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“Mad Dog” second episode was INTENSE!

It was an emotional roller-coaster ride that I wanted to be a part of, it was such an amazing episode. Let’s talk about the second episode of the new KBS drama “Mad Dog.”

The first episode focused on Woo Doo Hwan’s character and his devious genius nature, the second episode focuses on Yoo Ji Tae’s character, and as expected Yoo Ji Tae puts on an amazing performance.

The second episode picks right off where we left, Min Joon is demanding the team he was promised if he could prove that the building wasn’t faulty when the big billboard fell apart and destroyed a part of the building.

Since he succeeded in proving that he confronts the entire group as their tenant, he marches in with full confidence demanding his prize.

We go back into 2015, the time when Choi Kang Woo’s family was taken away from him. Through the entire episode we go through the sequence of events that led to the tragedy.

It was around Chuseok holiday season and Kang Woo was supposed to take a break but due to the newbie drive and temper he gets himself and the rest of his team into trouble.

We find out that Ha Ri used to work with Kang Woo back in the days, she must’ve moved to his new company after what happened.

Due to the newbie mistake he gets involved with a scammer in a car accident that would later end his life. The scammer knows better and avoids a bullet with positioning his car in the correct manner that will cause him the least injuries.

Regarding that particular scene, I was sort of taken back by how well the scammer handled it. He could’ve easily been pushed to the edge or worse his car would’ve flipped but he chose to take on the newbie speeding car. The newbie ends up with the most injuries; this didn’t make much sense to me.

How did the scammer know that if he positioned his car in that precise direction would’ve saved his and his girlfriend life? How did he get out of it with minimum injuries while the newbie lost his life?

In short, because of all those events and after the newbie first successful surgery, the executive in charge of Taeyang’s insuranc, Cha Hong Joo basically forces Kang Woo and his family to go to Jeju Island.

She books them the tickets and they leave ahead first. Kang Woo fails to get on the same plane and books the next flight.

He has nothing but love towards his family, he smothers his son with kisses and affection, he is super nice to his wife and feels guilty that his job is taking so much of his time but is still loyal to his teammates.

His wife and kid say goodbye and get on the plane and this would be the last time he saw them alive.

The assistant pilot is depressed and takes tranquilizers, in case you didn’t know tranquilizers are drugs designed for the treatment of anxiety, fear, tension, agitation, and disturbances of the mind.

He takes a couple of pills and seems to be highly agitated, he decides to sink the plane and kill himself with everyone else on board. There were 190 people that lost their lives due to the assistant pilot depression and anxiety.

When the other pilot tries to stop him, he gets hit with the fight distinguisher and the pilot proceeds to crash the plane to the landing lane in Jeju Island’s airport.

He crashed into the floor killing himself along with the entire crew and passengers, everyone without exception dies.

Kang Woo who was about to board the plane sees the accident and starts screaming on the top of his lungs, later he confirms the death of his two beloved ones.

This scene reminded me of something so eerily similar that happened for real 2 years ago.

On GermanWings a crash was deliberately caused by the co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, who had previously been treated for suicidal tendencies and declared “unfit to work” by a doctor.

That was a real incident so in a way what happened to Kang Woo wasn’t something out of a movie. It had happened for real back in 2015 in Germany.

Prior to the incident, the co-pilot hits the other co-pilot but we don’t see any flight attendant trying to knock on the door or do something, I felt like the scene needed more intervention.

We need to know, did he lock the door? Why couldn’t the flight attendants reach him or try to break open the door or something? Why was he left unbothered while he crashed the plane to the landing lane?

Yoo Ji Tae’s character reactions, performance was such a pleasure to see, despite the fact that it was tough to see him go through this, I was so happy watching him act in those very difficult scenes.

As you’d expect he fell into depression, and since as you all know when bad things happen they happen all at once, a month later his team newbie lost his life during an operation while the scammer walked away scout free.

Of course, this forces Kang Woo out of his bubble and he goes after the scammer accompanied by Cheeta who seems to be a part of a gang, they beat up the guy. As expected it didn’t end well but due to various reasons the scammer got away and everything went back to normal.

I loved the realistic approach to this unfortunate event, those insurance executives know that money eventually silences everyone, and since everyone on the plane was probably insured, the family of the deceits will be compensated with loads of cash.

Min Joon end up with a staggering $3.4 million and leaves the country amid the hate he got from his brother suicidal act.

I can’t imagine how bad and scared and regretful Min Joon felt being the younger brother of the co-pilot who caused the crash. Is he to blame here? Most probably yes!

But its too early to tell, because we find out that their relationship wasn’t that good, it could be that Min Joon didn’t know his brother was this depressed.

The entire episode was fun and intense and nerve racking. I wanted to kill that co-pilot and resented Hong Joo and Joo Hyun Pi (Juhan air CEO).

Great performances by everyone in the drama, everyone is so professional and immersed in their characters. The plot is also good, not very original but its still good.

Not to mention the OST. There is one OST sung by yours truly Eric Nam and there is another upbeat OST, I couldn’t figure out who sang it, even the OST is amazing.

“Mad Dog” is by far one of the most interesting kdramas airing this month and will probably continue to be an intense nerving racking drama for the rest of its run.

I can’t wait to see if Min Joon and Kang Woo will ever get along, it probably won’t be an easy ride. Kang Woo must resent the shit out of Min Joon and his brother who took his wife and son lives.

It seems like Juhan’s air was the one behind the co-pilot decision to sink the airplane, according to the plot outline, Min Joon and Kang Woo will take down something, what will it be and who will it be?

I highly recommend this drama to all the thriller and action junkies out there who are sick and tired of the endless stream of rom-coms coming our way this October.

“Mad Dog” is a good change, there are far too many rom-coms currently airing and will air this October, all of them have somewhat a similar plot. “Mad Dog” is nice for a change.

What did you guys think of “Mad Dog”? Did you like it? Did it live up to your expectations?

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