convinces her with voice recording of Yong Moon-Goo saying she’s merely a tool, ‘a useless tool,’ she ends up testifying in court against her and brings her down for her crimes as a witness to what she’s done. The doctor who Yong Moon-Goo had as a card also testifies against her.

No Hwa-Young is sentenced to death for the murders of many people including Do Bae-Man and Cha Woo-In’s parents.

What happens to Kang Ha-Joon?

He’s sentenced to jail for his crimes despite having aided in the arrest and trial of Yong Moon-Goo. A year later, he gets out on good behavior.

He ends up leaving to the U.S. after seeing Cha Woo-In at the airport one last time and saying goodbye to her.

Did No Tae-Nam wake up from his coma? What happens to him?

No Tae-Nam does end up waking up from his coma around the time his mother was sentenced for her crimes. Now, he’s living as an average citizen. He works at an animal shelter and has given up his shares to Cha Woo-In. He’s living an upstanding life post what happened to him.

He attempts to visit his mother in jail but she refuses to see him, he sends her letters and hope that one day she’ll meet him face to face.

He also gives up bolt and Do Bae-Man adopts him.

What happens to Cha Woo-In after the trial ends?

Cha Woo-In turns herself in and admits to using force when arresting criminals while wearing a red wig. She also resigns and leaves to the U.S. Its hinted that she was not sentenced to jail for what she’s done.

She returns one year later and is now serving as the CEO of her father’s company.

What happens to Do Bae-Man?

A year has passed.

Do Bae-Man is still a military prosecutor, nothing has changed with him. Meanwhile, his auntie marries Seo Joo-Hyuk and has a child with him. He visits No Tae-Nam at the animal shelter and he’s excited to see bolt.

Did Do Bae-Man and Cha Woo-In end up together?

Yes, they do. At the end of the 16th episode of “Military Prosecutor Doberman,” Cha Woo-In cancels her schedule for the day and goes to visit Do Bae-Man.

She calls him and they end up face to face, she tells him she has come up with an offer he won’t be able to refuse. Do Bae-Man leans in and gives Cha Woo-In a kiss.

The end.

“Military Prosecutor Doberman” episode 16 review

I think “Military Prosecutor Doberman” is an underrated kdrama on the international scale. The drama did well with around 7-8% throughout its run, which is even more impressive than you’d initially think because it aired on a cable channel.

“Military Prosecutor Doberman” ending was nice, I really liked how they wrapped it up and focused a good portion of the finale on the trial of No Hwa-Young and bringing up all the evil stuff she’s done. I am glad this wasn’t relegated to a 2-minute news montage.

I did find the couple’s kiss at the finale a bit too sudden and uncalled for. While I thought Ahn Bo Hyun and Jo Bo Ah shared good chemistry, there were no hints of romance and it should have stayed the same, that kiss felt so sudden and it wasn’t even a kiss if you were paying attention to the camera work.

Ahn Bo Hyun has been consistently delivering fun projects and I am glad to see his growth across the years. Jo Bo Ah has also done a good job, this is one of my fav performances of her.

“Military Prosecutor Doberman” didn’t need to be 16 episodes, I think about 3 to 4 episodes felt very unnecessary and draggy but overall, I’d say the writing for this one was good. It was also very enjoyable. I think this drama would be fun if binge-watched if such types of topics interest you.

The breakout stars for me were definitely Kim Woo Seok [No Tae Nam] and Kang Young-Seok [Kang Ha-Joon]. Such stunning casting choices. Kim Woo Seok is going places and despite the fact that I dislike his character a lot, he’s such a good actor so much so that he made people sympathize with his character despite how terrible some of the things he’s done including filming his friend raping a woman.

To me, No Tae Nam was nearly beyond redemption but I am glad the screenwriter took the appropriate measures to showcase that and explained that despite his remorse, some of what he’s done won’t be forgiven or forgotten. No Hwa-Young was absolutely insane, I wouldn’t have expected him to turn out well, it does explain why he’s grown up to be this terrible of a human being and I am glad the screenwriter showed how he was one of the reasons she went down.

Kang Young-Seok was also great, despite being a somewhat unknown face, he truly demonstrated amazing charisma and great acting, I really liked his performance.

Of course, I can’t forget the brilliant Oh Yeon-Su who played the role of No Hwa-Young, truly pulled off one of the most feared female villains in kdrama land with her performance.

Thank you to the cast and crew of “Military Prosecutor Doberman” for your hard work.

What did you guys think of the ending? Did you like it or not? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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