“Lovers Of The Red Sky” Finale: Recap And Ending Explained

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Lovers of the Red Sky” has concluded its run earlier today. Here is a recap of the finale, its ending explained, and why some people are sharing theories about a possible season two.

“Lovers of the Red Sky” was one of the hit SBS dramas of 2021 and is led by Kim Yoo Jung, Ahn Hyo Seop and more. The final episode features the final battle, who ended up winning, and did our favorite couple have a happy ending or not? Let’s get into it.

Was the demon sealed?

Yes. In the first half of “Lovers of the Red Sky” episode 16, the drama focuses on the final showdown. Ha Ram shows up but he’s barely there and the demon almost takes over him. He arrives at the location where the painters are working and disturbs them nearly ruining their plans.

However, God Samshin and Ho Ryeong step up to aid them. Mi-Soo also helps out. The demon takes his eyes back making Cheon Gi unable to see or draw, then, her father’s late spirit shows up to guide her and she finishes the painting. The demon gets trapped.

Did Cheon Gi lose her sight again?

At first, yes, she lost it while attempting to complete the painting. However, we find out towards the final minutes of the episode that she got her eyes back. It was a miracle she could see again.

Who dies in the final battle?

God Samshin dies while defending Cheon Gi and making sure the demon is held back unable to kill her while she completes the painting. She turns into a butterfly and guides him towards the painting.

Mi-Soo also gets gravely injured and passes away after defeating him.

Did Cheon Gi and Ha Ram get married? Did “Lovers of the Red Sky” have a happy ending?

Yes, “Lovers of the Red Sky” ending was a happy one, for the most part.

The couple gets married and we fast forward to five years after the events took place. The couple has also given birth to their first son who appears to be a couple of years old.

To surprise them, Crown prince Yangmyung visits them for their birthday and arrives with presents, among them is the bestowal of honor for the deceased. This means that their future generations will be able to hold high positions and carry out a normal life as they used to before things went sour.

Grand Prince Yangmyung and Grand Prince Juhyang battle, who won?

In the epilogue of “Lovers of the Red Sky” finale, we find out that Juhyang has been imprisoned but he has managed to escape and gather a team of fighters. They’ve taken over a province and are staging what could be labeled a coup d’etat.

Yangmyung gets informed that his brother conspired to kill the king.

The two brothers face against each other for one final showdown. Who won?

Honestly, we don’t know either. The drama ends with the brothers’ swords colliding. It is not clear who the winner is but we can speculate that Yangmyung won.

Is “Lovers of the Red Sky” season two coming soon?

Due to the open-ending of “Lovers of the Red Sky,” some fans have been wondering whether there are plans for a second season of the drama. SBS has not yet issued a comment on this matter. If they issue a comment on the matter, this article will be updated to include it.

However, considering that the drama has successfully and happily wrapped up, it is unlikely there will be a second season.

Have you seen “Lovers of the Red Sky” finale? What did you think of the ending?

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  1. i dont think Samshin died.she waa just sealed with Ma Wang in the painting.When Hwatcha absorbed the energy from the divine painting, he became divine as well.thus, there are 3 divine persons in 1 body again just like before-Samshin, Ma Wang, and now Hwatcha.

  2. Definitely no Season 2. People should read Korean History King Sejo. They didn’t show who won at the end since the drama is all about fictional love between the 2 crossed star lovers. It’s Joohyan who won the battle later became King Sejo. He established Korean Language. On one of interview on Ahn Yo Seop ( Ha Ram), thats in youtube, he says hes fascinated and wants to meet Sejo when asked who’s real historical character he wants to meet and he mentioned Sejo creating the Korean Characters and contributed so much on how Korea is now. Sejo was strict, quite tyrranical and yes murdered his own brother YangMyung but apparently a very capable King who was able to solve crisis during their time. The show hinted on it if anyone noticed when YangMyung visited the couple and they mentioned he has changed. YangMyung says” Maybe because when a person changes, it means he’s near death”.. It was a joke but a real premonition. He even said Goodbye in the end hinting on never ever seeing the couple again. In reality, theres also a painter woman named Hong Chung Gi which the writer based the fictional character. She was very beautiful, the first woman royal painter, which was very rare since women those times never get any official position or rankings. Apparently, the real Hong Chung Gi was killed. The history didn’t elaborate but there was an assumption of conspiracy which was rampant in royal courts.

    1. i think you have it mixed up..king sejong was the one who established the korean characters or alphabet.he is the father of king sejo who had his brother executed for treason.. but this drama doesnt fit the history of how king sejo became king just like what the disclaimer said on every episode.thereby, we can assume that yanmyeong became king as what ha ram said that the second star lost its light.

  3. Wrapped up? I hardly call that ending “wrapping up”. They left way too much unfinished! The petty thief after Painter Hong, the Princes battle for the throne… these things would need to be wrapped up or it’s a fail sadly!

  4. A lot of loose ends. That geisha who was helping Haram but felt betrayed and went to Juhyang, there was no story about her whatsoever. What happens to Juhyang’s scar? It appears even bigger at the end even though Mawang was tamed.
    The story was really good except episode 15 & 16.

  5. Anon. Princes battle for the throne? Just what I said in my comment above. The makers of the drama incorporated fiction and real historical people. Prince Joohyang or Juhyang became King Sejo. The Coup d etat was real, they change some facts though It was his nephew who was sitting on the the throne that he snatched it from him. Their father King Sejong the Great long died when he took the throne. Prince Yangmyung is Grand Prince Anpyeong in real life who Juhyan sent to exile then later killed by him. Prince Anpyeong’ s life is super tragic. He was discarded from the books, wife, children died, in laws sent for slavery, all properties confiscated. But he was reinstated by the next 2 or 3 Kings so Korean people now know him. The real Hong Chong Gi died at a young age, about 18 or so. And yes, Sangshim never dies, shes a diety responsible of birth. These dieties even in Chinese Folklore as depicted by their dramas do go trials and tribulations, can die but never really die they just get reborn and go thru trials again to reach their divinity. Its fascinating watching dramas then doing historical research about the real identity of the characters they use.

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