Netflix’s “Mask Girl” Ending Explained- Episode 7 Recap And Review

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Netflix’s “Mask Girl” was released earlier today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained!

“Mask Girl” episode 7 recap

The episode begins with Kim Mo-Mi [Go Hyun Jung] realizing who the older woman is. She then consults with the queen of the prison to get information about her mother, daughter and that woman.

Ju Oh-Nam’s mother tells Momi that she must tell grandma she’s run away and doesn’t want to be looked for but doesn’t have to tell her whom she is with.

Momi grandma is looking for her and is discouraged from filing a missing person’s report because Momi ran away in the past. Kim Mo Mi then calls her mother from prison. The grandma is angry and refuses to listen to her, the call time is up and she’s forced to hang up.

Later, she tells the prison’s queen of her trouble and she calls someone and then decides to fabricate the daughter’s identity since she wants to get her kidney for her daughter.

Kim Kyung-Ja buys a bunch of sketchy stuff that could be used for murder or suicide and pays with cash. She spikes the young daughter’s soup.

At the same time, Kim Mo-Mi is escorted to the hospital and since no one knows of this its kept under wraps so nothing can go wrong. However, once she arrives there she breaks away and runs away to look for her daughter. She calls her mother, the grandma, and is told of the location, she asks her mother not to go there since its dangerous but she insists.

When the young Momi wakes up, she sees Kim Kyung-Ja video taping her talking about how everything is her mother’s fault.

The car Kim Mo-Mi stole runs out of gas so she asks for a lift, one woman agrees to take her, she then flees the car as soon as she sees an opening.

They called the police and one officer shows up, he checks out the place but as he’s about to leave, he hears a scream. He wants to check further but he gets called by police as there is a runaway prison inmate. He leaves.

The grandma arrives there first followed by Momi’s best friend. The two grandmas get into an argument and Kim Kyung-Ja stabs her fatally. When Kim Mo-Mi arrives, she sees her mother on the ground, she hits Kim Kyung-Ja and begins to shed tears over her dying mother’s body. The mother tells her to go fetch Momi.

She goes downstairs but Kim Kyung-Ja wakes up and follows them with a knife, the kids manage to escape while Kim Mo-Mi fights Kim Kyung-Ja. They hurt each other badly and after a long fight, Kim Mo-Mi goes up after defeating her.

Police show up and Kim Mo-Mi surrenders. Just then, Kim Kyung-Ja walks out with her huge shotgun and police warn her they’ll fire but she fires at young Momi saying Kim Mo-Mi should feel the pain she felt. Kim Mo-Mi sees that and defends her daughter she takes the shot herself and falls on top of Momi’s body.

The police shoot Kim Kyung-Ja in the head killing her instantly.

A while later

Things have changed drastically. After the grandma’s death, Momi’s friend parents assumed temporary custody of her. She now doesn’t feel the hatred she felt towards people.

When she’s checking out the closet of her grandma’s house she stumbles upon tapes, she opens them and sees a young video of her mother singing and dancing happily. She smiles.

The end.

“Mask Girl” ending explained- frequently asked questions

Does “Mask Girl” have a happy ending?

No, it was a bittersweet ending. The young daughter was saved but both her grandma and her mother died. She ended up in the custody of her friend’s parents and things are looking up for her.

How does “Mask Girl” end?

Momi [the young child] is checking out the closet of her grandma’s house one day, she stumbles upon tapes, she opens them and sees a young video of her mother singing and dancing happily. She smiles.

Did Kim Mo Mi [Go Hyun Jung] die in “Mask Girl”?

Its presumed she died after getting fatally shot in the back by Kim Kyung-Ja. She died defending her daughter.

Who killed Joo Oh-Nam in “Mask Girl”?

Kim Mo Mi killed him after he attempted to rape her. She stabbed him to death.

Did Kim Kyung-Ja die?

Yes, she was shot dead by police after shooting Kim Momi.

“Mask Girl” ending review- initial thoughts

I kinda expected this ending but would’ve loved a bit more clarity about what happened to the older Momi.

I think the final scene is somewhat odd, the way the young girl says she doesn’t feel hatred is an odd conclusion to reach after such a traumatic event. So, her grandma died, and the other grandma she trusted tried to murder her. Her mother got shot and possibly died on her back, I mean… I don’t know how you cannot feel hatred after that?

Hatred aside, what about fear? I mean such a traumatic event is bound to create issues for the person who goes through that in the future. I just found that line a bit odd.

The screenwriter might have been referring to how she now has a good friend and a family who will look after her. And how she now knows her mother cares for her. I don’t know, I just found the adjective used odd.

Aside from that, I think it’s a fitting ending. On thing, I would’ve loved if Kim Kyung-Ja found out she was her actual granddaughter maybe she’d realize how much she screwed up.

She was a real twist human, how could you take it out on a young child like that? No matter how much pain you feel, didn’t Momi go to jail and is not leaving?

Overall, I liked the drama’s message about beauty, society’s obsession with it, how cunning humans can be and how horrible circumstances can snowball into something disastrous.

A review of my thoughts is coming out in the next couple of days.

What did you think of “Mask Girl” ending? Did you like it or not?

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