Netflix’s “Love To Hate You” Ending- Episode 10 Recap

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Netflix’s “Love To Hate You” has premiered today, here is a recap of its finale episode and its ending explained.

“Love To Hate You” episode 10 recap

The episode begins with the revelation that Yeo Mi-Ran has led a ‘promiscuous’ life being exposed to the public.

Shin Na-Eun rushes to her side to comfort her while they’re at the club. However, the couple carries on with playing around without minding people talking about them.

The four of them decide to go back to the girls apartment and they discuss their next plan. They decide to drink and play games.

The next day, Yeo Mi-Ran is confronted by crazy fans who throw eggs at her for tainting their oppa’s reputation. Companies begin to cancel ads and request compensation for breach of contract, Yeo Mi-Ran also gets scolded by her boss who tells her to quit on her own.

At night, Nam Kang-Ho makes a meal to Yeo Mi-Ran and after that she discusses that they should break up because it would be the best course of action. He suggests they announce their breakup but not actually break up. She had met with Do Won-Joon at noon to tell him this, so he’s under the impression they’re now over when they’ve decided to keep it a secret.

Do Won-Joon then drinks at night and calls for Shin Na-Eun who joins him, they have drinks together. Meanwhile, our couple is actually out on a date and while leaving the karaoke bar, fans spot them and say harsh words towards Mi Ran who replies back angrily before being taken away by Kang Ho.

Since Won-Joon thinks they wont see each other again, he decides to admit his feelings to Na Eun who tells him not to bother because they won’t be able to see each other again. She tells him in the next life he can take his shot.

Then Won Joon finds out he was lying through media outlets and is angry with him. He tells him to do whatever he wants.

While dining with Soo Jin, she finds out that he’s holding a press conference. He ends up attempting to defend her and propose to her in front of all those people. She shows up but instead of accepting his proposal, she rejects him in front of everyone and tells him they should part ways coolly.

So they actually break up.

A month goes by and the public’s reaction to the news softens and many begin to side with Mi Ran. She’s taking the breakup badly and cries a lot.

Then, her ex-boyfriend from college shows up to the same show that slandered her saying he will expose her, instead, he plays a clip of women vouching for her and all the help she’s provided them shocking the youtubers who thought he would expose her even more. She’s taken aback by this and is very thankful.

At night, she decides to call him and she goes downstairs to meet him. He plays a prank on her and pretends he’s not interested in coming back as a ‘payback’ for the way she ditched him in front of everyone.

A while later, Soo Jin gets half her husband’s assets in the divorce case and is cleared from the cheating allegations.

The couple got back together and are happily dating, she even attends his movie premiere but he’s still fighting with Won Joon.

After it concludes, Won Joon shows up in a limo and proposes to Na Eun asking her out saying he likes her, she accepts his proposal and they share a kiss.

How does “Love To Hate You” end?

On a night where the two couples now had a double date, the women go out first and Na eun mentions Won Joon is meeting her parents soon, then unprompted, two older men blow kisses and give hearts to them. Mi ran asks them to apologize but they say they’re just so pretty they had to express it. Then Kang Ho and Won Joon show up and the men are scared away.

But Mi Ran ends up chasing after the men to beat them up while Kang Ho chases after her.

does “Love To Hate You” have a happy ending?

Yes, it does. In the end, Kang Ho and Mi Ran are happily dating and discussing marriage. Na eun and Won Joon are also happily and seriously dating too.

Have you seen the drama yet? what did you think of the ending?

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