“Melancholia” Finale- Episode 16 Recap And Ending Explained

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tvN’s “Melancholia” has come to an end, here is a recap of the final episode and its ending explained.

Did Ansung group get exposed?

At first, the people involved in the corruption all refuse to admit to their wrongdoings.

However, it turns out that Noh Jung-A’s daughter was the one who aided Seung Yoo and Ji Yoon Su in exposing her mother’s crimes by taking all the incriminating notes she had in her safe. Sung Ye-Rin also joins in and acts as a witness to what had happened four years ago. She also apologizes to both of them for what she’s done in the past.

They decide collectively to expose it to the media first before submitting it to police.

Vice Principal Choi decides to hand himself to the police and admit to his wrongdoings before Principal Noh catches him.

Principal Noh begins to go crazy and keeps hearing Ji Yoon Su’s voices inside her head. Lim Hyung-Bin also joins Ji Yoon Su and agrees to submit a voice recording of Principal Noh discussing her crimes to police, the recording was done by a third party and is inadmissible in court but if he says he’s recorded it, they can criminally charge Principal Noh.

What happens to Principal Noh?

She basically goes crazy and refuses to admit she’s done anything wrong but she’s eventually charged with the crimes she’s committed.

Three years later, Ji Yoon Su comes to visit her at what appears to be a hospital or a care home of some sort, she’s calmed down a lot since then and but was still anxious about disappointing her father. Ji Yoon Su assures her she is under no pressure and should live happily with her daughter.

What happens to Ansung group?

They lose their specialized school designation and Principal Noh is charged. The entire board is replaced too.

Does Ji Yoon Su’s father professor Ji dies?

Yes. After having a fun day with Ji Yoon Su, Seung Yoo and Choi Si-An he peacefully passes away but not before he apologizes to his daughter for making her go through all of it.

Why does Seung Yoo disappear?

As Ji Yoon Su and Seung Yoo are having a discussion after her father’s funeral, Seung Yoo stumbles upon documents of something her father has been working on solving. They spend some time together trying to figure it out and eventually, Seung Yoo decides to step away and focus on solving this problem. The problem is cantor- the continuum hypothesis. The professor had envisioned a world where the hypothesis is proven false.

Thus, he disappears for three years and almost cuts contact while he works on the hypothesis. 3 years later, he solves it.

What happens to Choi Si An?

She is doing incredible and even wrote a thesis, she’s back in Korea for a short period of time. She dines with Ji Yoon Su.

She was chosen as a young mathematician by the Korean mathematics association and was awarded.

What happens to Ji Yoon Su?

She finds a job at a different normal school. She still has a group called the Fun X where she interacts with people who love math under the username Hardy, one particular user name 3cut always guesses the answers correctly. She communicates with him often and lends him a helping hand with a thesis to read and such.

What happens to Seung Yoo?

After three years, he returns after managing to solve the hypothesis. He was helped by Hardy unbeknownst to her. He plans to meet the person and they find out about each other again. He almost misses her because she’s forgotten her phone in the taxi, but he meets her as he’s about to go back. She’s holding a yellow umbrella, they share the umbrella, he asks her, ‘do you like math?’ she smiles and says, ‘I like math.’ The yellow umbrella symbolizes eternal love. Basically, it means those who share the yellow umbrella most probably will fall in love, a love so deep that no matter the distance the feelings will remain and are bound to find a way back to each other.

He patches his relationship with his parents too.

Did Seung Yoo and Ji Yoon Su end up together?

Yes, in the end after they meet like fate again, they end up together. It is hinted that they’ve become a couple, they even move together and live in the same place. They have matching things around the house indicating Ji Yoon Su has finally opened up to him.

In the last scene, its 3cut’s turn to give a riddle to their math group, he says ‘you have 128√e980,’ you erase the √, what are you left with?’ the answer is, ‘I love you.’ They kiss.

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  1. I loved the “Melancholia” ending. All the loose ends were tied off, and I found I could accept the coupling of the lead characters more readily. They were made for each other. I truly enjoyed this drama.

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