Kdrama “Agency” Episode 16 Recap: Finale And Ending Explained

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The hit JTBC drama “Agency” has wrapped up its run recently, ending on a high and becoming the 5th highest-rated JTBC drama of all time, let us take a look at the drama’s final episode.

The episode starts with the younger version of Go A In she wants a ticket to Seoul for the university prospect but she’s just a couple of pennies shy and she ends up not going to Seoul. She cries and says she’ll become more successful than anyone else.

In the present time, Han Byung-Soo talks to Go A In and tells her about the odd choice the company made to make a famous woman named Yu Na who had a drunk driving incident become the model. She finds out its the call of VP Han Su who is likely sleeping with her.

Go A In tells this to Han Na and Mr. Park, she asks them to prepare an article and have someone track him down and snap photos of him with her.

Go A In proceeds with appointing her as the model to incite the negative reaction she expects. Choi Chang-Soo talks to Mr. Kim to figure out if its been handled, he lies to him and tells him he’s taking care of it.

At night, Go A In tells Han Na to issue a public apology but not post it to her SNS, so it boosts her position as a possible CEO for her father’s company.

Han Na then alerts Kim Seo-Jung ahead of time of the news and she’s furious. VP Han Su is placed in a terrible situation and his father tells him to handle it. Mr. Kim comes up with the idea to blame Choi Chang-Soo for it.

When Choi Chang-Soo comes to work, he’s unaware and sees the model backlash, he speaks to Mr. Kim and suggests they blame it on Go A In to kick her out. Mr. Kim humors him but he has other plans.

When he arrives at the office, he sees Yoo Jung-Suk has submitted his resignation. Choi Chang-Soo in encouraged to do the same or else, he ends up signing his resignation.

As he walks outside, he’s furious and tosses his box, then he rants about why he has to be kicked out. He says Go A In is a druggy and should be the one to go but one by one, employees stand up for her, then, Han Byung-Soo comes up to him and tells him he respect him and to help him keep that image in his mind. He realizes he’s done, he pauses and thanks everyone, he then walks up to Go A In and apologizes to her saying it wasn’t personal. He tells her to win, and says he’s done with advertising. They shake hands and the rest bow in respect as he leaves.

VC group grandpa Kang then calls Kim Seo-Jung’s dad who is mad about what his grandson did. He also moves one from the HR department to tell Go A In there is a shareholder meeting happening.

She then goes to see CEO Jo Moon-Ho who tells her to do what she’s always done and then people will think thats the way. He tells not to look for a road and keep doing what she’s always did.

She then decides to train Han Na to give a speech against her brother taking over. They spend all night on it.

Meanwhile, Jo Eun-Jung is told young kids are making fun of her child’s name, she’s told she should think of changing it.

On the shareholders meeting day

Han Na is upset Go A In won’t see her and tells her instead to go do it. When she’s there, she’s blocked, as her secretary is about to do something rash, the grandpa shows up. She ends up giving a presentation with the instructions given by Go A In. She explains why she’s against her brother taking over.

Then slowly, the rest begin to stand up and also voice their opposition to him taking over. CEO Jo Moon-Ho is brought in as a candidate.

At night, the entire team meets up to celebrate the victory, Go A In goes back to get Secretary Jung Soo-Jung again. They all celebrate.

Later, Han Na goes to her brother’s former fiance and comforts her.

The next day, Jo Eun-Jung picks a new name for her son, Song Su Han, he likes it. Han Na has an awkward breakfast with her family, her father attempts to say sorry but she apologizes for going against his demands. She hugs him and promises to become Asia’s No. 1.

At the car, she holds secretary Park’s hands and declares she’s dating via SNS, he tells her to delete it, she refuses and gets in the front seat with him, he asks her if she’s sure she wants to date him, she says yes.

At the company, everyone is standing outside to welcome the new CEO of the company, turns out it was Go A In. She’s welcomed with arms wide open.

A year later

Seo Jung-Woo walks in with coffee to a company named ‘KEY WOMAN’, turns out Go A In has started a new company and all the employees she’s worked with migrated. She talks to Han Byung-Soo who asks why she left, she says, ‘did you think I would live like a maid forever there?’ he laughs, the team goes inside her office and all brag about being key shareholders too.

The end.

Have you guys seen “Agency” final episode yet? What did you think of the ending?

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