“Love In Contract” Ending- Episode 16 Recap And Review

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Love In Contract” has come to an end earlier today, here is a recap of its 16th episode and its ending explained.

“Love In Contract” Episode 16 Recap

Why did Choi Sang-Eun break up with Jung Ji-Ho?

Sang Eun broke up with Ji Ho because she felt ashamed of her past, and also afraid he would be hurt because of it in the future. When she’s confronted about it by her friend, she tells him she wants to rely on him but is afraid he’d be hurt in the future if those things end up happening again.

She also knows he’d be understanding but it makes it harder on her to call him or come back to him.

What happens to Kang Hae-Jin?

He decides to follow in his father’s orders, however, Sang Eun meets with his mother and tells her to recognize her son is not happy. She ends up ‘forcing’ him to quit. He returns to acting and does an independent small project. He’s happy.

Did Kang Hae-Jin and Jung Ji-Eun end up dating?

Its not explicitly said but its hinted at.

What happens to Ina’s group?

Ina’s CEO decides to retire and donate everything if Yoo Mi Ho hides that USB somewhere safe.

Did Yoo Mi-Ho get arrested for her crimes?

No, she did not.

What happens to Woo Gwang-Nam? Does he leave overseas?

While Sang Eun was cleaning, she discovers he’s going overseas. He explains he doesn’t have the courage to stay, he’s afraid if he becomes popular then get exposed for being gay, he’d face backlash and won’t be able to handle it.

As a result, he wanted to leave. Sang Eun is against this, she tells him to make up with his family and stay. He ends up staying and pursues his dream of becoming a singer.

Did Choi Sang-Eun and Jung Ji-Ho get married in real life?

Yes. The two end up proposing to each other. Each one does it differently. Sang Eun proposes at a restaurant and he proposes after they exit the restaurant.

How does “Love In Contract” End?

“Love In Contract” ends with couple gathering their families and work teammates and they celebrate their marriage. They end up drinking a lot and passing out. When they wake up, they cook ramen and eat together.

Did “Love In Contract” have a happy ending?

Yes, it had a happy ending with everyone getting their own happy ending.

“Love In Contract” Review- Final Thoughts

“Love In Contract” was okay. I think the standout element for me was definitely Kyung Pyo’s performance that I will remember for a long time. The actors in the drama have done well but his performance definitely stood out to me. One of my favorite performances by a leading man in a kdrama this year, and I’ve seen a lot.

Sadly, I felt that Jae Young couldn’t shine until it was too late. I have a soft spot for him so it did bother me more than I’d like to admit.

In regards to Min Young, she’s at a point in her career where she seriously needs to rethink her approach to acting and choices. There is a plethora of good and upcoming actresses who are young and beautiful, if she doesn’t try to shake it up, she could end up getting type-cast and with time, forgotten.

I don’t think this will happen right now, but I am beginning to see a shift as we move towards young actors born in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Thats just the reality of the entertainment industry regardless of the country. Its bitter and some of her fans won’t like reading this, but its the truth. I am pretty sure she’s aware of this too, if not having already felt it for a while. This is also happening to Jun Ji Hyun and Song Hyo Kyo, the latter took the hint and will be playing a very different character in her upcoming Netflix drama set to drop in December.

Do I think she’ll pick a very intriguing unexpected project next? Unlikely, but I have a bit of hope. I need to see her get out of her comfort zone so she can last longer in the industry. She’ll remain a rom-com queen and we’re not debating that, but it would be nice to see her out of her element.

In terms of writing, “Love In Contract” had some good moments, especially in terms of character building that I thought was handled well for the most part. What I didn’t like were the happenings surrounding the cast that felt very cliché and stereotypical. It was an odd mix that left me wanting more. Good character writing mixed with the most cliché expected tropes of rom-coms you could ask for.

They take too long to set up the female and male lead and drag the plot from episode 7 to 13 and then rush the ending like that. Its always the same thing and its getting tiring at this point. This is why I don’t review rom-coms as much as I used to.

Personally speaking, I don’t think any romance kdrama should be 16 episodes anymore. I think 8 to 10 would have sufficed for this drama, but of course, I realize its difficult to do on many levels. I know why, but it doesn’t mean I’ll stop complaining about the episodes count until I see it become a rarity, in the near future, I am pretty sure we won’t easily see 16 episodes romance kdramas.

I just believe that if “Love In Contract” had been shorter, it would have had a better chance at making an impact. As a project, aside from Kyung Pyo’s performance, for those who saw it, the drama fades into the background very easily.

Also, if the screenwriter had also taken a look at the other very shaky sketchy aspects of running such a business, I think it would have made for a better watch. In a way, it was watered down to the most TV-friendly form of the marriage business idea.

Not unless the screenwriter needed those ideas to advance the plot and get our characters together, which was very superficial in its execution, it was not explored as a part of a bigger narrative as I think it should have.

I realize its a rom-com guys, but it could have been much more.

Regardless, I would like to thank the cast and crew for their hard work. I can’t wait to see what kind of projects they choose next. I am also especially excited to see Kyung Pyo’s and Hae In’s upcoming Disney+ kdrama.

so what do you guys think of Love in contract ending? did you like it?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I completely agree with the review. I too think PMY should seriously review her scripts choices. She has way more talent than what we have since for the past 4 years.

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