“King The Land” Ending Explained- Episode 16 Recap And Review

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JTBC’s hit drama “King The Land” wrapped up its run recently, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained!

“King The Land” episode 16 recap

Sa-Rang is talking to her grandma and reveals she wants to leave the hotel and embark on her own path. Her grandma is happy to see her finally complain and is happy to support her. She sheds tears hearing her grandma’s words.

In the meantime, as Sa-Rang tells Gu Won she’s leaving, he asks what, and she says she’s leaving the hotel. He then calls and cancels the proposal event he had prepared. He tells her he’s proud of her and will always support her.

On the next day, Sa-Rang meets Gu Won’s father and treats him to a fancy meal, she tells him she’s leaving her job and he apologizes for having been harsh on her, they end it on a positive note enjoying their lunch.

Sa-Rang says goodbye to her peers and leaves without seeing Gu Won but as she’s waiting by the bus station, he shows up with flowers and shoes saying ‘good shoes take you to good places.’ They leave together.

Da-Eul gives her husband gloves as he complains about housework and then threatens to leave him unless he finds a new job soon. She’s also taking care of herself and is signing up for a fitness class.

At the hotel, Gu Won holds a meeting and tells the executives of the specials he prepared for the employees including a resting area, better coffee machines and more. He also wants to take hotel king global.

After wrapping up his meeting, he sees No Sang-Sik and hands him a new business card, he’s now the manager of a department at their hotel, he’s slightly unhappy because he thought ‘head manager’ would be the deal. As he’s complaining he hands him a watch present and he switches to praise him.

Sa-Rang is now looking over buildings to form a hotel. She finally picks one and signs the papers. Then, her grandma reveals she’s sold some stuff, saved some more for her and gave her three bank books with a lot of money in them so she could do her job well. She hugs her grandma and thanks her.

At a family meal, Ji Hu tells grandpa he’s leaving for the U.S. its what he wanted to do. After that meal, Gu Won speaks to his sister and pleads with her to tell him to stay and not live like they did. She tells him not to butt in but he tells her she shouldn’t live life being so lonely.

At the airport, Ji Hu says goodbye to his mother and hugs her, but after she sees that, she decides to take him back refusing to send him away. He’s happy.

Gu Won announces to the media via a press conference he’s opening many branches overseas and explains his vision for the future.

Meanwhile, Sa-Rang opens her hotel, Gu Won shows up to cheer her up. She finds out she’s received a reservation. She’s happy. She then asks him to stay the night as it would be late for him to go back anyways. He stays the night and they sleep together.

Pyeong-Hwa is on a ride with her boyfriend and he tells her they’re going to see him mom, she complains saying she’s not ready but then she discovers his mother had passed away. She introduces herself.

In the meantime, Gu Won continues to show up at Sa-Rang’s hotel Amor daily despite it being far and despite his hectic schedule. She then makes him promise he won’t come daily, he reluctantly agrees. She says she’s hiring a part-timer.

Over the next days, she interviews many but no one is up for the job until Gu Won shows up. He gets accepted as a part-timer. Then, he proposes to her. She tears up and accepts his proposal.

A while later, the couple celebrate the grandma’s birthday and reveal they’re getting married.

At Gun Won and Sa-Rang’s wedding

Gun Won’s mother comes along and says his to Ji Hu. She even hugs him. everyone shows up at the wedding and the couple greet them looking flawless.

The end.

“King The Land” ending explained- frequently asked questions

Does “king the land” have a happy ending?

Yes, it does. The drama ends with Gun Won and Sa-Rang getting married and having a happily ever after.

Why did Sa Rang quit her job at “king the land”?

She quit her job as she no longer felt fulfilled in it. She ended up opening her own hotel named Amor.

Did Gang Da-Eul and her husband stay together?

Yes, its implied that despite his complaining he is trying and eventually managed to find a job.

Did Gun Won and Sa-Rang get married?

Yes, they did.

What happens at the end of King of the Land?  

The drama ends with Gun Won walking down the isle at his wedding after being congratulated by his dad. Sa Rang then follows as she walks down the isle looking stunning. The two join hands and greet their guests.

“King The Land” ending- review

That was a cute ending that I think most people would be satisfied with. Its heartwarming and hits all the spots any kdrama fan would want from a finale of such scale, just pure goodness for the finale.

My final thoughts on the drama remain similar to my initial review. “King The Land” is fine as long as you don’t pause to think about it, not even a minute. Its enjoyable, its easy to binge and digest, but if you want something of substance or something profound, you’re at the wrong place.

There is still place for such cliché dramas, apparently. I think this drama was made this big by the pairing and had it been led by unknown actors, reactions would’ve been very different or indifferent.

I also stand by my initial thoughts that such writing for a 2023 kdrama is deeply concerning from a basic script writing POV. Setting aside the cuteness, the fact that a rookie screenwriter debuting in 2023 with a kdrama with such a script is a source of concern to me. I would expect such writing from an older screenwriter who had been around for a while but not a new one… maybe this screenwriter is on the older side, I am not sure.

Regardless, like I said, it’s a cute drama.

My favorite thing was how it touched on employees’ rights and their working environments, and how seniors create hostile workplace atmosphere ruining everybody’s day with it.

Junho and YoonA have cute chemistry on screen, and you can tell they’re having fun filming this.

What did you guys think of “King The Land” ending? did you enjoy the drama or not?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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