MBC’s Kdrama “Numbers” Ending Explained- Finale And Episode 12 Recap

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The Kdrama “Numbers” wrapped up its run earlier today, let us discuss the finale and explain the ending!

MBC’s Kdrama “Numbers” episode 12 recap

Jang Ji-Soo comes to see Han Seung-Jo in his apartment, she came to him to be by his side and protect him. she says she’ll stay until the wine bottles finish.

Jang Ho-Woo goes to see the elder at that paper company, he discovers him passed out, he’s attempted suicide. He’s rushed to the hospital and we find out that the barista is his daughter.

The doctors say his condition is not good, the daughter explains to Jang Ho-Woo that he was riddled with guilt after the death of his parents. She gives him a paper with an address, he finds out its his parents’ grave, he goes to pay a visit.

Back at the firm on the next day, Han Seung-Jo is appointed as a partner. He sees Jin Yeon-A’s father and exchange pleasantries, he talks about a handsome man, and he later discovers he was referring to Ho-Woo.

Ho-Woo then sees him and offers him a valuable financial advice, the father is pleased with how smart he is.

At prison, Han Je-Gyun is arranging things for his return, he says to move his position.

During a break, Ho-Woo sees Yeon-A who asks him how he feels now that his revenge is over, he is a bit conflicted and unsure what he must do now.

Later, Yeon-A meets with Yeo-Jin and talks about dating him, she asks her why she chose him, she says no life is easy and no one has it all as it seems, she asks her what she’d do without both of them.

At prison, Han Je-Gyun is meeting with more people and is informed that they lost touch with someone’s name they borrowed. Ho-Woo feels something is missing, he calls someone and is informed that when someone attempts suicide, their bank accounts are frozen.

The next day, Ho-Woo talks to Seung-Jo and tells him he feels something is wrong with the paper company and its flow of money. With such good orchestration, they figure Han Je-Gyun is behind this.

Then the team finds out that Harbor city bank went bankrupt due bank run. Han Je-Gyun is behind this.

Han Je-Gyun then gets out of prison the next day. There is a law that says you cannot be persecuted for the same crime twice once you served jail time, so he used his time in jail to plan his next move and was not afraid of going there. He knows he cannot be legally held accountable for it again.

He was also acquitted of murder instigation due to the language he used so he could pin it on the people surrounding him when things go south.

The next day, Woo Sang-Hyun informs Han Je-Gyun that his son started a consortium and some banks joined in. so they go after another bank that is not covered with this plan. He wants to overtake a bank named Hosu Bank who is not covered under this plan.

It turns out he took over Harbor city bank that went bankrupt so he could then take over a Korean bank easier. They meet the Hosu bank and convince the woman in leadership to join their consortium. She agrees, Ho-Woo tells Seung-Jo he’s sure his dad has an account under this bank. They try to figure out the account.

Meanwhile, other banks also ask to join the consortium buying our leads some time to think.

Han Je-Gyun is participating in a public bidding for a securities company, they go to stop him. then, they’re confronted with Woo Sang-Hyun who hands them in evidence that’ll stop him. he stole his financial plan and says he’s ready to face consequences for his actions as he needed the right moment to turn on Han Je-Gyun.

As a result, Han Je-Gyun cannot use any of the money he had in that hidden account. The team was able to stop him for now. When Han Je-Gyun goes back to his home, he sees the safe is empty, however, he calls a certain someone.

After some time

Ho-Woo is now in charge of the new recruits.

Seung-Jo sees his son for the first time in a while at the airport. He hugs him tight.

At her father’s office, Yeon-A discuses with him business and says she’s interested in venture capitals, he then discusses Ho-Woo and says he can cancel the blind dates, he says he likes him. she’s excited.

At night, Ho-Woo is looking through some things, Yeon-A comes to see him and a security guard shows up, he closes the lights as they’re locked in together, they get close, he then moves back but she comes closer to him and gives him a peak.

We find out that Yang Jae-Hwan and Son Hye-Won are now partners in a different accounting firm and discover that Son Hye-Won is pregnant too.

At a children’s park, Han Je-Gyun goes to see his grandson from afar, he keeps watching him, then after a while, he goes back. The parents arrive, he gives them a look and takes off.

The team then finds out that Han Je-Gyun is starting a real estate investment trusts, he’s now the CEO. Ho-Woo lets Seung-Jo know of this and they both look into whether he can even start this.

The end.

The Kdrama “Numbers” ending explained- frequently asked questions

Did the kdrama “Numbers” have a happy ending?

Yes, the drama mostly ended on a positive note with the cast moving on to do bigger and better things, however, the villain character was not squashed an defeated for good, hinting at an upcoming fight.

How does the kdrama “Numbers” end?

The ending scene of “Numbers” shows the team then finding out that Han Je-Gyun is starting a real estate investment trusts, he’s now the CEO. Ho-Woo lets Seung-Jo know of this and they both look into whether he can even start this. The three men walk towards their goals, the drama ends with that.

Will there be a 2nd season of the kdrama “Numbers”?

While MBC has yet to confirm this, the drama’s ending hints at this possibility. With the villain Han Je-Gyun not properly defeated, fans believe the drama has more to show.

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